Sunday, December 13, 2020

Christmas Decorating at Threadbear HQ

Welcome lovely friends & readers

(Warning : a photo heavy post ahead - you may need a cuppa or a snack, or half the contents of your pantry (!!!) before you're finished) 😉

I have finished my Christmas decorating here at Threadbear HQ. Usually I put the tree up, then fling a few Santa's around & toss the rest of the boxes back in the sleepout. This year - for no apparent reason - I decided to get every single decoration out, repair many of them that needed it, & either display them - or send in a box to the Op Shop.

Sid & I started the tree a couple of weeks ago & then my dear friend Carolyn came for lunch so she helped me to finish it.

Though I have photographed it at night the lights are not really showing up.

              Lets start in my dining room - my vintage Singer Sewing table has a small display of Santa's on it

And my Vintage Typewriter is in another corner . . .

This small cupboard is beside my fireplace with some bits on it -

- including the Mossy Gnomes that I made earlier this year.

The little Christmas Pudding elf is handmade by me - as are the chalk hearts poking out of the plants on my hearth.

I LoVe unpacking the handcrafted items made & gifted from dear friends over the years.

A very tiny bit of Christmas in the kitchen including a fresh batch of citrus potpourri in my vintage scales 💗

Moving in to the lounge area now .  .  .  .

A coffee table Christmas display - Lots of candles & fairy lights everywhere

This was my One Purchase this Christmas - bought while shopping down at Mum's in October with my friend Claire. At her suggestion I added moss to the base & also thread a few more pip berries through it - I especially love it at night time when the fairy lights are turned on.

These old ice skates were a Trade Me purchase about 2 or 3 Christmas's ago - I tossed them in the sleepout wardrobe & never thought any more about them.  Last week I pulled them out, scrubbed them & soaked the filthy laces in them - they came up well.  I had an idea in the virtual Pinterest Board that goes around inside my head of what I wanted to do with them 😊
I found my bag of faux greenery & berries & hot glued some in the tops of the boots but first I filled each boot with wadding so my greenery would not slip down inside. I had initially thought about putting them on a wreath but I didn't have anything large enough so I found this old chicken mesh frame in my sleepout & they fitted on this perfectly. 

I was able to affix them using the laces so they are removable at any time - I tied some rusty stars & bells to them & then wound a faux berry strand around the frame.

I'm just so pleased I finally did something with my vintage Ice Skates 💕 


Here is the fireplace mantle that I revamped in * this Post * - all decorated for Christmas - I really enjoyed putting this area together.

And a little wooden cart of teddies at the base - these Santa Hats are from when I had my Craft Cottage - I would pop them on all the bears & dolls for sale in the Cottage.

The top of the Fireplace Mantle

More beautiful treasures handmade by special friends 💕

(Sid watched me wrap these parcels up so he knows they are just boxes)
Under the tree is this vintage cart & some old teddies that I found in a bag in the sleepout wardrobe - the parcels are just wrapped up boxes - I can't put gifts under the tree as yet as it's too hard on the little ones who want to open them 😉
A Vintage Feather Tree purchased years ago in Australia

More handmade Santa's - these ones are a few years old now
And finally - after all the Tilda Reindeer I have made for orders over the years - I finally sat down & made myself one!!

This is a lovely pattern in the Tilda Book "Homemade & Happy"  - there are 2 sizes & I have made the larger one.

I was able to find some mossy branches on my very old Plum Tree for his antlers. 

Thank You all So Very Much if you have managed to stay til the end (Phew).  I cannot end this post without giving you a link to my friend Claire's Stunning Christmas Home. If you are on Instagram you can go * Here * to see photos & video's of her home - believe me friends - it is well worth a visit.

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead - be kind to yourselves & to each other,

With much love & friendship to you all,

Love Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0


  1. Wow......Christmas sure has hit your home big time. I love the heart wreath with lights, the toy wagon, well I could pull that all the way to my house! The way you have displayed the ice skates is fantastic. You out do me every year my friend.....but that is not hard to do is it ����

  2. It is a joy, lovely Julie, to wander through your home and drink in all the glorious festive pretties. So much gorgeousness to look at and to smile at. My goodness you have a serious collection of ornaments. Your tree looks merry and bright and a-sparkling. LOVE those vintage ice skates and your Tilda reindeer is so very sweet. Wish oh wish I could sit in your lovely loungeroom with a cup of tea in one of your pretty teacups, and drink in all the magical ambience.

