Saturday, January 23, 2021

Buttons, Tags, Hearts & a Frame

Greetings lovely friends & readers

Sometime back in very early December I entered a competition run by Barb of Theodora Cleave.  I really love Barb's buttons .... well everything she designs really - & I subscribe to her online newsletter which is where I first read about the competition.

You had to share a Tradition you engage in each Christmas so I emailed Barb & shared one I had begun with my own sons & now continue with my grandsons.  In the hectic leadup to Christmas I must admit I forgot all about entering until Barb's email popped into my inbox informing me I was one of the two winners.  I was so delighted & a couple of weeks ago Barb's box of goodies arrived - all packaged up beautifully like opening the most special advent calendar.


Oh My !!!!  I could barely breathe .... the packages just kept on coming.  How special I felt that day & my mind was spinning with projects & things to create with the beautiful array of buttons & handprinted ribbons I had won ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’—

The week following my receiving the prize I decided it was high time I actually did something with some of the buttons!!   These two tags above were my first attempt - they are a pattern from an old Christmas issue of Simply Vintage Magazine - pictured below.

I love to pull my old copies of these out & go through them & always seem to find a new project I wish to make.

Two dear friends have birthdays early next month - both are in their 70's & have homes full of "stuff " but both love their gardens so I decided to get them each a Garden Voucher.
I follow Craft With Fee on YouTube & came across this wonderful tutorial for making these hanging heart pockets - I hope the link works here okay ...

I thought the pockets would be ideal to pop the Garden Voucher in rather than buying a birthday card.  I used some of the buttons from Barb to adorn my pockets instead of the applique flowers that Fee used on hers.

 A couple of dried lavender sprigs & the voucher tucked in ... just perfect.  I bought my vouchers from Mitre 10 which is a large hardware store here in New Zealand but each branch has a wonderful Garden Centre inside it.  It's a pity their brand colors are orange & not nice pastel colors to match my heart pockets ๐Ÿ˜‰

Jenny of elefantz encourages us to pull out our "orphan stitcheries" & turn them into something.  I came across this one in a box which is originally a Jenny design.  I decided to make it up into a pincushion & then filled it with crushed walnut shell which keeps your pins nice & sharp.  

Although I tossed it in my pressie box, I actually pulled it out again as I decided I could do with a nice new pincushion to start the New Year off.

This picture was an Op Shop purchase for $10 - bought for the frame & Not the picture which was very faded, rubbed & worn in areas.  

I painted right over the entire thing with my Voodoo Molly Vintage Chalk Paint in the color Old Linen.  The Mr was watching me & nearly had a seizure ... "for all you know it might be a Rembrandt" he stated.   For $10 from Hospice I somehow doubt it!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I had a section of the transfer left over from when I did the Nesting Tables in my last post & wanted to use them up.  I cut several of them out & spread them around to fit them inside my frame.  I especially loved the finished effect when I rubbed the frame over with some silver gilding wax that my friend Gail had loaned me. 

Hard to show up in my photograph but the wax just bought out the filigree in the frame so well.  My picture looks great hanging just above the Nesting Tables in my dining room.

Well dear friends - although I would dearly LoVe to go to my Craft Room & play - I am actually off to pack a bag as I head to my Mum's early tomorrow morning.  Thank You as always for your visits here today.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend - be good & kind to yourselves & to each other,

With much love & friendship to you all,

Julie & the furry ones x0x0x


  1. You are so talented and creative. I just love all the things you do.

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  2. Gorgeous projects. Love the vouchers in the heart idea. Hugs,xx

  3. Oh, my, what a treasure trove of buttons and surprises you won! I can't imagine a better recipient for all of those lovely creations. As evidenced by the lovely tags and heart pockets, you will bring them to life!
    Very pretty pincushion from your stitchery. Every now and then you need to make something for YOU! Glad you kept it.
    I laughed when you talked about your hubby's reaction as you sprayed that picture and frame. :) Of course you made something extra lovely out of it. And I got a kick out of the saying at the end of your post. I will have to remember that the next time I feel compelled to clean house. LOL

  4. Happy New Year Julie!
    What a windfall - you were the perfect person to win this giveaway _ congrats!
    I’ve got a few of those gorgeous buttons - I love them!
    Barb is very clever!
    Shane xxx

  5. Oh my, what a lovely box of goodness and prettiness. Ho kind of her to send you such lovely buttons, you are surely going to have a lot of fun putting them to good use. x

  6. What a wonderful prize that was = so many gorgeous things. And I love the tags and hearts that you have made using some of your prize. Great makeover on the painting. Have a safe trip. xx

  7. What an amazing box of goodies, such pretty things. I love the tags you made. The heart is an excellent idea for gift cards. You are so creative!

