Thursday, November 11, 2021

Under My House ............

Greetings lovely friends & readers

Gosh here it is the 11th already ... over a week gone by so fast !

When we extended the deck around 3/4's of our house we hung a large swinging door at one end so that we could access the cavity underneath at any time.  

It's a good place to store old garden pots, bamboo stakes & other garden-related paraphernalia.  I crawled under there last week as I wanted a pot for a maidenhair fern.  It's not pleasant under there - its dark & full of cobwebs but I did find some hidden junk treasure.

 This chipped ceramic pot was the perfect size for my fern so I gave it 2 coats of Chalk Paint in the colour Grey Mist.  Before it dried I picked any black cat hairs out of it 😉

I finished it off with this Re-design transfer & a couple of coats of clear wax.  

Now we have the birds, the bees & the butterflies 😊

Once we finish with fires for the year I give the firebox a good clean out & fill with pinecones. I polish the hearth & surrounding bricks & I like to sit my plants along the hearth for the summer months.

Also under the house I found these two rusty old watering cans.  I hauled them out as I had a plan for one of them.

I painted it with some leftover black chalk paint that had nearly gone hard, but which I added water to.  Then I used up some of the Iron Orchid transfers that I had left over from when when I upcycled the vintage Saws
I sprayed it with 2 coats of matt finish polyacrylic to protect it.

I planned to sit it outside on the deck by my Mangle & the saws. 

I had thought about planting it with some black mondo grass however when I posted a photo & mentioned this on Instagram the majority of people said Leave it as it is.  What do you think dear blog readers ... plant or leave as is ??

The kitchen smelt a delicious mix of Sweet Lime & Mandarin & also Christmas Tree fragrance

We had atrocious weather last week with strong winds & rain so I spent a pleasant morning in my kitchen making up some candles into vintage containers & using up the last of my Soy Wax.  I plan to give most of these as Christmas Gifts.

I came across this box full of vintage Tala cookie cutters in the back of a cupboard.  I thought about donating them but then decided to make up some play dough for Sid to play with .  .  .  .

.  .  .  .  which he very much enjoyed & the cookie cutters were a big hit !

Thank You so very much for your visits & for stopping by here today dear friends,

With much love & friendship to you all,

Julie & the furry ones x0x0x


  1. I like the black can as it is but if I got bored with it would fill it with fern/bracken (as that's where deer graze) its nice to have a window into your side of the World as things warm up - over here we have the lovely autumnal colours and early evenings and dark mornings which I am enjoying.

  2. Oh Julie I look forward to your posts .
    You have wonderful skills of making old into new .
    Enjoy your day .

  3. Such treasures under your house, lovely Julie. The transfers always add a touch of beautiful whimsy. I love the gorgeous black watering can as it is. Children always have the best fun with play dough, don't they? Love those vintage cookie cutters; such fabulous shapes.

  4. More beautiful treasures, Julie. I bet those candles smell devine. Sid looks as if he was having fun. xxx

  5. Oh! Wow! The ferns look lovely..and the pots
    even lovelier..nice to see Blaxkie over
    seeing things..Bless!x
    And what you've done to the watering cans is
    lovely to...they look great displayed with
    the mangle..we had one when l was a boy, as
    did my Granny..both hand operated, l was
    always determined that one day l could turn
    the handle on my own..! :).

    Love the saying at the bottom there...Very
    apt and very true..
    And..l know who l am..l looked in the mirror
    this morning..! And there l was..ME..! :O).
    🎅 🎄 🎅 🎄 🎅 🎄 🎅 🎄 🎅 🎄

  6. Play dough and a boy. What fun Sid had. I'm thinking Blackie would have liked the doves on your new pot to have been live. I enjoy seeing the newly painted watering can sans plant. Only to show off your art work for a while, at least. Hope you get some warm weather to stay. Only 4 days ago I was breaking ice out of the bird baths every morn, now it warmed up 20 degrees and has been pleasant and sunny for a few days. That is to come to an end with the rain coming in today. Are you able to get out to buy new paint for projects? Still a severe lockdown in your area? Lynn and Precious xx

    1. Thank You Lynn & Precious. Yes Sid very much enjoyed the play dough. Our shops have opened here again with restrictions on numbers etc but our schools & daycares & dentists etc are still not open. I wish the hairdressers could give me a haircut ... I nearly took the scissors to it myself last week !!! xx

  7. The transfers really do transform stuff! So cute! I am so glad that a spider did not bite you when you went under the house, Julie!

  8. Love the upcycling of the pot & the watering can. The watering can looks lovely as is. I see the T-Rex didn't get involved with the playdough. lol. Oh i wish i could smell those candles, i bet it was devine. They do look so good. Look forward to seeing you next wonderful creations. Hugs, xx

  9. Just wanted you to know I really love reading your posts!

  10. Plant it or leave it ? I would say , you choose dear Julie. You have the best imagination and whatever you decide will be perfect. Sid has the ideal grandma, lucky little boy. Mine was perfect too. If I stayed with her she thought up such fun things to do. She made toffee and then pull it till it turned white. We had snail races down the huge old fashioned bath and she would wash my hair in a basin outside on a chair telling me it would shine more from the sun. She was born in 1883 and as a child would play hooky from school and take her brother bird nesting in the forest. Oh the stories she could tell and I am lucky to remember them 🥰

  11. I say plant as a big green fern would look lovely in there. You are so clever Julie. The pots look great.

  12. What a wonderful pot grouping...The birds, the bees, and the butterflies.

    God bless.

  13. lovely fix ups - you would have needed some pretty after crawling under the deck!! I love how you upcycle old things and make them beautiful again...

  14. More treasures from under the house Julie, they look amazing. Great find to entertain Sid, Blackie not there helping? THat saying is perfect Julie, so true.

  15. I had to laugh when reading black cat hairs, hmmmm I have the same problem with German shepherd hairs, I'm beginning to wish we had a deck with stuff under it like you have Julie, but then I think we have a shed full of what nots, but not the talent to turn them into the lovely things that you do😃 Oh my boys loved playing with dough when they were little, glad Sid got some use out of your cookie cutters, hope you have a great week Julie, lots of rain today for us. Chris xoxo

  16. You are brave to go crawling into dark places, but what you find, and what you do with those finds is always incredible!
    I know from experience how delicious your candles smell. I'll bet your house was filled with scents--much as mine is now as I get my Christmas soaps made. :)
    What fun for Sid with the cookie cutters.
    Love the saying at the end.
    Oh, as to whether or not to plant something in the watering can--I would go for it. The splash of plant life in that grouping would be beautiful.

  17. Julie, you're awfully brave crawling into that dark space. I keep looking back at the beautiful watering can and can't decide. Something green would be so pretty in the can in that spot, but then I would hate to add soil to such a pretty watering can. I'm really a big help! :) You just know how to make everything you touch beautiful. The chipped ceramic turned out beautifully too.

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