Sunday, March 31, 2013

Eulogy for a fluffy

Hello dear friends & readers,

Yesterday we had to say goodbye to a very, very special friend,
our dear Mr Big Fat Fluffy (aka Mr Wolf/Nero)

He would've turned 15 in June so he was a good age,
but we are all So Very, very sad today
Nero came to live with us at just over a year old
He had had a Very Important Job. . .
he had been a Police Dog
And the reason he came to live with us was because at 1 & a bit they could tell he was going to grow up to be Huge
And they have to be able to throw them over fences in the line of work - quite frankly I could imagine a few slipped discs trying to throw the big fat fluffy over a fence !!!!!!!

Throw Me ???  Over the fence???   Good luck !!!

His name was Milo, which my boys changed to Nero
but over the years he became Mr Wolf as so many people would say "he looks just like a Wolf"
somewhere along the way he became Mr Fluffy or simply "the fluffy" 
He didnt care, he answered to any name . . . 

I always knew he was a great part of my day to day life
but I could never have comprehended what a Huge gap he would leave
He was always there beside me, whatever I was doing

"so what do you think Mum - should we try gardening today?? Or just rest up??"

even during crafty pursuits . . . 

"I think its best if we dry the flowers first Mum"

"supervising" & watching over whatever I did
And I too, looked after him, & like to think we gave him a very good life while he was with us

Do not speak to me Mum - I am NOT listening to you today
I loved that he was partial to a bit of granny blanket goodness

But I am under No doubt Whatsover . . .
That He loved his father the best !!!!!

The Mr would throw his sweatshirt over him at nights
& there he would remain  - (hiding)
You see, with his father, he became something extra special -
"the Very Important Farm Dog" ! !

I have long ago lost count of the number of times I had to apologise for him to my customers at the Cottage -

that in itself would fill an entire book !!!

Apologise ???  for me ???  surely not ???

He would go through stages of sleeping with his tongue poked out & I became a bit obsessed with photographing it
I felt he was poking his tongue at the world in general

He could also be a bit of a "contrary Mary" at times -

doing What he pleased, When he pleased !!
for example ... this was
 "dont sit against the wet plaster wall please"

this was . . . 
 " stay on your rug & dont go on the carpet please"

this was . . .

  "stay well away from the trees the men are felling please"

Hmmm . . .  ! ! ! !

I well remember when we put our new kitchen in, I ranted & raved & vowed & declared to all & sundry -
"when we get our new kitchen in, THAT Dog is NOT coming inside anymore!!!" (incidently, No-One was listening as is usual)

"hello ...  not coming in??? she must be talking about another dog"

Oh Mr Fluffy ... I am SO glad you won & I am SO very glad I always gave in & you got your way
tiptoeing your way in on my newly washed floor when you thought I wasnt looking

You were Such an awesome, special friend, I will carry your memory close to my heart in a special  place forever
But I will miss you So Very Much
Thanks for all the wonderful memories you gave us
Our lives were so rich with you as part of it
May You  "Rest In Peace"
 my faithful fluffy friend

Wishing you all Love & Kindness this Easter

Go pat those special furry friends & give them a hug from me
(Thankyou for listening to my Lament)
Julie Xox


  1. I'm crying with you friendxxxxx
    A treasured post.

  2. Oh dear, tears streaming down my face. What a beautiful, beautiful eulogy. I am so sad for you & thank you for sharing your Nero with us, in..well every post actually. A treasured post that you will be so glad that you wrote & will be able to look back on & all the others since you started blogging, with Mr Fluffy right there in the middle of things & smile & hug him to your heart.
    Hugs to you & friendship & kind thoughts dear one. Much love to you all Catherine x0x0x

  3. Dear Julie, I'm so sorry for the loss of your special friend, pets leave such a hole when they are gone. It sounds like you gave him a wonderful life full of love and caring, hugs Wendy

  4. What a loved and appreciated doggy - he was certainly a blessing to you, he must have loved you lots and felt very very loved. So sorry he is no longer there to keep you company, a huge empty space I don't doubt. Blessings to you Julie - Betty x

  5. Julie I am sending you a hug from across the oceans and miles, he was the best Mr Fluffy in the whole world, and your friend, and it must hurt so gave him the best home, with heaps of love what else could a dog ask for, I'm glad he got too big to throw over fences, he wouldn't of liked that... and he would never of had you otherwise, you were meant to spend his years together,,,
    lots of love my friend, thinking of you xx

  6. Dear friend my heart breaks for your loss.
    What a dear friend he was and always looked after you both.
    It is hard to part with our animals for they are our children too.

    Peace be with you at this time and laughs of all the good times you shared together, good and bad ;)


  7. Oh Julie - you must all be hurting so much and I knowe you will miss him so much. Our pets become more than pets - they become our best friends. This was a beautiful post for your treasured friend. Hugs from Northland.xox

  8. Julie, not sure what I can say to ease the hurt! Know that you wrote a beautiful eulogy and I am pleased that I got to meet Mr Wolf in person! Remember the wonderful life you gave him and the wonderful memories he has given you! You are in my thoughts, Michelle.

  9. Oh Julie. Sincerest sympathies for the loss of your gorgeous boy. I really feel for you. No words can make you feel better all you can do is to remember how wonderful it was to have shared his life. I loved your tribute.
    Take care and big hugs xxx

  10. Hi Julie
    It was nice meeting Mr Wolf the day a few Northlanders came to visit(and yes he crept inside!!) and I know the pain and tears you are going through. Pets are very very special, you have paid a lovely tribute to Mr Wolf. Thinking of you xxxxxxxxxx

  11. I'm so sorry to hear your sad news xxx Big hugs!

  12. Thinking of you Julie.Sorry to hear about Nero! He had a wonderful life and yes you will miss him. Losing a dog is like losing a family member. RIP Nero we will miss you Mr Fluffy! xxx

  13. Writing this with big tears in my eyes Julie,I know what you are going through. It hurts so much.He's in doggie heaven now rushing around with all his new friends.Hugs Shirley

  14. Aww Julie if I were closer I would come round and give you a big hug, I am sure Mr Fluffy was very thankful to spend his life with you!
    Beautifully written eulogy to a special friend...

  15. Oh I am so sorry Mr fluffy Has heart broke for you when i read this....Pets are such a special part ofour lives....He will live forever in your hearts...
    Daisy x


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