Wednesday, February 21, 2024

A Bunny Themed Giveaway for Easter ๐Ÿ’š

Greetings lovely friends & readers.

I have wanted to do a Giveaway on my blog for quite some time now ... but the weeks & months got away on me.  

I decided with Easter being earlier this year, I would do a small Easter themed Giveaway ... & keeping in line with my Green Phase I decided to give it a bit of a Green Theme  ๐Ÿ’š

No the Vintage Tray in the Background is NOT included in the prize (sorry)

Here is the prize (above) - & below is all that I am including in the prize ...

Front of Bunny                                                  Back of Bunny

I found some pretty pale green fabrics in my Tilda Stash & made the Tilda Bunny which is a free pattern from * Here *

I enlarged the pattern slightly so this girl stands at 32 cms tall. She has a leather tag on her dress & a made with love silver charm on her neck tie.  Her face is embroidered.  Both the body & the dress fabrics are Tilda.

Front View                                                     Back View

Also included is this handmade bunny sewn from a Vintage New Zealand pure wool blanket.  "He" stands at 27 cms tall & if you removed the wooden heart from his bow he would be safe to gift to a child. "He" has a fluffy pom pom tail. 

I have included one of my knitted cotton wash/dish cloths along with a handmade green soap scented with lemon myrtle.  These come packaged up in cellophane with a ribbon & a heart tag.

I have also included 2 vintage doilies from my own collection, one is round & embroidered & the other battenburg lace one has handpainted pansies on it.  Both have been washed, lightly spray starched & ironed.

Last but not least a couple of Lindt choccy treats ... not too many as I have zero willpower & they would inevitably end up in my mouth before I draw a winner (!!!) ๐Ÿ˜
All the above items will come to you beautifully giftwrapped & tied up with ribbon & a swing tag.

Here are the rules ...  
I will post to anywhere in the world.  You may enter the draw no matter where you live.
To enter you must leave me a comment below.    If you have trouble getting it to Publish then email me at & I can copy & paste your comment.
If your comment publishes as Anonymous please write your christian name at the end & your Country eg : Julie from New Zealand.   
If you would like to then please tell me your favorite colour but this is not a requirement to enter.  I just thought it might add some interest to the comments. 
I will draw a winner on Friday 15th March so that I have 2 weeks to post it to where-ever the winner lives.  This gives you just over 3 weeks to enter.  
Please feel free to take part dear friends  ๐Ÿ–ค

My dear friend Sally lost one of her beloved cats Chloe, a couple of weeks ago.  I decided to make Sally a heart from vintage linen & embroider Chloe's name on it.  The red cat & heart buttons are from Theodora Cleave.  I filled the heart with my homegrown lavender.  

Sid & his Dad Kayne decided to enter the X-Race event as there was one being held locally in Cambridge.  Sid got 5th in the 6 - 7 year age bracket & wore his tee-shirt & medal non-stop for 2 days & 2 nights!! 

Some of the challenges are mystery but the "tie a tie" challenge they knew about, so could practise at home prior.  
The "Painting Dad's Toenails" challenge was not known about so required some concentration on Sid's part. 

Lots of physical challenges & some problem solving ones too.

My son Kayne is wearing a blind fold in the right hand pic & Sid was to direct him but I notice Sid has his eyes shut also (!!)
Such a wonderful event & well worth the entry fee to participate.

Wishing you a wonderful rest of the week dear friends,

Please do enter my Giveaway if you would like to - it's my way of thanking you for this wonderful community called Blogland that I feel grateful to be a small part of.

With much love & friendship to you all,

Julie & the furry three x0x0x0


  1. How generous of you to have such a sweet giveaway. Your new green themed items are precious. My favorite color is hard to decide, mostly blue/green. Seems I choose that for wearing. Thank for sharing your thread bear life with us. Dotti in Connecticut, USA

  2. Hi Julie,
    I love reading your blog. ( I don’t have a blog, just read many blogs) You are so creative. I often show my husband the things you make and give a NEW life to. We are going through a heat wave here in Perth, looking forward to Autumn.
    Sheryle from Perth. WA.

  3. Julie a beautiful Easter give away. Your heart is always bursting with so much love๐Ÿ’š I adore your beautiful work and attention to detail. It’s always a delight to read your blog. Sandy L

  4. What a sweet Easter gift for some lucky person to win. I think it is no secret that I love the colour blue.

  5. So sรผรŸe Hรคschen, da kann Ostern ja kommen. Der Gewinner kann sich freuen, so wunderbare Handarbeiten zu gewinnen.
    Herzliche GrรผรŸe aus Deutschland sendet dir

    1. from Google translate .... Such sweet bunnies, Easter can come. The winner can be happy to win such wonderful handicrafts.
      Sending you warm greetings from Germany

  6. what a lovely and generous gift fill of divine things! Fabulous too that Easter is separate to the school hols this year too!

