Saturday, March 16, 2013

shifting shops

Hello dear friends & readers

My friend Gail asked me to help her move (gift) shops
across the road, & into larger premises
I previously worked for Gail on a part-time basis for 18 years, then I gave up when I turned 50 & decided I wanted to dedicate more time to my cottage
Last year Gails husband passed away suddenly & I went back to help out for a few months while she got back on her feet
Moving shops is . .  . well let me put it this way  . . . 
give me a house shift ANYDAY!!!!

the above room was previously a storeroom at the back of the new shop
we had the doors removed & found a piece of carpet to match the piece already laid
my task was to transform it into a childrens/babys shop
within the giftware/clothing shop

this was how it turned out . . . 

a little "fairyland"

the main part of the shop at the front looked like this

in the pic above you can see the part where we removed the doors through to the childrens area
Now the front part looks more like this . . . 

tastefully done in lovely colourways :-)
my friend is delighted with her new shop
I - meanwhile - am rather exhausted !!!
She has upgraded to a flash new fancy electronic til,
so she kindly gave me the old one for my cottage

which I love - except it is an "arkwrights till"
(hands up all those who remember the old programme Open All Hours where old Arkwrights til would open & hit him in the front all the time ???!!! - yep showing my age now)
I have had lots of positive comments about my new/old til this past week :-)

My friend Elaine had a birthday last week & we usually exchange handmade gifts
I knew she was a primitive lover & I seemed to recall her mentioning (sometime ago) she wanted to make herself a Raggedy Anne that would fit in a teacup!!!
I found my old Country Friends pattern
"Annie and Andy Raggs"

Seeing as I was making Annie, it seemed appropriate to make Andy to go with her & keep her company
I have photographed them beside the felt pen to show you the "smallness" of them
give me a large doll to stitch anyday folks!!!!

my small handsnips beside them
Elaine was delighted & has found a teacup for them to reside in :-)

it is still so dry here (& now the entire North Island has been declared a drought zone)
the cows have finished the millet at the farm so I have been gathering the seed heads from the drains where it self seeds
the bunches dont take long to dry in this heat

yesterday I noticed a bunch moving & I thought that was odd as there was no breeze at all
on closer inspection I noticed a little mouse running up & down inside a bunch having a lovely nibble
I soon moved him on ! ! !

After the lovely visit last weekend from the wonderful stitching group ladies they laughed that I would need to replenish my stocks
they certainly left some gaps - bless their hearts :-)
so I have been topping up a few wool blanket items this past week

the bowl of lavender hearts needed replenishing
as did the blanket owls . . . 

note to self  . . . . tidy mess on dressing table !!!!!
I did not know that a group of Owls is called a Parliament - did you know this??? (I googled it)
so I now have my own chamber of parliament :-)
can just imagine them all sitting round in the cottage discussing things!!!!!

Happy weekend folks - there is rain forecast for tomorrow 
I have almost forgotten what it is like, so fingers crossed
thanks, as always, for stopping by
much love/hugs/friendship,
Julie Xox


  1. Wow you have been busy, the shop looks great.
    Love the owls they are very cute.
    We are all missing the sound of rain on the roof... fingers crossed we all get a good amount!

  2. Julie you did a fabulous job.
    That shop just looks so great!
    I would love to poke around in there.
    You are a good friend for sure.
    I love your new/old register. Sounds like you might have a laugh or two when it opens :)
    It is getting hot here fast but won't really last we are in for a bit of rain in our forecast soon enough. I hope you get yours as well.
    It was almost too hot to ride bikes today but it is still cooler than summer so better get it in while I can.
    Well seems I have written a short novel here.
    Better move on.
    You inspire me so to get stitching.

  3. Wow!!! The shop looks fabulous, lucky shop owner to have you helping her. It's a shame she wasn't opened when we came last weekend. ( we could have used you yesterday, for a shop makeover! )
    Those dolls are sweet & so tiny! Yikes I can see why you would rather make bigger ones.
    Perhaps the mouse thought you were a new takeaway shop, & maybe a 'run through' rather than a drive through.
    Cool new/old till.................
    Not sure about those owls discussing things.......don't they only argue in parliament?
    Glad you are replenishing the shop after our whirlwind shopping spree!

  4. Hi Julie, Love Gails new shop! The displays looks amazing and the shelving units look great to! Well done. Love the new Dolls. I was thinking recently you haven't made teddies for a while! Must have a catch up soon.


  5. Lovely reading your post Julie and feel right at home!! Love those owls and kind of wondering if my bigger owl needs a smaller owl to keep him company?? The one with the green eyes really looks like it has my name on it!! Are these the smaller ones like a couple of my friends brought?? Love your knack for decorating, you can see from Leeanne's blog we had heaps of fun yesterday in the shop and let me tell you there are now doilies everywhere!! Hugs

  6. Lovely to see what you have been up to Julie! Love what you did in your friend's shop - hopefully we'll be able to visit there NEXT time we come down!! Your little Raggedy Andy and Anne are so cute - you sure have been busy :-)

  7. That is a shop just crammed with goodies and really well displayed to take the eye from one thing to another and keep the customers there (until they spend all their money!) you must have worked so very hard. I think you lead a hard old life in your part of the world...

  8. Yes Betty is quite work very hard my friend...highly productive! Gail must have been so grateful for your help & you were, of course, the perfect helper! That must have been very hard for her losing her husband. How did you scare the mouse off by the way? I don't imagine you could have banged the bunches of millet about..they are all so thirsty & hungry just now. We have left our leftover bags of fruit on the wee table on the front porch each evening for a long time now without incident, until, this week...although covered with a towel, some small presents has been scoffing the peaches!! Not a dropping in sight anywhere which is most unusual. Fruit is inside tonight! My mother says they've had all manner of insects inside up in Auckland including several skinks.
    I do believe that you may have laid a pair of scissors beside those sweet wee dolls ; )
    Good score on your Arkwrights till!
    HAve a good dusty old week my friend, much love Catherine x0x0x

  9. I love to read your posts Julie, the shop makeover is gorgeous and all your new makings are so lovely too. Cute little Anne and Andy and the parliament of owls is great!! Hugs Wendy

  10. What a delightful post Julie - there's just so much to comment about!

    You created a very pretty baby/childrens section within the shop.
    The sweet mobiles hanging from the ceiling give it a magical touch and it was a good idea to have that round rack in the middle - very professional!!!

    Oh yes I remember Arkright and the till and getting his fingers caught!! It must be a talking point for your visitors!
    I have to fess up, I would rather face the till than mice in the millet - YIKES!!!
    The millet looks so lovely hanging like that - will you ground it for flour or is there another purpose J??

    Such a sweet pair of Prims for your friend, she will be "over the moon" - fiddly to make I imagine!

    Maybe your chamber of owls might like to stand in next years election - there could be an interesting swing in the poles ahead!!! I love your sense of humour dear Julie!
    Shane ♥


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