  3. So much to love here. Great collection of Santas. The mantle redo is especially nice.

    1. Thank You so much for your lovely kind comment.

  4. Looks wonderful Julie. Love what you did with the skates. Hugs,xx

  5. Wow what a treat to see all your gorgeous handmade Christmas treasures and so beautifully displayed. Those teddies in Santa hats stole my heart xx

  6. Everything looks very festive and welcoming, I love your handmade reindeer :) Hope your home will be filled with Joy xxx

  7. Oh! Wow! Julie! It's ALL truly amazing..
    The tree, prezzies, gifts, Father Christmas's,
    and what you've done with the skates is really
    nice! HeHe! What have you done with ALL your
    furniture..! :). You'll be having Christmas
    dinner standing up..!
    It ALL looks very lovely..!x

    I'm just about ready for it, crib is all done,
    few cards sent daughter and hubby down
    just after Christmas..looking forward to that!
    At least l'll have company in bed, Zeeva the Staffy
    will be here to..she's a bit of a 'tart' but lovely
    with it..! :o).

    I better ask l suppose..are the furry ones up the
    tree, can't see them anywhere..HeHe! I bet there
    loving it..lots of baubles, to play with..! :o).
    🎅 🎄 🎅 🎄 🎅 🎄 🎅 🎄 🎅 🎄 🎅 🎄 🎅 🎄

  8. Beautiful Julie and of course I got to the end, I love seeing other peoples decorating! xx

  9. Beautiful!!.Those ice skates look amazing! Thank you for sharing your home with us,xx

  10. Such a special Christmas tour of your home, thank you so much Julie. I love it all of course, but oh my, the Christmas pudding elf.

  11. A Christmas wonderland that your grandchildren can really enjoy seeing in person! How lovely! And the skates, since
    I can't actually skate, this looks like the better use for them. Fun decorating. And I just happened to have my cup of
    Lady Gray tea already in my hand when I saw the post. Thank you, Julie for letting me have a look see. Nowhere to go this
    year over here to see inside museums and decorated mansions. The internet comes in handy. Lynn

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Lynn - yes the internet sure does come in handy when we cant socialise like we used to be able to do - its a great way to kind of keep in touch & also get some inspiration. I can't actually skate either Lynn but my daughter in law saw the ice skates on the floor & said to me "Oh I didn't know you used to do ice skating".

  12. everything you display is so beautiful. What a lifetime of skills and collecting.

    1. Thanks so much Kim. We actually had a really nasty fire in the sleepout of the farm house we lived in when we were sharemilking (about 22 years ago now) & lost every single Christmas decoration. Thank goodness I worked in a Gift shop back then & could start collecting all over again!! Plus lots of things are handmade.

  13. Wow Julie, everything looks amazing, you are very talented at 'staging'. You have some beautiful things.
    Like some of the other comments, I did wonder where the Furry Ones are? Do they not get amongst the decorations? My cat (when she was much younger) could often be found hiding up the tree ... Lol

  14. Love all your gorgeous decorations Julie, you have a lovely home as well. Chris xoxoxo

  15. Oh Julie, I enjoyed every picture...and could have kept on looking. It must have taken a full day to place everything, and it all looks so pretty and Christmassy. You are such a talented lady.

  16. Your decorations are just beautiful. I especially like what you did with the ice skates.

  17. There are no words good enough to describe your Christmas house. You must have worked day and night to create such a wonder. Everything is beautiful but my favourite of all are those scales and potpourri. ❤️

  18. WOW...absolutely, vintagey gorgeous Julie. Lovely to see the xmas spirit alive in your welcoming chrissy home xx

    1. Thank You SO much for your sweet kind comment !!

  19. Oh Julie.

    It's gorgeous. Well done.

    I haven't pulled all of my out for years either.

  20. Your home looks delightfully Christmassy..... beautiful....

  21. I think your home is well worth the visit! So much vintage creativity and goodness, I am in awe!

  22. Wonderful post Julie, I could have looked at many more photos. You have so many beautiful treasures to look at, love what you have done with the skates.

  23. Such a marvellous christmassy post Julie!! All that is Tilda you know I love!! So very may sound corny but it is bewitching...sigh!! At present I am trying to make my own very first one....I hope I am doing it right!! All these images are giving me loads of ideas! keep well Amanda x

  24. All your decorating is beautiful, Julie. I love the ice skates. In fact, I love everything! xx


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