Sunday, March 24, 2013

6 days of Stitching!!!

Good afternoon dear friends & readers,
When I turned my diary over last weekend for a shiny new week, 
 I realised I didnt have any appointments or groups booked in for the entire week
so thought it might be a good chance to try some stitching or crafting every single day :-)

And you think this excites us WHY . . . ?????!!!!

On the first day of stitching:-
My young friend Rebecca had given me a bundle of old blankets & vintage linens so I decided to make her an Owl doorstop from one of the blankets as it had been her Dads green blanket
Rebeccas Owl :-)
Rebecca always has great "whisky stories" to tell me
No... not the alcohol kind, but her cat named Whisky
there seems to be no end to the tricks this cat gets up to
so I thought I would add a little tag on the back to give her a laugh
she got great delight from her doorstop (& the tag)
(& she informs me that Whisky LOVES it too!!!)
On the 2nd day of stitching:-
Enthused by my success yesterday I had cut out 3 more bodies
which I made up into doorstop Owls
another little parliament of wise old Owls
I took a photo of one of them beside one of the owls I had made in my last post, to show the size difference
I simply blew the pattern up on the photocopier & added wheat to the base to weight it :-)
On the third day of stitching:-
On this day I made some golly teatowels as I only had 2 left in the Cottage & like to try to always have a good selection . . .
A bright, cheery little range of happy girls in their pinnys
On the fourth day of stitching:-
I made little baby shoes !!!!
This was because I knew I had a baby shower to attend on Saturday for my friend Carolyns daughter - who now lives in Australia.
 Carolyn had suggested I make Rose something Kiwiana to take back with her & I found my lovely flannel buzzy bee fabric -
- just perfect I thought . . .
so while I was at it, I made some doiley ones too
as I have found these to be popular for baby girls sometimes
this had been a tatty old runner that was all torn at one end - the other end was perfect
On the fifth day of stitching:-
Keeping in mind the baby shower I had to attend . .  .
I made some cuddly blankets
(which I must confess are simply overlocking around the fleece squares - so hardly difficult work)
but enjoyable just the same :-)
On the sixth day of stitching:-
I did two things on this day . . .  ! ! !
Firstly, I put together Roses baby gift ...
the baby shoes & the cuddly rug, plus I made a matching wheatbag
& then ran her up a wool blanket bunny rabbit to complete the parcel :-)
Secondly I finished something that was sitting there unfinished -
remember a couple of posts back I wrote about my cane banana basket purchase off Trademe ? ? ?
Well I finally embellished it to sit by my chair in the lounge . . .
all ready & waiting - holding my handwork, while watching t.v.
Phew I think I did quite well for the week - though I must confess,
looking at the state of the garden I had better concentrate on 6 days of gardening I feel ! ! ! (& quite possibly, 6 days of housework wouldnt go amiss)
Thanks as always for stopping by folks
so lovely to have your company in blogland ! !
Wishing you a wonderful week ahead & hope you find some creative time in your week :-)
love/hugs/friendship, Julie & the fluffy


  1. I knew you had to be stitching up a storm. I could feel it in my fingers, lol
    I love your owl door stoppers. and what a lovely thing to have made from a family heirloom.
    But omgoodness those little baby shoes are too much for words! What a wonderful way of using vintage linens!
    I am hoping to find time to sit this week and sew.
    I have 2 patterns that I am dying to get to.
    Little bunnies and dresses for the bunnies!
    Glad you had a week to sew your cares away and take a break from the garden.

  2. Fabulous week of blissfulness! I love all of it..........but the wee shoes with Hollyhocks are my fav.
    I know I have one of your golly teatowels, so I helped drop your stock levels.
    You have personalized your banana basket so well.
    I hope the new 'Parliament' are behaving!
    Gardening for a week???? Mmmm give me stitching any day!

  3. What a week...I am in love with those owls, I even have a blanket that matches one of them! I can't get over all the gorgeousness you have created this week, one day very soon I am coming to visit...:O)

  4. Productive week Julie!! Lots of gorgeousness happening at your place! I love how you repurpose things - blankets and doileys that are past their best come up as good as new in your clever hands. Have a great week in your garden - or behind the vacuum cleaner - or at your machine, where ever you will be:-)

  5. What a wonderful week you had, all your creations are gorgeous. Love the blankety owls and everything really!!

  6. Hello dear Julie...yes it's a funny old juggle isn't it...if I am crafting , I am aware that the garden is still calling. If I am gardening or crafting I am so conscious of all the house worky bits & trade me stuff that needs attention & then there's cooking of course! It's really quite hard to fit it all in so good for you having such a grand crafty sort of week. Lovely blankety owls & a perfect doily embellishment on the banana basket! Those wee shoes are just adorable & must be so comfy for little tender feet. The first feijoas have just started to drop here this week & the wax eyes are ecstatic that the figs are ripening...quite a messy old time in the garden though with wisteria tendrils wanting to hug everything in sight & paspallum heads furiously attempting to seed anywhere at all. I am so glad that we get to garden all year round here though, when I see the blankets of snow elsewhere. Which will it be next garden or housework?! Much love, have a grand week...oh dear a bit short I've just remembered! Catherine x0x0x0

  7. Oh, & I meant to say...I love the Parliament of owls thing...& I learnt recently that they are a "rafter of turkeys"..just saying : )


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