Thursday, May 13, 2021

My Tilda Swap Gifts & A Tilda Trunk Show ❤

Greetings lovely friends & readers

Last Friday night my dear friend Claire arrived to stay the weekend as we were attending a Trunk Show together, further up the Island.

I didn't know it but Claire had secretly finished my gifts for our Tilda Swap.  When I walked into the Lounge later in the evening - she had laid out these boxes all tied up with ribbon & handmade Tags spelling the word T I L D A  

... I thought my heart was going to stop I got such a surprise !!

                                       Would you like to see what was in the boxes ?? 💗
"T" is for Teacup pincushion, tea, tea coaster, teabag holder, tea strainer & below ... the most beautiful string of teapots & teacups - all sewn in gorgeous Tilda fabrics.

The right hand photo is where I have hung my teapot strand & it looks perfect there 💙 
(& is also high enough that it's out of reach of a certain ginger furry being)

A little vignette on my vintage scales left - & right ... the teacup pincushion sits in my sewing room

This afternoon is the first opportunity I have had to do a few little displays with my new treasures so I shall pop the photos in for the ones I have done so far.

Click on the photos to enlarge & see the detail in the Iceskate !!

"I" is for Iceskate, Icecream & Initial (J)

I attached a mini quilt hanger to my Initial & hung it in my sewing room with the Icecream pinned to it. I have also saved all the handmade tags as the fabrics all matched the items.
(The Iceskate is popped away til Christmas)

"L"  is for Little birdhouses, little birdhouse quilt & lavender filled angel wings 💕

Another little corner display arranged today .... fairy lights & all.

"D" is for Dachshund Dog, doilies & dishcloths 

& last but by no means Least ...

"A" is for Angel .... & there were Two of them !!!!
Oh be still my beating heart 💗💓

I think I should mention here - when we decided to do the swap we vaguely set the end of May as our deadline.  I worked away on mine over 3 months & took it down on my last trip to Mum's due to the fact that it was too big to post.  Claire works full time & still managed to create all of the above in just over two weeks time!!!
We both agreed that we just LoVed what each other had made & we should definately do this again sometime !! 😊

Saturday morning we were up bright & early as we had to travel almost two hours to attend the Tilda Trunk Show.  You can read a bit more about it on House of Patchwork's Facebook page.  My lovely friend Shirley also came along as she is a Tilda Lover too.

Inside it was almost wall to wall Tilda & I thought I just might have died & gone to Heaven !!

Alot of my photos have come out blurry so this is just a small selection of what was on offer.
Yes Please .... I'll take one of everything !!! 😉

We had booked ourselves into the morning class also which took just over an hour & we made the sweet Tilda bags below right.

My gorgeous friend busy at work at her machine ... all equipment & materials were supplied - you just had to turn up & create.

After our class it was time for some lunch & the Hall Committee Ladies had made a wonderful array of homebaked goodies for us to purchase.  The tables were all set with vintage embroidered tablecloths & vases of handmade Tilda flowers. It was just simply perfect.
All in all it was a most wonderful day doing something I really enjoy with the added benefit of my dear friends for company - all 3 of us agreed that it was really well done & we would certainly attend again.

These are my purchases above dear friends ... I especially wanted some of the new chambray's that Tilda have released & I was so pleased to get these as well as some Tilda basics & a few florals. 

Thank You for staying with me through this photo heavy post.  I shall leave you with this photo The Mr sent me this morning. It has turned chilly here now & he has to jump start the tractor at the farm each morning ... he lifts the bonnet of his Ute to attach the jumper leads & Fluffy immediately sits in there where she knows it is warm - has a wash & then a sleep, while The Mr goes & feeds out to the cows. We won't tell Miss Pip or she'll be wanting to get in there too !!! 😉

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend dear friends & Thank You as always for your welcome visits here today,

With much love & friendship,

Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0


  1. I loved all the many lovely things for the Tilda lovers. Claire made you some Devine goodies. The trunk show looks amazing I can see why you wanted one of everything...did they not have a money tree at the door for plucking?:-)
    The farm cat Fluffy looks just like one of my old cats.

  2. Wow a beautiful Tilda post , what beautiful gifts and beautiful displays .
    Looks like you had a wonderful time.
    Have a happy rest of the week.

  3. I love the picture of fluffy - heartwarming! Your Tilda swap was spectacular (I particularly like the datschund) and the trip to Tilda event with friends must have been so much fun. Nice to see good things happening for you.:)

  4. Oh my, so much loveliness!!! Your gifts are so beautiful, and made with love too. It is so hard dot choose a favourite but it would be the L section and the angel. The Tilda trunk show looks incredible. I can't even imagine seeing so much Tilda everywhere, what a perfect way to spend a day with friends. x

  5. HeHe! Trunk Show..??? Does that have anything to
    do with elephants..! :). I jest! I jest! :).

    All the Tilda things are amazing, they really
    are..all the different things that appear from
    the patterns! Are amazing! Always love the angels
    and rabbits! So life like! :).
    Oh! And the Dachshund Dog is lovely to..!