  7. Hi Julie, love your blog and all the beautiful things you make. You are such an inspiration to the amateur crafters who read your blog. (Me being one of those amateurs). Your imagination knows no bounds. I so admire your talents.That Tilda bunny is so beautifull. My favourite colour is blue.
    Tish in the UK.

  8. Would love to win your giveaway, Julie, I love bunnies , chocolate, doilies, your pretty Creations! Betty from uk favourite colour orange.

  9. You have some nice goodies to give away , Good luck to your winner .
    I won't enter living to far away , but good luck to the winner .

  10. You are so very kind Julie. I love that bunny. It is very cute. My favourite colour used to be blue or purple but I have changed to an orange and mums favourite which is olive green.

  11. HeHe! Oh! My! Goodness Julie...!
    This is so complicated..! :( I'll have to ask my daughter
    to translate it ALL for me..! :). HaHa! :).
    32cm..had to Google English it's 12.5984 inches...
    And Rules....?
    Living anywhere in the world...Now! That's a bit risky...!
    Colour...? I'll have to think about that...! :). Maybe a bit
    PS...If l do win..l just want the 'front' of the bunny...not
    the back...
    HeHe! Bless! What a wicket person l am...It's all very lovely
    Julie..Oh! If l do win...I'll let you know which prison l'll be
    housed in...! :O).

    Sorry to here of Sally's cat Chloe...Bless!x
    Sid and his Dad looked good to..seems like they did very
    well to...I used to run a lot at school, well, outside school
    really, always being chased by the police...!!! :O(.

    Lovely! Lovely! Fun post Julie..HeHe! Well...You know me..
    All l have to do now, is go back, re~read the post, and see
    what l've committed myself to..! :O) Time for a lemon tea....! :O)

    1. Hi Julie...
      Last night l watched the repeat of 'New Zealand~Train Journeys' PT2.
      Very impressed by this...Which is quite close to you....(l think)....!

      Here is the actual episode if you or anyone wants to watch it...
      (Hope it all opens o.k,)...Thanks....! :O).

  12. The X-Race looks such fun. I had to laugh at Sid closing his eyes in the blindfold part and well done to your son for being such a good sport. I hope the nail varnish didn't go all over his toes!
    Lovely crafts, Julie. How kind of you to make a little keepsake for your friend in memory of Chloe.
    Have a lovely, not too hot week.

  13. That is a lovely giveaway; however, please don't enter me for this. I seriously need to do a real sort and de-clutter before it all becomes too overwhelming. I am sure the winner will be absolutely delighted to receive so many beautiful things.
    While I love many colours, I would say blue (in all shades) is my favourite. With paints, my favourite of the moment is phthalo blue. Sid and his Dad did really well. The fabric heart is such a lovely idea and so thoughtful too. I have made a wooden Christmas bauble for each of our cats who we have lost, with their photo and name on and it is so nice to see them on the Christmas tree every year.
    Best wishes

  14. It is a delight to see your creativity and be inspired by it. Thank you. Favorite color: Yellow.
    Patricia. Florida, USA

  15. A giveaway is a kindness and always appreciated I think. My favourite colour has always been blue, but green and chocolate brown are catching my eye lately. Painting Dad's toes, how funny, I bet nobody saw that coming.

  16. Hahaa...Sid also closed his eyes? Too cout...
    Thanks for the chance to enter your giveaway!
    And I love pink...
    Big hug

  17. Love your little bunnies! Favorite color - would have to go with a magenta pink, followed by a teal blue….but just love all colors. Funny story about painted toenails - did so on a fella's toes back in the 1980s - all fun and games until he was getting ready to play basketball with the guys and I got a panicked call as to how to remove it….he did not want anyone to see his painted toes when they showered after the game…I still laugh about that today…cheers, Louise, Vestal, NY, USA

    Ps spent the month of Nov 2023 in New Zealand - had a wonderful time - just finished a kiwi bird quilt top commemorating our adventure there.

  18. Vickie form Pacific NW USAFebruary 22, 2024 at 3:39 AM

    What a lovely giveaway and love the colors! My favorite color is teal and has been for a few years. Your post is full of fun, especially with the X-Race Event for your son and grandson. Special memories for them both, and love the grandson closing his eyes while your son's blindfolded - how cute! Blessings to you . . .

