Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Chasing My Tail .........................................

Greetings lovely friends & readers,

Sometimes I watch Miss Pippi chasing her tail ... round & round she goes madly ... never actually catching it or achieving anything - well that is rather how this entire year has felt.

 Round & round I go - achieving very little at times.  And yet another month goes by since I last blogged. 
  I have been away down to Mum's again but prior to that, & just as I was recovering from my surgery, I caught Covid.  I know everyone has a different experience of Covid but I have to say - it absolutely flattened me.  I always had grand visions of being able to craft the recovery time away but friends, I could barely lift my head off the pillow - it just immobilised me & a month later, I am still trying to get some energy back. 
(I should probably add in here that I certainly did Not travel to Mums until I was well over my Covid)

(The stunning Mount Taranaki was peaked in white in the background)

I delivered a large citrus potpourri order (10 bags & 10 boxes) out to the lovely Deb at Brandy's Botanicals while I was down at Mums.  And she has just yesterday messaged me for another order please.  So my dehydrator is busy drying another load of oranges off my tree.

It was the Centuria Garden Festival time while I was down at Mums.  I usually miss this yearly event but this year I was hoping to get to see a couple of the gardens.  In the end I managed to visit 3 but the one I was most excited about was Jenny Oakley's Garden out at Manaia. 

Mum & I first visited Jenny's garden together, probably about 10 years ago now.  I well remember her stunning hanging baskets & they were just as magnificent this time round.

                                           Here they are hanging in this beautiful old Native tree.  

Even Jenny's window boxes took my breath away.

Such a riot of glorious colour everywhere πŸ’—

I loved how she had planted out these Moa's & Pink flamingo's that her husband had fashioned for her.  The Moa's are filled with Mondo grasses in green, & black for the baby.  The pink flamingo is planted with pink impatiens that will be stunning when they grow.  Such imagination πŸ’•

As luck would have it (& good timing on my part), Jenny was giving a hanging basket demonstration & talk at 11am on the morning I visited.  She gives a couple of these throughout the festival. 

 As well as being just a genuinely nice person, Jenny was So happy to share her knowledge.  I honestly learnt so much & so many little tips & tricks.  I shall be giving this a go sometime over the summer months.  

The day after my return was the big Fireworks Spectacular at our local Speedway which we can see clearly from our outside deck area.  So my Grandsons & their families came for a Pizza dinner & then around 8.45 we sat out on the deck & watched the display.  The little ones loved it & it was all over by just after 9 pm. 
I have to say I don't especially enjoy fireworks, mainly because of the trauma they create for our animal friends.  Thankfully I had gotten my two furry ones inside early enough as in past years Miss Pip has gone missing for days at a time, so traumatised is she by the noise.  

 En-route to Mum's I usually break for a coffee at the lovely Cafe Lure in Inglewood that I wrote about * here *.  I like to browse their craft section & purchased this catnip mouse for Madam Pip (Yes in floral colours, reminded me of Liberty fabric).  As soon as I gave it to her she just devoured it ... she can obviously smell the catnip inside.  Two weeks later & she is still obsessed with it.

After my surgery my dear friend Sandy loaned me a wonderful selection of books to read, so I decided to make her a bookmark as a little Thank You.  I used one of my lovely friend Jennifer of Elefantz designs bookmark patterns - go 
* here * for the free downloads.   I made Sandy's in Tilda fabrics in two of her favourite colours. πŸ’™ 

Lastly dear friends, my step-grandaughter Juno has become a "big sister" as they welcomed little Sadie Joy into the world a couple of weeks ago.  I just adore this photo above - they are all doing well & we look forward to meeting Sadie very soon.  

Thank you as always, for your welcome visits here today,
I am off batten down the hatches as we are experiencing dreadful stormy weather here this week,
Remember to be kind to yourselves & to each other,
With much love & friendship to you All,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x


  1. So Sorry to hear you have not been too well Julie, I still am recovering from covid since 2019 before we knew it was about or any injections. But slowly I am still getting back to my old self.
    So do take care.
    I always love your posts full of wonderful goodies thank you for sharing, big hugs June.

  2. Horrid to catch covid and be so laid low. I was fortunate with a mild dose but Philip was much worse, even though he has had five vaccinations. As you say it catches everyone differently. Those hanging baskets are stunning - what a lovely garden to visit and the vision behind that flamingo and those other birds is so clever. I loved the shot where the old tree is casting beautiful lacy shadows. Pretty bookmark and adorable picture of the two little ones. xx

  3. Goodness Julie...What with one thing and another,
    you've certainly had a busy time...Yes! That Covid
    is still about over here, but no deaths in a long
    time..Hand my booster and flu jab couple months
    ago, and l still wear a mask, all my neighbours have
    had it, some twice, and the kids, it's been NO where
    near me..Garlic! That's the answer..HeHe! But then
    on one comes near me...! :).

    My hanging baskets have had there day, and the leaves
    are all blown off my Virginia Creeper...but l've still got my
    house plants to enjoy...We've had a lot of rain recently,
    though looking out the Paddington Bear curtains, the sun
    has made an appearance, with a clear blue sky..cold
    though...I'm off up to Lidl the supermarket shortly...!

