Thursday, February 8, 2024

February Ramblings ..................................

 Greetings lovely friends & readers

Phew it is HOT outside today - I have come inside to the cool & have the air conditioner going.  The Mr tells me it is 31 degrees at the farm today.

My roses are just finishing their second flush & looking a little straggly.  The hydrangeas were picked nearly a fortnight ago & I think they will dry themselves in the Jug once they have drunk all the water up.

After all my green painting in last weeks post, I decided I wanted to try stencilling a teatowel to match everything.  I had this waffle fabric pillowcase & stencilled this bee design onto it using the same Country Green chalk paint as last week's Egg crate.  I am still very much learning with stencilling, but I was really pleased how it turned out so I sewed it into a simple rectangular teatowel.

I have hung it on the oven door handle & threatened everyone in the house (including furry beings) that it is Not to be used to wipe their dirty hands (or paws) on (!!!) πŸ˜‰  Lets see how long that lasts!

I want to place an Order for some more Soy Wax but wanted to use up the last bit in the bag first.  I found these 3 containers & made candles into them using my last 3 woodwicks.  The quantities worked out perfectly & I had not a drop left over.  The Fragrance is Apple Crumble ... again some left over Fragrant Oil that got used up.  These will be going in the Gift Box once they've dried well.

My dear friend Shirley had a beautiful Cath Kidston Ironing Board cover that had seen better days.  She asked me if I could make her a new cover but attach it to the old one as it had good padding in it.  This was trickier than I thought but I managed it eventually - using this gorgeous floral fabric that Shirley provided which reminded me a bit of Sanderson floral.  Here I am trying it on my own ironing board to make sure it fitted & sat nice & flat.  Shirley was thrilled when I delivered it to her & we fitted it on her old ironing board.  πŸ’™

You can see some of the rips or wear & tear where I have put the arrows.

Our couch is old, squashy & rather low.  When I sit at nights to watch TV & stitch or knit, I always tuck an old hard cushion behind my back.  The Grandsons commented that my cushion was all torn & tatty - I had not really noticed how bad it was before.  
I decided it was time for a new cushion cover & found this lovely patchwork one in my stash, no doubt an old Op-shop find.  I made a new firmer inner, stuffing it really extra tightly  ... & love how firm it feels behind my back now when I sit down.  Plus it looks much more presentable than the old torn one!

Remember in * this post * how I mentioned The Mr was having good success growing cucumbers at the farm?  When he purchased the assorted cucumber plants he'd obviously picked up an "odd ball" as this is what grew.  He took a photo & we managed to discover this is a Kumi Kumi or Kamo Kamo.  I'd never cooked them before so I googled some recipes & choose * this one * due to already having all the ingredients in the house.

Before baking                                                         After baking      

You scoop the inside out, fill with the mixture, then bake it for 45 minutes ... I drizzled Olive Oil over it first.  It was delicious but The Mr felt like it needed something extra, perhaps some curry added or some spicier herbs.  We shall certainly be having this dish again as I really enjoy having meatless meals now & again.

The Mr also bought home from the farm a large bag of Japanese Millet seed heads.   He grows this each summer as a supplement feed for the cows as well as making some paddocks into silage for winter feed.  I love the seed heads for my citrus pot-pourri,  I stripped the leaves of it all & made 8 bunches, which I hung outside to dry.  You have to be mindful where you store it as mice really love it (as I have found from experience)  πŸ˜‰

After sulking for about 5 years my Peace Lily has finally decided to flower again.  I cannot tell you how delighted I was when I noticed this.  So far it has 2 flower heads on it ... such simple pleasures that made my week πŸ’š 

As mentioned earlier I am inside with the air conditioner going ... Madam Pip has taken up residence in my underwear drawer as she is situated not far from the nice cool air flow.  Please take note ... when I saw her heading in this direction I quickly plonked an old tee shirt on top of everything & she was most delighted that I found one that matched her colouring (!!) 🧑

Thank you as always dear friends, for your welcome visits here today,
Wishing you a wonderful rest-of-the-week ... remember to be kind to yourselves & to each other,
With much love & friendship to you all,
Julie & the furry three x0x0x0


  1. Your kitchen looks lovely Julie with the touches of green, great T towel as well, We have four peace lilies, and yes they are all flowering outside under the pergola after no flowers for ages, stay cool, we had a couple hot days, but apart from that not much of a summer this year, but I'm not complaining, as it isn't autumn yet.

  2. Another eye delighting blog , I don't know how you do it .your creative skills are amazing.
    I love everything again , just beautiful . Ha a Peace Lily I have a big one in my bedroom ,I was told it cleans the air .
    for a better sleep and yes it really does.
    Can you send a little sun , it is so dull here , my Spring flowers are trying their best but now they say snow is coming .
    Enjoy the rest of your week hugs June.

  3. Wow! Lot's to go through to~day Julie...! :)
    We've got the opposite in weather over here...
    Wet and windy, rain forecast for the next four
    days..snow up towards the Midlands and North..! :).
    Though temp. is still around 8-10 degrees..!

    The green works of art are looking lovely...we will be
    calling you the 'green lady'..HeHe! And l must say, the
    lighter shade of green looks a lot better than a darker
    one..! :)

    And l do like Shirley's old ironing board cover, although
    l don't like roses, but being pink, makes them look nice!
    If the material is'nt that worn, they'd make nice curtains.
    HeHe! Yesterday l spent two hours repairing the brackets
    that hold up the Paddington Bear curtains in my daughters
    old room....I seem to think they were made, some forty
    plus years ago...and still going strong...though they have'nt
    been washed in years..! :O).

    And..what you've done with the cucumber/kumi kumi looks
    really nice, fish would be nice made this way, with a nice fish
    sauce...I do love vegetables stuffed and roasted, plenty of
    olive oil...! :).