  19. Thank you for all your lovely posts when you can post--My favorite color is pink--just a nice pretty shade of pink-pink--I find so many shades of pink--so it's like a treasure hunt for me when I spot the right shade of pink!!! I love that pansy doliy--pansies are my very favorite flower--with--just about any all flowers second!!
    Enjoy the day and family--hugs, diane

  20. Congratulations to Sid and his dad! It is great to see parents playing and interacting with their children. My mother did her best with me playing dolls a lot. But I was also a tom boy and outside on my own as much, lol. Your gift will be amazing for someone to receive. I love seeing it, but I will decline to be entered. Only because I have asthma and it is induced by all fragrances. I avoid candle aisle in the stores, and you should see me when I walk the community when someone is doing laundry! I have to hold my breath from the laundry fumes, funny but not funny. The greens you have been working with are lovely. But I confess, my color in life is anything in blue and aqua. I only like yellow and red in live flowers or on your lovely heart for your friend. Thank you for creating and sharing what you make on your blog. Lynn and Precious XX

  21. A very lovely prize you are giving away Julie. My favourite colour is purple. Beautiful heart & love the little cat button. Well done Sid & Kayne. It sure looked a fun day for them both.

  22. Here I go. I have little luck leaving comments on people’s blogs. You really are inspiring with all your crafts, friendships etc. my favourite colour is blue. Julie from Australia

  23. I love your hand knitted dishcloth and the handmade soap! (and it's my favorite color;) I need to learn how to make it

  24. Quรฉ regalos tannnn bonitos y mi color favorito es el verde๐Ÿ’š y quiero participar en el sorteo. Soy Pili del blog "TALLER DE SUEร‘OS DE ARISH" desde Espaรฑa.
    Eres muy generosa, te mando buenos deseos y BESICOS.

    1. from Google translate ....... What beautiful gifts and my favorite color is green๐Ÿ’š and I want to participate in the raffle. I'm Pili from the blog "TALLER DE SUEร‘OS DE ARISH" from Spain.
      You are very generous, I send you good wishes and KISSES.

  25. Oh Julie what a gorgeous prize you have put together... my favourite colour is blue, but as I have got older I wear a lot of other colours also, more in the 'quieter' colour range - although recently I had a wonderful bright orange 'find' at the local Op Shop and love wearing it!!
    That race looks like a wonderful parent and child day... what fun for Sid to win a medal!!
    So thoughtful of you to make a wee memory pillow for your friend as she grieves the loss of Chloe

  26. So cute, and thoughtful. How fun to put that all together.

  27. I can't resist putting my name down for a giveaway... and especially when it includes one of your lovely Tilda makes!!! I would say I lean towards blue/green - teal . How fun for Sid and his dad to do that event together.... it looks like heaps of fun...
    Take care...xx

  28. I'd love to enter your bunny giveaway Julie. Love bunnies & Tilda. My favorite colours are blue & green. Jane in NZ

  29. I would love to enter your giveaway, all that you make is just so beautiful and so very thoughtful.

    Now how could Sid guide with his eyes closed as well???? Congratulations to them all.

    I really like the deep jewel tone colours, but my living room was done at one point in time in a lovely pale sage green which I adored.

    God bless.

    God bless.

  30. Hi Julie! Such a lovely giveaway again! I’m a longtime follower and even got to come to your craft cottage with my mum and sisters about 7 years ago! My favourite colour is pink but only when it’s with lots of other colours. Much love, Jessica from Wellington

  31. What a beautiful giveaway Julie, and so kind if you. The wonderful heart is a lovely gift for your friend Sally, and I am sure will hrlp ease her grieving.

    Good on the boys, what a fun competition to be in !

  32. Love this blog and I would love the gifts!! Joy from Sarasota

  33. Hi from Windsor Ontario Canada .I really enjoy your blog and you are so talented Julie .
    The Easter give away is a brilliant idea all looks so pretty .Thanks so much .
    My favourite color is Crimson red ..but love.all colours
    .Linda in Windsor Canada xx

  34. Julie I love to visit your blog to see all of the lovely creations! Thank you for a gentle, kind spot to visit. I am constantly amazed by your creativity and talent. I love the colors teal, navy, and burgundy best of all. Deanna in Michigan USA

  35. Hi Julie, so generous of you to have a giveaway and the eventual winner will be very lucky to get something handmade by you. I like most colours EXCEPT yellow and orange lol Have a great weekend. Pam - Waitoki, NZ

  36. Thank you for the chance to enter your very sweet Easter Giveaway Julie. Your blog is always such a lovely place to visit & I love everything you create. Sarah in Florida USA xx

  37. Hi Julie what a beautiful and generous giveaway ,I love the softness of shabby chic colours ,lovely post my friend ๐Ÿค๐ŸŒท๐Ÿค

  38. well done to Sid and his Dad, great job. I'm a bit partial to green atm to, but purple will always have my heart, when I saw Easter chocolate, I was hoping for some good ole kiwi chocolate marshmallow eggs like we use to get as a kid, ๐Ÿ˜‚great give away Julie.

