Monday, January 28, 2019

A Sewing Room "tizzy Up" !

Greetings dear friends & readers

When I became inundated with Orders last December my sewing room turned into a tip!
Things got pulled out & not put back, & somewhere under all the mess I am sure there was once carpet!
When I was busily tidying for Mum's arrival, all sorts got tossed in there & the door pulled shut quickly!
I commented to Mum while she was here "I must tidy my sewing room" ... her reply was "I think it's going to need 
a bit more than just a tidy!" πŸ˜‰

Finally last week I felt ready to tackle it.
I decided this year my policy would be to use up what I already have on hand!

The first item I tackled was the wooden Bear shaped shelf  that I upcycled in this old Post
This shelf houses most of my fabrics & two of the shelves had come loose & fallen down ... fabric had been tossed on there every which way, much of it had fallen down!
The Mr re-screwed the shelves for me while I ironed & folded all my scrunched up fabrics & sorted them into colours

I had enough of the fabric left over from the tablerunner that I made in this post here to make a new ironing board cover  . . . this fabric was gifted to me by my dear friend Leeanne & I adore it.  
It is a slightly heavier weight cotton duck fabric, & my sewing room blind is also made from this.

Late last year I covered the ugly black topped trestle table in my sewing room with a length of spotty oilcloth 
which I purchased from My Style NZ

However this mess still stared out at me so I decided to screw some curtain tracking under the lip of the table & make some curtains that could easily be slid back & forth when I needed supplies

Looking down onto the spotty oilcloth top

Once again, using up what I had, I gathered together 3 vintage supper cloths with pretty embroideries on them

I joined these two together

Third one below ...
I had purchased some curtain tape last year from the Op Shop for the princely sum of $1 !
I joined the 2 narrower supper cloths together to make one side, then had an opening in the middle & used the wider supper cloth for the other end.

I am thrilled with my "granny chic" curtains & they slide back & forth very easily making access simple

I sorted & tidied & was able to condense 20 of these A4 boxes down to just 12, then I made up some new clearer labels for them.

My friend Jane had gifted me this gorgeous Poppy Treffry teatowel for Christmas ... I assured Jane it would definately NOT be used as a teatowel, so I made it up into a wallhanging to hang on the large wardrobe doors 
in my sewing room

The wire hanger was another $1 Op Shop purchase πŸ’™

I hung the two vintage Holly Hobbie Needlework Pictures above my sewing machine so I could look at, & enjoy them!

Pale Blue shelf is an old upcycled wooden Fruit Box
More tidying & sorting & decluttering took place!

The small book case is an old upcycled wooden Nail Box
Lastly - but not least - I invested in a small desktop fan to cool the room down while I work in there!
I think Mum would (might) be impressed with the room now! πŸ˜‰

Also this week I .  .  .  .

I made another two lavender/lace covered coathangers for my dear friend Shirley

I picked plums, courgettes, tomatoes & apple cucumbers from my veggie garden

And I picked a vase full of pretty pink dahlia's from my flower garden

In my post this week I am linking up with Jenny of elefantz designs in her gentle domesticity book study

I hope you have a wonderful bright shiny new week dear friends,
I shall be back in a few days to share some small upcycling projects with you,
Thanks so much for popping by today,
With much love & friendship to you all,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x


  1. Hi Julie!

    Wow your sewing room is looking great! I love everything about it and how you have added special touches using what you have on hand. And I really LOVE those holly hobbie needlework pictures, they are just gorgeous!

    I am in the process of cleaning and organising my junk room. Oops, I mean craft room. It is a big, big room and it has too much stuff in there. I have been sorting through and will need to purchase some extra shelving and maybe baskets to keep my treasures in. I am using what I have on hand first. It wont look as pretty as your room, I can only dream about having one like that lol! I might have to get some oil cloth when I am next in Adelaide as it looks great on your table.

    Have a wonderful week,

  2. Love the curtain. My sewing room gets really awful. But I have to dig out about weekly during high season. There may be as many as 20 wedding dresses in the shop at that time.

    1. Thanks so much Kim ... yes my sewing room seems to get really messy too! I guess I am just a "messy creative". I am so pleased I gave it a good tidy & sort out tho as it feels like a really pleasant space to work in now. Have a great week Kim Xx

  3. Oh my goodness your sewing room looks wonderful! I,love your upcycled curtailing and the gorgeous bee containers full of scissors kept catching my eye. What an amazing bounty from your garden.....mine has turned up its toes in the heat! So very envious here.

  4. I love your sewing/craft room with all it's vintage up-cycles! it looks so cozy! so many unique containers put to good use too!
    thanx for sharing

    1. Thanks Selina. I am delighted with my "sort out" & it feels so much more spacious now that I have found a home for everything ... hopefully I can keep it that way!!!

  5. Well done on the sort out and clean up, the room looks wonderful, your Mum would be impressed!! Love your bee decorated containers like Michelle does! So good to get all those goodies from the garden, the rainbow lorrikeets and other birds cleaned our tree out quickly as we were too slow to get the net on. I heard fruit bats outside last night so no doubt they are checking the progress of the figs! The coathanger covers are beautiful Julie. Looking forward to your next instalment of upcycling.

