Tuesday, March 12, 2013

blogging friendships :-)

Hello friends & readers,
whew ... it has been a blur of a fortnight
sometimes life gets busy & kind of gets in the way of things...
like blogging & catching up on others posts :-)

my poor old swan plant is smothered in caterpillars
which I hope will turn into crysallis's before they strip the plant completely
I have read to put pieces of pumpkin down for them to eat when the plant becomes bare.

I found some time after my last blog post to do some doll making

I know I have told you this already but . . .
I would make dolls every single day if I could !!!

the above 2 angels are Rosalie Quinlan designs,
the larger one is Charlotte Angel & the pattern has her with a small cane basket in her hands but I improvised . . . (due to lack of any cane baskets!!)

Her pinny is a lovely old tray cloth from my doiley stash
Next little lady is Rosalie Quinlans Warmth of Friendship Angel from an old copy of The Homespun Magazine

the original pattern has her wearing a felt jacket but I didnt want to cover up too much of her lovely rosey dress fabric :-)

A couple more doiley dolls made from the same pattern but dressed from my doiley stash

having a bad hair day - rather like her maker!!!
And discreetly lifting up her dress to show off her bloomers...

I wasnt too sure about this colour combination to begin with but in the end I was really pleased with how it came together.

Next another Miss Pink  . . .

her bloomers were originally table napkins

Last Saturday I had the most wonderful visit from 5 very special stitching friends from the far north . . .
which kind of just goes to show what wonderful places these here blogs can be & how they can bring likeminded friends together across the miles . . .

Way back - sometime last year - I met Leeanne from here

we rapidly became blogging buddies & met up in January when she passed through my neck of the woods.
She mentioned that visit about bringing her stitching friends & I said that would be great (not expecting her to actually DO it bearing in mind they lived a good 4  hours away from here!!!)
So last weekend a group of 5 of them travelled to my little patch of (brown, crisp) Waikato & visited with me & Mr Fat Fluffy :-)

Honestly folks ... what a lovely bunch of girls - they were just the very best - Kerryn is from here  . . .

& also Raewyn (middle) has a blog - go visit Raewyn here . . . 

We had some lunch together before they began their long journey home again (wagon loaded up) & then after lunch they presented me with this "interesting looking" package . .  .

which upon opening it,  revealed all these goodies -
(thought I had died & gone to heaven I did !!!)

for hosting them & providing lunch ! ! !
What an absolute treasure these ladies were & for the first time ever . .  . I wished I lived in the far north !!!!!!
so I could stitch & "hang out" with them on a regular basis :-)
Their visit left me feeling that lovely warm tight feeling that you get in the middle of your chest where you imagine your heart to be,
just a kinda warm fuzzy feeling :-)
they made me feel so good about what I was doing here in my funny ol threadbear patch (thanks so much girls)

Well Mr Fluffy is struggling today & hasnt moved far away from the fan - I am off to water some pots that are struggling also

I have been helping a friend move shops over the last fortnight & hope to have some pics next post of her new premises all set up & running - tomorrow is her grand opening.
Thankyou to all of you who stop by - it means so much that you take the time to read my ramblings even though the Mr tells me I mostly talk to myself . . . (I just havent realised it yet he says!!)
I have decided to reply to comments by email so that you actually receive them as it has been pointed out to me that unless you go back & check the comments section, you are not actually aware that I have written you a reply,  I cant do this for non-reply bloggers but you all know this already :-)

Wishing you a wonderful week folks,
Julie Xox


  1. Hi Julie
    I have missed you!
    I am so glad to hear that you have been stitching and such lovely things
    your handy work is just amazingly beautiful.

    What a great treat to have friends come and visit.
    They do inspire us so don't they?

    You just keep on talking...I am listening from miles and miles away

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous dolls!! I love the photo of the dolls squeezed into coffee cups to have their shoes painted!!! Mr Fluffy's tongue is so cute in his photo! We too are getting crisp and brown, I do hope it rains soon! Have a great week, Michelle.

  3. Love your new little dolls Julie - I love what you do with all the doileys!! We totally enjoyed our visit - isn't blogland wonderful?!! Tell Mr that we enjoy your ramblings!!

  4. Our visit was very special and just feeling so awe inspired by all your beautiful handcraft and your gorgeous surroundings. Happy Stitching and we look forward to visiting again soon. Hugs xx

  5. Delightful dollys, how lovely to have visitors who are like minded. Betty

  6. Dear Julie
    What a wonderful day you must have all had - sharing your ideas and interests with like minded bloggers - what could be nicer!
    Your dolls are wonderful and all the special doilies, crochet and lace you embellish them with. They will become very loved treasures by the lucky recipients.
    Shane ♥

  7. Teehee.........Love the scene of the legs in the tea cup...............glad they weren't in there when you made me a cuppa! I CAN'T WAIT TO VISIT AGAIN!!!!!
    so glad we found each other friend.

  8. Aren't blogging friends the best!
    I love the dolls in the tea cups, very cute!
    Poor Mr Fluffy I'm sure he is looking forward to cooler weather too!

  9. Oh Julie isn't that Golly fabric just adorable!! What a lovely visit with stitchy friends...very special. All the lovely doily glad dolls are so sweet. i adore the friendship angel & I feel fairly certain that I prefer the hearts to little baskets...just 'cos I love hearts (especially pink ones) anytime at all. I do wish that monarch caterpillars & swan plants would sort themselves out better. I hate to see them over-crowded like that & knowing that there's just not going to be enough for everyone to eat. I've read about the pumpkin thing but I've tried so many times..I think it may be an urban myth 'cos they actually won't eat it..dumb!! Much love to you my friend x0x0x0x


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