    I'm just off into town, market day to~day, when
    l get back, a mug of lemon tea, and another
    closer look and read..l've already sent the link
    to my daughter as she likes to have a look see! :).

    HaHa! That Fluffy looks 'King of the castle'...
    A warm pussy~cat is a happy pussy~cat..Bless...!x
    ☕ 🍰 ☕ 🍰 ☕ 🍰 ☕ 🍰 ☕ 🍰 ☕ 🍰 ☕ 🍰

  6. This post is simply eye candy. What a great event and how to take it all in with photos. Your friend
    certainly did create lovely gifts for you and what fun it must have been to open them with her present
    to see your expressions. Love seeing warm Fluffy. We had frost yesterday morn, the last I hope, but it
    sounds as if you are in for it now. Lynn and Precious XX

    1. Thanks so much Lynn - yes it certainly was a great event & all 3 of us enjoyed it very much. I would have happily gone again this weekend had it been on again 😉 We are getting rain here today but had a white cold frost this past week - luckily I remembered to cover some fragile plants. xx

  7. Such beautiful gifts from your friend and what a lovely Tilda day out! xx

  8. How heavenly, a Tilda trunk show. Can't wait to start getting back to live events in Blighty. There's an antiques event coming up next week and I'm definitely going. Not so many nice craft shows in my neck of the woods, so I do envy you.

  9. Oh, my goodness, Claire is one intimidating swap partner! She really knows how to do it up right! You were treated very well.
    And the Tilda trunk show looks like a delightful experience. Your post exudes the fun you shared.

  10. Love the pictures! I am always amazed at the talent and the baked goods, give me one of each please.

    1. Thank You Kim - Yes I would've happily had one of each too !!!

  11. Love the post and all the lovely gifts you received from your dear friend. The Tilda day seemed to be so much fun. We are still not doing much of anything here stateside but can't wait until things are really letting loose and we can have some fun. The picture of Fluffy under the hood of the truck is so sweet. You and your husband are so kind to the animals.

  12. Oh my what lovely gifts--all made from the heart--loved all of them--
    and the fun of going to a Tilda trunk show--you are one lucky lady--
    I fell in love with the giraffe in the one photo with the cute little ruffle collar--
    do you know which of her books that pattern is in????
    hugs, di
    Ps that cat is darling and smart!!!

  13. Hi Julie, what a fun post and all the beautiful goodies, your swap gifts are amazing! I love the little bags you made for the make and take, is there a pattern name for this one? Sounds like a perfect time with your friends x

  14. looks like a lovely day.. and always fun with friends seeing gorgeous fabric....

  15. So gorgeous but I need to watch again tomorrow as. I too sleepy to get the full benefit. Seeing Miss pip made me cry. When I was 19 and sooo sick with our first baby a boy came to the door asking if we owned this kitten. It was so small in his hand it had to be 5-6 weeks old. We took him in and called him Flook. I adored him so much and later nursed him through cat flu. 7 cats died in the little street but I nursed him day and night. There was no cure in those days. I am nearly 80 now and had many wonderful cats but the thought of Flook still makes me cry. He loved me so much and vice versa. Sorry.

  16. Oh, I love a photo heavy post, especially if it is spilling over with Tilda pretties. Such a gorgeous post! Oh my goodness, Claire gifted you with the most gorgeous of pretties, as you did, her. ALL are beautiful, but I have taken a fancy to that sweet gorgeous 'she' is. A trunk show pertaining to all things Tilda. How fabulous! I can understand perfectly why you thought you had died and gone to heaven, Julie. I must say King Fluffy looks rather pleased with himself there. Oh, and by the way, love those painted toenails!

  17. Oh my gosh!! You two are amazing! I've never seen such beautiful creations. I would love to go to a Tilda Trunk Show. Think it's too far for me to jump in the car and drive over?? :) I wish! Never too many pictures. I could sit here all day looking at your blog...but work awaits. Probably a good thing you didn't have more pictures.

  18. Your swap treasures are beautiful Julie, Claire is a very clever creator. The trunk show sounds wonderful so nice you can get to do those things now. Fluffy is very clever and looks very happy sitting up there.

  19. What a fabulous weekend we all had! Loving seeing where all your swaps are going. I wonder where the next trunk show will be?

  20. Oh my Julie, have seen most of this on Instagram, but I still ooh and ahh over it all, such gorgeous things, it looks like you had fun at the tilda trunk show. Chris xoxo

  21. I am certainly not going to complain that this post is photo heavy! In fact it is fabulous because it is chock-a-block with the most gorgeous makes and that Tilda Trunk Show ... oh! my! Why cant they do something like that here!! I think I shall have to have another browse around here there is so much to see! keep well Amanda x

  22. What beautiful things Claire made for you, Julie. I am so jealous - a Tilda Trunk Show! I think I would have thought I'd died and gone to heaven too! The little bags you made are lovely. xx

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