  8. Hope your mum is ok, if you are visiting for fun have the most lovely time together. you deserve to win something nice, and all those beautiful things are going to get used well and make a lot of people happy when they are used. I think painting over the entire picture was brave but why not? it turned out very well - another success :)

  9. Oh my, I'd be poring over that wonderful box of do-dads for hours. What a wonderful box of artsy trinkets to put to use.
    I'm thinking the little orange envelopes probably was a good thing, that way the gift card would not be overlooked if in
    a pastel as the hearts are so lovely, I might not look further. Have a great visit. I'll be looking forward to some
    pictures from the trip. Hope Miss Pippi isn't too lonely. And, I thought the original painting might be an
    Andy Warhol, lol.

  10. As always so clever with your ideas to use things whether it be buttons or picture frames.... lovely ideas. Hope you have a good trip. I was thinking the picture could be a Monet with the subdued colours?

  11. WOW! What a fabulous prize from Barb. Even though I didn't win, it is lovely to know one of my friends did! Your heart pockets look lovely Julie. Such a nice way to present the gift cards. The frame looks great too. I have to start thinking like you when I go op shop shopping. I never think about painting frames. Your pin cushion looks lovely too. I have that pattern ready in my "to do" pile. Hugs, Christine xx

  12. I've never known anyone with so much talent. Wish I could borrow you for a week or two. :) The hearts are so sweet, and the new picture and frame are beautiful. That was such a nice gift.

  13. WOW Julie, lucky you getting all those goodies from Barb, you're going to busy for quite awhile thinking up ideas to use them all.
    Once again your crafty ideas are both inspiring and thought provoking.
    Enjoy your time with your Mum and don't come home with too many 'finds'.

  14. CONGRATULATIONS Julie!! Well deserved win, Barbs buttons are so cute, they look wonderful on the Christmas decorations. Your holders for the gift vouchers are beautiful, and a very thoughtful gift. The painting looks so much better after "Julie" treatment. Have a very safe trip, I hope it goes well and you get to do some op shopping while there.

  15. You lucky thing Julie, I can always remember Barbs buttons and things back from my doll making days, not that I ever had any, but still remember them, you did a lovely job using some of them, great idea for your friends birthdays to, its a pretty painting, but looks even better now, you should of written down the signature on it and looked them up, just in case๐Ÿ˜‚ have a wonderful time at your mum's, look forward to seeing what you bring back from the local op shops.๐Ÿ˜‰ Chris xoxoxo

    WOW all those wonderful buttons! what a winnings!
    what lovely gifts you make too, am sure they will be loved.
    awesome pin cushion too, love Jenny's creations too
    thanx for sharing

  17. Your "MR" makes me laugh out loud! You know, Julie, it has been known to happen that people buy a $10 painted nothing and it works out to be worth millions. =) Well, aren't you the lucky gal receiving all those fabulous pretties. They are perfect for you. Love how you have used some of the buttons. Those little tags are sweet and the pocket hearts are so pretty. Fabulous idea to fill pretty hearts with lots of happy things. And then, you fashioned a lovely pincushion, too. Truly, you have had oodles of fun playing in that craft room of yours. Love how you transformed the old frame. I hope you kept the faded landscape, you know, just in never really knows about these things. =)

  18. My goodness lucky,lucky you! I'd be all of a tremble just seeing those two boxes tied with red striped ribbon. The excitement of it all would nearly be too much for me...nearly!! The contents pure treasure for sure. I would sit and drool for ages looking at all those wonderful bits you received. Are you totally sure that painting isn't an old masterpiece? Your heart pockets are so lovely such a pretty way to pop a voucher in..far better than an envelope! As always Julie you do not disappoint a really gorgeous post. keep well Amanda x

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