  6. Oh! My Goodness Julie..looks and sounds
    as if you've been in a bit of a war..!
    Seems it ALL turned out o.k. though,
    probably with help from Miss Pippi, in
    between snoozes..! πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€ Bless!x
    I must say to, l hate mess, don't mind
    things all around the place, but, it must
    be in a tidy manner..typical Virgo! πŸ˜ƒ

    The tea towel looks lovely to..l do things
    like that, some things are to nice to use,
    my daughter last year crochet me two tea
    cloths, pink of course, l pinned them up on
    the kitchen wall, and there still there, unused,
    to nice to use!

    The veggies look nice, and l love plumbs..especially
    in jam..can't beat fresh fruit and veg though..! :).

    Just gone seven over here, still dark, off for a second
    lemon tea..into town later..I can see fudge through the
    Paddington Bear curtains, out on the shed roof, best go
    down and give him his saucer of milk..warmed of course!
    Bless him! Pussy-cats..can't live with out them!
    😸 😺 🐾🐾🐾 😼 😼

  7. Hi Julie wow great post your sewing room looks amazing love the table cloth curtain it looks fantastic,wow what a wonderful tidy sewing room you have,i am just slowly going through mine,and anything i dont want i am handing on to my sister to see if she can use anything for the kinder room where she works.Hope you have had a lovely weekend my friend xx

  8. Your sewing room looks gorgeous, Julie. Everything looks so serene and pretty. Love the ironing board cover, the dotted oilcloth cover for the table AND....I adore those pretty embroidered linen curtains. I have the Jane Brocket book "The Gentle Art of Domesticity (of course I do...... =) ) It is a most beautiful book. I purchased it years ago and seem to always be picking it up and leafing through it. Have a beautiful week, lovely friend, filled with all things domesticity and pretty makings in that pretty room of yours♥

  9. Good morning. Your sewing room is lovely. Being organized in any task is always helpful but being organized in sewing is almost a miracle. That is one task where it is too easy to soon be in chaos! Scissors walk away, pins disappear. Fabrics love to intermingle just to annoy us. You have order restored! Good job! I'm almost envious of the fresh veggies and beautiful flowers! Yesterday the temperature was 23° and snowing ! But I know soon we will have daffodils popping up and before we can shake a stick at it, temps will be close to 3 digits. I'm enjoying this cold weather, warm fires, hot tea and no gardening chores!

    1. Hello Claire. Thanks so much for your lovely comment. Yes I agree ... I am usually such a "messy creative" that it doesn't take long for the room to be a tip again. I almost envy you the snow after the hot, hot day we have had today. I am hoping the temperatures are a bit lower tomorrow. Have a lovely week Claire - thanks again Xxx

  10. Oh, my goodness, you even clean your sewing room up in such style that I am jealous! It is all so sweet, Julie. I'll bet it is a pleasure to walk into your creative space now!
    I giggled at your Mum's reply to you in the opening paragraph. :)

  11. Your sewing room looks wonderful. Love the curtain you made for under the shelf. Hugs,xx

  12. I love your sewing. It is looking lovely!

  13. Julie it looks wonderful. Love all your project boxes and baskets, the curtaining is fabulous. I wouldn't dare to sew in there for a while in fear of disturbing the peace so to speak:))) I love my coathangers they are beautiful and smell exquisitely of lavender.

  14. Such a pretty sewing room. I'm pleased you are getting the most out of that fabric. I love the display of knitting needles I have been thinking of doing that with Mum's old ones. Happy creating!

  15. Hi Julie, Your sewing room looks amazing now! If you don't make anything it won't get messed up again but I guess that defeats the purpose! Your curtain made from tablecloths is so pretty with the embroidery. As usual I love the pretty hangers. So many nice veggies and flowers from your garden. We have snow and oh, so cold! Enjoy some warmer weather fr me! Nancy

  16. Oh wow Julie, your sewing room looks so lovely, what a great job you did, wish I could deck out my craft room like that, you have given me an idea for a new table instead of the big painted pine table I have at the moment, great lot of fruit and veggies from your garden, the apple cucumbers I remember my Mum & Dad use to grow those. Gorgeous T towel, I have a nice one I want to hang up___well one day, Looking forward to seeing your new upcycled projects. Chris xoxo

  17. Oh, Julie! Your sewing room is beautiful - so many wonderfully upcycled items that ooze 'home made love'. I have the same problem under my cutting/sewing machine table...mmm...curtains. I may pinch that idea from you. :-)

  18. My Mother would love your overlocker!She's 88 and still at her sewing machine!You did a grand job there Julie, it all looks perfect to me.

  19. Gosh so much inspiration in that room. I adore your Holly Hobby needleworks. I think I could spend a lot of time in there. ♥
    xx Beca

  20. Your special room is an inspiration. Glad I found your bloog.

  21. Just beautiful, I love the curtain you made from the old embroideries. The Holly Hobby on the walls remind me of my childhood. It is lovely to read/find your blog today, I have come over from Jenny. x

  22. What an awesome and inspiring place to work in! what a clever idea to make those curtains under your workbench as well. we have also been having the heavy rain that Jenny had and I have not got around to blogging this week. I do love to use up what I have as well.

  23. Hi Julie
    I have come over from Jenny's blog to say high. Your room looks lovely and cosy. I love your table curtains.

  24. Right that's it, I'm inspired, my craft room is a shambles and it needs sorting, just need the enthusiasm x

  25. Wow! You've been busy! The sewing room looks amazing! Love your new header too.

  26. All very organised! It looks a lovely place to work.


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