Thursday, January 14, 2021

These Twixmas Days (Part 2) ........ She's Waving Her Brush Again (!!!)

Greetings lovely friends & readers

The day after I returned from my Kinloch trip I decided to clean out the entire Sleepout.  This involves hauling nearly everything out & Hopefully NOT putting it all back in again 😉

This Nest of tables had been in the back of my sleepout for about 5 years now - given to me by a customer when I ran my Craft Cottage.  I was only just into painting/upcycling then but had thought I could do something with them.
If you click to enlarge the pic you can see the blistering of the varnish in the right hand photo

As you can see they were Not in a good state of repair - the thick shiny varnish on them had blistered & peeled & the main table had a crack right through it.  I knew they would require some work & not just slapping a coat of paint on them. 😉  I sanded & sanded the small nesting tables first while The Mr glued the split with PVA & clamped it for a couple of days.  The large table required the most work & the varnish did not want to lift on this one.

After sanding the smaller tables they changed colour somewhat from the dark brown they had been.  I washed the dust off them & dried them in the sunshine.

Because it is now so hot here, it is not good for painting outdoors as the paint dries too fast - so I set myself up a "painting station" down the end of my lounge in the cool - as I knew this project was going to take several days/a week to complete.

(I'm not sure why the right hand photo is showing the cream table as yellowish)

As all our shops were closed still this was very much a case of using up what I had on hand.    I had decided to paint the nesting tables in different pastels so I had to find colors that complimented each other.  
The main table & one small table are painted in Aged White,  The pink is a Resene testpot Pale Rose that I used alot around here & the grey is Grey Mist from Newton's Paints.
While I was happy with my color combination I still felt they lacked something so I dug into my supply of Re-design Transfers that I buy from Paint Me Vintage .

I absolutely LoVed this one.   I used the main part of the transfer for the big table.  Translated this reads "A house is made of walls & beams while a home is built with love & dreams".  How perfect 💕

I then scattered some of the remaining transfers on the bottom shelf of the nesting tables but left the tops plain.  I am really happy with the finished effect & the transfers just seem to set it all off nicely.  I also lightly sanded the edges of them to distress them a little.

Cup of tea anyone ..... I can give it to you on my new/old nesting tables 💗

My lovely friend Jane had given me this plain white cross so while I had my transfers out all over the floor I decided to embellish it a little.  I am so pleased with it & when I texted a photo to Jane she mentioned that she thought I might just be a teeny bit addicted ðŸ˜‰

These little tin hearts were 50c a pair from the Stratford Hospice Shop back in this post * here *.   I painted them with my testpots then added some remaining floral transfers & ribbons - they look great hanging on my fireplace bricks. 

Also in my sleep out was this metal cooking pot. It had been in a banana box of junk treasures that The Mr had come home with at one time.  I decided to paint it for a friend's birthday gift.

I LoVe this green chalk paint - it is called Country Green from Newton's Paints.  The pot took 3 or 4 coats to get a good coverage but I was so excited to embellish it.

Don't you think the addition of the transfers just finishes it off so nicely dear readers?  

I had to stop myself from getting quite carried away but I must say - I LoVe it so much I am just a bit tempted to keep it for myself 😉😊

In the midst of all my painting escapades my friend Sue came over for a visit from the city.  We had morning tea here & then drove around the road to Alphra Lavenders - a gorgeous lavender farm about 5 minutes from where I live.  

This is the sight that greets you when you get out of your car & you can imagine the fragrance.

The mountain in the background is called Kakepuku

Sue took this lovely pic of us both in the midst of all the lavender.

Thank You all So Much for your visits today dear friends & for staying with me through this lengthy post.  

Remember to be kind to yourselves & to each other,

With much love & friendship to you All, 

Julie & the furry ones x0x0x


  1. a beautiful job done on the tables, i have never seen a full set like that before & now i know why those tables are made like that, they have friends! those transfers set it off just right too; you certainly have an eye for it!
    not what i would've done with a good stainless steel pot but still it is lovely
    love the lavender farm & you both look awesome!
    thanx for sharing

    1. Thanks so much Selina. Yes the tables are great for when you need several smaller tables for friends cuppa's & things - just so useful. xx

  2. I absolutely love your stuff, so creative.

  3. I love those nesting tables, you did such a professional job on them and the cooking pots - who would think you could paint them and get a result like this! The transfers just finish them off perfectly. We have a lavender farm about 20 miles from here but it is only open to the public for a short time - the smell is amazing. I found a bag of lavender yesterday which I had picked from the bushes outside my front door and forgotten about - will have to think of something useful to do with it! A lovely post Julie, thanks.

  4. Whhat a great job you made of the tables - I love nesting tables, so useful. The green pot is a great makeover. The smell from the lavender field must be amazing. xx

  5. Oh! My! Julie! Look at those nest of tables...
    Amazing! Never seen a nest of tables with that
    many tables, usually just three..
    Love the way you've 'set' the colours off one
    another..Lovely! Love the transfers! :).

    Love the cooking pot..I'm using mine at the
    moment for stews, every Sunday l get a few
    pieces of belly pork, bag of stew veg..and
    make a big pot of belly pork stew!
    My favourite..!

    HeHe! Well now! The photo at the bottom there
    is lovely..I now have to l like that
    one or prefer one of Blackie and Miss Pippi..! :).
    Decisions! Decisions! It'll take at least another
    two lemon teas to decide..! :). Bless!