    Lovely colourful post Julie...Lovely...Miss Pippi looks away
    with the fairies..HeHe! Bless!x and l see she's still got her tail
    attached...funniest thing ever..cat chasing iit's tail....Bless! :O).
    😼 🐾🐾😼 🐾🐾😼 🐾🐾😼 🐾🐾😼 🐾🐾😼 🐾🐾

  4. Beautiful flowers in the garden, I think everything is growing like crazy this year. Sorry you have been unwell. Everyone I know with Covid has been the same, but glad that you are on the mend.

  5. Julie, what a life you have been living ( or not in some cases) while not being able to post. I still mask up and even with the vaccine shots, they say that we will still catch this thing. and the newest one is resistant to the current meds. I absolutely love the flower photos you have posted. Now with leafless trees and no outside flowers, I have to depend on photos, lol. Even my Christmas cactus bloomed already and now is bare! My violet is budding, so I may end up with a bloom or two by Christmas. I'm glad you felt like stopping by for Precious post,, and certainly hope you are mended by now. No long covid for you, hopefully. And Miss Pip, what a gift, Precious is jealous. I was going to buy a package of catnip the other day. Her package is a couple years old. But the $3 package is now $7 and don't think Precious realizes how old hers is when I give her some to roll in, lol. And a new baby to spoil. Aren't you lucky for now. Lynn and Precious xx

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely kind comment Lynn & Precious. Yes those flower photos are certainly inspiring ... & I am not even a very good photographer. I just loved that garden that I visited. I hope its not "long Covid" too though I have to say, it sure did wipe me out. I think I should start making some catnip mice myself - Pip was so delighted to have her very own one. Enjoy your week Xxx

  6. Hi Julie, so sorry to hear you've been so unwell - it flattened me too a few months ago and took about 3 weeks to feel my normal self again. Take it easy, and get lots of rest, if you can as I know you are a busy lady!
    What a beautiful photo of Juno and the new baby, so precious and sweet x
    I so enjoy seeing your updates, always lots of lovely photos and inspiration! Take care and hope you feel better soon xx

  7. I always enjoy your blog posts, partly because it is a look into life in a part of NZ where I grew up.....many years ago. I have visited that same Manaia garden on a garden festival visit several years ago and still remember the fabulous hanging baskets. I remember that parsley was one of the plants that made them so full and lush.

    1. Thank you so much for your very kind comment Stellamarina. That is wonderful that you have visited the garden I mention ... it was truly stunning!! Yes the parsley captured my eye too as I would never have thought to put that in hanging baskets. Enjoy the weekend. xx

  8. Oh how lovely, Julie! A new baby! Pip is adorable, too! I'm glad you are well now. I hope you get your energy back soon! xo

  9. Touch wood haven't had it yet, there is a new variant making the rounds over here atm Julie, so only a matter of time, hope you feel your old self soon, lovely gardens you visited, loved the moa's. Cute pic of the sweetest little sisters.
    We had horrible storms and geez is it ever so cold right now, like back to Winter time, anyway feel better soon Julie. xoxo

  10. Bad luck with the lurgy... it's not friendly at all! Stunning hanging baskets - keeping them well watered and fed would be a challenge for me. Congrats on a new grandbaby - always so exciting.

  11. I hope your energy will soon be restored :) The last picture, of Juno and Sadie-Joy is just so beautiful and natural and un-posed :) Your boxes of pot pouri look wonderful, I guess export regulations and postal costs would not make them viable to send to the UK though so I will admire from afar and take inspiration to maybe make myself a few orange and clove pomanders :) Your friends stork garden arrangement is lovely, I would like one of those in my garden. Mollie chases her tail but is so stupid she bites it and then looks dejected, we can't understand why she does this when it must hurt!

  12. Great to hear that you are recovering. The children look adorable and lovely gardens to wander in.

  13. I am glad you are getting better. What a lovely photo of Juno and Sadie-Joy.

    God bless.

  14. I hope your energy will be back soon Julie, nothing worse than wanting to do things and not having the energy! The garden you visited is stunning, those hanging baskets are amazing! Love the garden birds, they are very clever! Miss Pippi loves her present!! Beautiful photo of the new arrival.

  15. So sorry to hear you have been so unwell Julie. Wishing you a speedy full recovery. The gardens you visited are gorgeous and it was lovely you could stay for the demonstration. Congratulations on the lovely new addition to your family. Cheers, Janette

  16. Hiya Julie. So sorry you've been ill. The first bout I had floored me like that but this year's bout wasn't nearly as bad, except for the cough which I didn't have first time. I don't know where you found the energy to travel to your Mum and tend to her. Some kind of viral infection is doing the rounds again here. One granddaughter has gone down with it this week and now her Mummy has taken to bed with it. Both testing negative all the while. I love the pic of the babies. So gentle. Keep well Julie and take care of yourself. I vow to make some of your fab pot pourri this year!xxx

  17. Hi Julie. I hope you are feeling better. What a beautiful garden Jenny has. Pippi seems to be enjoying her present. That is such a beautiful photo of Juno and Sadie. xxx

  18. Those gardens looked beautiful Julie, what a treat to walk through there and catch up with a session of hanging basket planting, perfect. Loved the little soft toy for Miss Pippi and your Potporri must be very special to need to make some more so quickly after the last supply.Take care and hope you keep feeling better.

  19. Oh wow what a job on those drawers they look amazing. Also congratulations on the new arrival, a beautiful picture.


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