  39. Big congratulations to Sid....what a wonderful event for Dad and son. Chloe's heart is beautiful and a beautiful keepsake for your friend. Your give away is gorgeous and generous xx

  40. Very generous give away Julie, Sid and his Dad did well, sounds like a great event to enter. Beautiful heart Julie, that will be treasured. I like blues and purple.

  41. Such a generous giveaway :) All lovely things :)

  42. i just love your Blog. Seeing all your beautiful work makes me feel happy. My favourite colour is pale green.

  43. How absolutely lovely, thank you for such a generous giveaway. My favourite colour is aqua, it’s such a happy colour. X

  44. what a beautiful gift to win. the bunnies are beautiful. my favourite colour now is pink but when i was younger i loved green so much i actually only used green biro to write. In the old days when people actually wrote to each other

  45. Hi Julie
    Hope you are ok.
    I have only recently started reading your blog, after having an operation last year, your blog has really helped my recovery.
    You are so talented and artistic, and inspiring. I have some tilda fabric that I have had a while and after seeing how you have used yours I am looking forward to making something with it. It would be great to be entered in your lovely giveaway.
    My favourite colours are green,grey and pink.
    Kind Regards and thanks for a lovely blog.

  46. Very generous gift, Julie. Throwing my name in the hat but wouldn't dream of allowing you to send abroad so would like to donate it to my friend in Auckland if I'm lucky enough to have my name pulled out of the hat!xx

  47. Please may I be entered in your Giveaway - I just enjoy your blog so much & my favourite colour is purple, followed by orange. Maureen in NZ

  48. Oh what a beautiful give away! The bunnies are just so sweet and would make a lovely easter gift for a little one too. My favourite colour is pink, though I'm drawn to pinks, greens, blues, purples....cottage garden colours really! xx

  49. Love your Tilda bunny! Would love to win--my favorite color is blue, followed closely by green. Congratulations to Sid and his dad!

  50. Oh I just love anything Tilda so I would be honoured to be entered in your draw Julie. My favourite colour is blue but really I like all colours. Thank you for sharing this very generous Giveaway. Nicky in USA.

  51. I am not a blogger myself,but have followed your blog for quite some time. Your giveaway is so lovely and very generous. I love all colours. Have a lovely Easter.
    Diane, Perth Western Australia

  52. Every time I read your blog I always say
    "Ooo I want her bunnies"!
    I have a small wicker basket with a tiny tea set in it just waiting for her!!!
    So here's my chance.
    My favorite color is sage green.
    I love the beautiful heart you did for your friend. A lovely gesture.

  53. That Tilda Rabbit is adorable! And how can you bear to part with those lovely doileys. Yes please enter me in your draw. Thanking you, Jem from Australia

  54. I just enjoy your blog so much Julie - please may I be entered in your generous Giveaway. My favorite colours are green & blues & whites. Jess from New Zealand

  55. I loved the visit to your dad's ashes and putting your mother's there too.. Love the flowers. May they rest in peace together. big big hugs Lynda Ruth would you enter me in your giveaway too please bye for now

  56. Your little rabbits are so gorgeous, Julie. What a fabulous giveaway. So many lovely goodies. Please count me in.

    What a special heart you have made for Sally in memory of Chloe. I'm sure she just loved it.

    Well done to Sid (and Kayne). That sounds like such a fun race.

    Hugs, Christine xx
    PS My favourite colour is red! :)

  57. I look forward to your posts so much - your creativity and the overall aesthetic is outstanding. I especially enjoy seeing trash to treasure type transformations. My favourite colour is blue.

  58. Thank you for the chance to enter your lovely give away Julie. You always make and collect beautiful things and I love the heart you made for your friend. I enjoy reading your posts very much. My favourite colour is blue. Cheers from Janette and I live in South Australia

  59. What a beautiful giveaway. How can you bear to part with those doilies?

  60. Hi Julie

    Your bunnies are so cute! I would love to be in to win. My favourite colour is green.
    Thank you :) - Jo from New Zealand

  61. Ik woon in Nederland en het lijkt mij geweldig om een cadeautje uit een ver oord te ontvangen.
    Liefs van mij.

    1. from google translate ...
      I live in the Netherlands and I think it would be great to receive a gift from a far away place.
      Love from me.

  62. Hi Julie,
    I think I may be too late to enter your giveaway, but my reason for wanting to have your prize is the bunnies are just delightful. So beautifully made & I love Tilda fabrics.
    Kind Regards
    Michele ๐ŸŒท๐Ÿฐ

  63. Hello there Julie .. hopefully I am not too late to enter this generous Giveaway. Please may I be entered - my favourite colours are Green & blue. Just love your blog & your creations. Riley in USA


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