    Lovely post Julie..full of sunshine and colour...
    Lovely to wake up to, it's 8:30 over here, l've
    had breakfast, can't start the day without my fry to see to some washing now, still locked up
    over here..not good at all, 1,500 people died yesterday,
    1,200 the day before, still three lots of vaccine are
    in circulation, should get mine next month..! Hopefully!
    🔔 🎶 🥂 🍾 ☃️ 🎊 🎉 😘 ❤ 🔔 🎶 🥂 🍾 ☃️ 🎊 🎉

  6. I would never think to add transfers to things but the difference is incredible, these are all so lovely. How wonderful that you are able togo and visit the lavender farm, it looks glorious. x

  7. No words Julie except wow. They are all fabulous. I love how the tables turned out. The lavender farm looks wonderful. Hugs,xx

  8. Your post was a ray of sunshine on a very dreich day. The transfers really take the craft projects up to another level, I can see why you would be tempted to keep everything. But if you don't pass things on you can't buy more :)

    Jean xx

  9. Julie, those nesting tables are gorgeous. Love the different pastel colours and the transfers are perfect. The pot looks fabulous too. Funnily enough I visited a lavender farm today with friends and enjoyed lavender scones and tea, too.

  10. Oh Julie, the tables!!!Such patience and skill reaps such fantastic results. I love them and the cooking pot!!I wonder if you can get transfers here in UK? Off to have a look. You're so clever, Julie and I love that pic with your friend. It's rather alien to us over here, having pics taken with ANYBODY!!! Roll on better

  11. Hi Julie, what a lovely blog to wake up to and admire over breakfast. The only word to describe those tables are a miracle. I just love all the pastel shades including that gorgeous pot. The transfers are so lovely. You certainly have a gift of seeing ‘before’ and ‘after’. Are you allowed to pick the lavender ?
    What is the temp. where you live? We are only reaching mid 20s. Lovely and warm but not too hot yet. I had irrigation put in as I can get out to water and we’ve had days of intermittent rain ever since. Not good timing. 😂

  12. I see the magic paint wand has struck again! The colors are so calming, I enjoy pastels over bolder color. I know NZ has
    been so careful about covid, but I did not know you still have shops closed. The number of cases here are just astronomical and nothing is closed, except the public library! Thankfully those employees are willing to work inside and
    fill online and phone requests for window pickup/ 4 branch buildings. Are lavender plants tolerant of heat and dry? Because those fields look dreamy, and I bet the fragrance is incredible. Nice to see you and your friend. Lynn

    1. Thank You so much Lynn. No the reason the shops were closed when I was painting was because it was New Year & they closed for 2 or 3 days for the holidays that we observe over here. The Paint shop was closed for 4 days I think. Yes lavender does not mind the dry at all & that is why it does so well here. Have a great weekend Lynn xx

  13. Wow Julie, once again you've worked your magic with your paint brush and those transfers. I have seen tables like that before but yours look so much better. And who would have thought you could paint a pot like that. What a wonderful gift.

  14. How very clever.... you are magic with your hands.... those nesting tables look lovely and I can just envisage them in a vintage style home... the pot looks wondeful too... I would never have thought of doing that to one...

    I do love lavender and fields of them look so beautiful...

  15. The tables look amazing Julie, you are so creative with your paints and transfers. The hearts are pretty too. The pot looks amazing too Julie, such a change. How good to have a day out at the lavender farm with Sue it looked like a beautiful day.

  16. Those tables looked even better in real life. Loved my catch up with you.

  17. I believe you can turn anything into a treasure with your paint pots and transfers! The table transformation is amazing! And what a clever pot makeover.
    The lavender farm photos are gorgeous. I can imagine the fragrance. Fun to see you and your friend there. :)

  18. Hi Julie! Wow! You worked hard on the nesting tables and they turned out beautifully!
    Oh, the lavender farm looks wonderful. What a cute photo of you and your friend! xo

  19. Your tables are fabulous and I have been lucky to see them in real life. They are breath takingly beautiful Julie. Love them. I didn't think to ask the French to be translated, a lovely quote.The lavender farm looks wonderful and definitely can imagine the gorgeous lavender fragrance. A lovely photo of you and your friend Sue.That paintinted pot is outstanding and who would think of doing such things, only you dear Julie. Hugs

  20. You did a beautiful job of everything. Just wonderful.

    God bless.

  21. Oh my....what a gorgeous transformation! Love your other makeovers as well. Nothing more beautiful than being in lavender fields in bloom. Had that experience in Tasmania......beautiful! A beautiful photo of you and your friend Julie x

  22. Julie, I catch myself sitting here with my mouth hanging open in amazment! Those nesting tables are more than beautiful. Oh I love them...and the pot. You are so talented! Love the picture of you two in the lavender field.

  23. What a wonderful transformation! Both the nesting tables and the pot. Beautiful photos of the lavender fields. Pretty gals...which is you?? So enjoy your blog Julie :-) Take care now Amanda x

  24. Gorgeous tables Julie, you always do a fantastic job, love the hearts, pot and the cross as well, anything left in your sleep out😂 So nice to have a lavender farm close by. have a great week Julie. Chris xoxoxo

  25. What a beautiful job you did on those tables. And the pot. are an artiste.

  26. Replies
    1. Hi Kitty ... a sleep out is a room attached to our garage - it might be called different things in other countries but we call it a sleep out here in New Zealand. Its a separate room that could be used for a bedroom though ours is filled with treasures (Junk) from my op shop hauls. Op shops are the same as thrift shops. Hope this answers your question - have a nice day.

  27. Your talent just continues to overflow! Cannot tell you how much I love those tables. Sublime, the kind of feeling where your heart just pops and you sigh with delight. xx

  28. Love the tables and transfer! So nice.

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