    HeHe! And last but by no means least...The 'star' of the show...
    Miss Pippi...It's a good job you wear large underwear Julie....
    (Am l allowed to say that)..HeHe! Otherwise Miss Pippi would'nt
    have any room to sleep in the draw...Bless..!x
    So..with that naughty remark..I'll creep away for a lemon tea....! :O).
    😼 🐾🐾 😼 🐾🐾 😼 🐾🐾 😼 🐾🐾 😼 🐾🐾😼 🐾🐾 😼 🐾🐾

    1. Oh! Dear! Seemed to have gotten confused...
      That is Shirley's 'new' ironing board cover..Ah! Well..
      That's even better then, looks really nice, l have three
      covers on my ironing board, top one is pink..(what else)..
      with white stars...And..! And..! The ironing board is 51yrs
      old, it was my then mother-in-laws, when we went to visit
      her for the first time in 1973, it was hers, and thrown out
      in the garage, she said we could have it, it was old then,
      but with a little rub down, as it was wooden, several coats
      of pink paint, new cover, job done, and still used two-three
      times a week...
      My daughter hated it, it bit her once...HeHe! Bless..! :0).

  4. I notice you have a Wrendale jug - I do like Hannah Dale's designs and also Cath Kidston. I love your stencilling. I've only attempted that once and I was pleased with the result but haven 't done any more!
    Children are very observant, aren't they? A firm cushion for the back is a necessity, I find.
    Miss Pip knows where to go for comfort, like all cats. She'd be hiding from the rain here today.

  5. I have been quite good at killing peace lilies in the past, so am sticking to tougher things like spider plants! Your touches of green look so nice together. I use stencils a lot in paper crafting/art journaling but not so much with textiles. I find using less paint than you think you need initially stops it from squelching under the stencil. Miss Pippi looks very comfortable in the drawer.
    Have a good week
    Best wishes

  6. Do you get humidity with your hot weather like we do? I do not like it to be in the mid 80's then and I also will run the air. I was thinking on you the other day wondering if YOU would be doing a new ironing board cover and here you are doing one for a friend. The fabric is so cheerful. Your kumi kumi looks interesting. I bake an acorn squash every week for a meal. It is sweet on it's own, but I add cinnamon and maple syrup. Like you I try to have meatless meals when I can. I have had sunshine for 4 days straight and today it will be 10 C later on! This is the first morn the bird bath was not ice. Next week winter comes back but I think it will still not be too bad. Good luck on keeping the lovely towel clean. Me, I'd end up spilling something right in front of the stove that I had to immediately wipe up and there would go the towel! We send Miss Pip a purr and a pet. Lynn and Precious XX

  7. I really like the tea towel. I haven't stenciled anything in years. Meatless meals make a nice change every so often, I am trying to add more of them to my monthly menus.
    You really used up the bits and bobs this time, good for you. Pippi looks very comfortable in that drawer.

    God bless.

  8. Lots of busy stuff going on in your neck of the woods. I think I will be upgrading my computer for the "Scratch n Sniff" version - THEN I could smell your candles & roses! My roses have just finished their second flush too, now for the 3rd, then I KNOW wither will not be tooooo far away! Yippie. Quilty hugs from sticky hot northland.

  9. Love the teatowel & wish you success in it not being used. The meatless meal looks yummy, i need to add more of them to my menu. Lovely that your peace lily has flowered again. Miss Pippi sure looks comfy there. :)

  10. Your roses and Hydrangeas look lovely to me. The only thing blooming around here are the orchids on my kitchen window sills.
    Your stenciling is beautiful, but I laughed about the warning to all as you placed it on the oven door handle. My hubby might remember that for about 2 minutes, if we were lucky. I hope you fare better than that.
    Such a pretty ironing board cover! I'd never want to spoil it with a hot iron. Who am I kidding? No matter what cover I have, I never want to iron. LOL
    Nice re-covering job on the sofa pillow. Looks really nice.
    I have never heard of a Kumi Kumi or Kamo Kamo. Hubby here would probably love it. I don't often join him in the squash he cooks up, but he loves the stuff. I find other ways to have a meatless dinner. ;)
    I have to say, I have had a Peace Lily since 2017, and it has yet to bloom. Yours looks lovely!
    Looks like Madam Pip is very conscientious about a self-care routine!

  11. love the green stencilling.... well, we have both done ironing board covers this week! WE try and do a meatless meal once a week. Definitely air con at that temperature...

  12. Hello Julie ... what a lovely post. I shall try that stuffed squash as it sounds delicious. Enjoy your new week ... Lottie in Aus. xx

    1. Thank you so much Lottie. I am going to make the recipe again this week but I think I'll add some herbs to the stuffing mixture. xx

  13. Your kamo kamo looks similar to a butternut squash what a nice suprise to get some big things like this instead of diddy cucumbers. Your tea towel is really pretty, I would love some like that! Also your soy wax candles, I remember you sent me a recipe years and years ago and I never tried it - one day I must :) Betty

  14. Hello- New here and I love the blog! Love the retro look and looks like lots of things to learn!
    Have a sweet day...

  15. I like your site and content. thanks for sharing the information keep updating, looking forward for more posts. Thanks Emily xx

  16. Ooh that is a pretty ironing board cover. Lovely job. I'm guessing your friend or even you have one of those iron boards which are sturdy & heavy. They don't make them that way anymore. Unfortunately. I'm following along now also. Have a beautiful day.

    1. Thank you so much Faith. Yes my friend Shirley & I both have the heavy old fashioned ironing boards. I agree - they don't make them like this now. I hope you have a wonderful day too Faith. xx πŸ’™


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