Thursday, February 25, 2021

More Orders .............................. & The Dinosaurs Came To Town (!!)

 Greetings lovely friends & readers

It has been another busy week filling Orders that have come in recently ....

I bagged up 10 bags each of Cottage Garden & Citrus/Clove potpourri's & sent over to The Farm Shop at Gordonton as they had completely sold out.

(Not sure why my picture is showing the pinky colour at the bottom)

Kerrin emailed me to ask if I could please make her another 6 handy kitchen hanging towels ... I had made her some several years ago & she loved them & used them every day.

Her request was for No bright colours please so I kept to a fairly pastel colour palette.  I knew she absolutely loved anything paisley so I was able to find enough paisley fabrics in my stash to make up 6 different ones.

My friend Vicky's son & partner are having their first child & are not going to find out the babies sex beforehand.  They have done up the nursery beautifully using natural caneware & complimented with greys/mustards & a hint of turquoise.     Vicky asked me to make a bunting in these colours so she can give to them at their baby shower.

I had the natural linen in my stash & my friend Gail gave me some  grey linen to go with it.  I purchased the cute novelty print fabric from my local Patchwork Shop & was able to fussy cut out the letters making sure I got the little animals in.  I found a nice light mustard fabric in my stash so used this to make the binding.

Vicky was delighted when I delivered the bunting yesterday.

In the middle of the week a surprise parcel arrived from my friend Joy of  The Joy Within .  Joy decoupages these sweet wooden hearts & had been sending out a few to friends for Valentine's Day.  I just adored the one she had made for me 💗

As my sewing room had undergone a long-overdue tidy up this week I decided to hang my heart right above my sewing table where I could see & enjoy it while I worked.

This photo above is looking up at our house from the back part of our property.  I was walking up from the pond last week & noticed how pretty my hanging baskets of geraniums were looking at present.  

(& look at that blue, blue sky 💙)

I first grew the one above left from a cutting from my Mum & once it was established I started two more cuttings off last summer.  You can see the other two baskets in the photo's above right.  They seem to do well here despite the wind that can whip through this area.

Last Sunday I took Sid & his parents to see The Amazing Dinosaur Discovery which was in our part of the Country.
I love this photo above though it wasn't always like this & he was a bit overwhelmed & frightened at first but once he settled down, he really enjoyed it - as did his Granny 😉

I thought it was really well set up & enjoyed looking at the models & reading the information about each one.

Sid's favorite dinosaur is a Carnotaurus which is in the photo below left.

I liked the fact that there were lots of interactive activities there ... Sid got to dig for fossils above 

He got to climb up high inside a dinosaur Bouncy Castle ... & to color in Dinosaur pictures.

He got his face painted with Dinosaur horns & his Daddy stuck his hand in a dinosaur's mouth (!!) 😉  It was such a fun & enjoyable Sunday outing.

Thank You all So Much for your visits here today dear friends
Enjoy the rest of your week & remember to be kind to yourselves & to each other,
With much love & friendship to you all,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x


  1. Again I love all your creations. I think my grandsons would love that Dino park!

    1. I think your grandsons would definately love those dinosaurs Kim!!

  2. What a fabulous place to visit and 'walk with the dinosaurs'. I can imagine all, but especially a little boy would love it. Isn't that a gorgeous heart your friend fashioned for you. Your potpourri is a treat for the eyes; I can just imagine the sweet fragrance. That is a lovely photo of your home. The geraniums are looking particularly lovely. Oh, how vividly blue that sky is!

  3. Wow! Julie..Did'nt realise you still had
    Dinosaurs in New Zealand i thought they
    were ALL e4xstint..HeHe! :).
    They look really great and a bit scary to,
    think that's the general idea..! :).

    The flowers and hanging baskets look great full of colour, looks so nice at the
    rear there..! Lovely!

    Silly jokes for the boys...
    What do you call a one-eyed dinosaur...

    Why was the dinosaur scared of the dark?
    Because he was a scaredy-saurus!

    How do you know when there has been a
    dinosaur in your fridge?
    There is a footprint on the butter..

    After those silly jokes, best get on for
    another lemon tea...few days of warm weather
    coming up..and quite dry to...! :).
    🦖 🦖 🦖 🦖 🦖 🦖 🦖 🦖 🦖 🦖

  4. Lovely makes Julie and your porch looks delightful with its geraniums. The dinosaurs look like amazing fun. xx

  5. loved your back veranda/deck there, envious of all those hanging baskets you can have! looks lovely though
    poor Sid, must've been quite overwhelming at first, they are huge! & very terrifying! glad he had a good day in the end
    wonderful post as usual
    thanx for sharing

    1. Thanks so much Selina. Yes we use the back decking area alot & I'm so pleased my geraniums have done so well there as it does get the wind whipping through. I must remember to pull them in a bit when the frosts come.

  6. Julie, the back of your home looks like an ad for a garden center, all the greenery and lovely geraniums. I used to keep them over the winter in brown paper grocery bags stored in the basement. It worked till I just quit on the flowers instead of them quitting on me. I can almost smell the potpourri just from the pictures. Not difficult to see why they sell out
    quickly. The card posted at the end is very Spring like for me here. And the Jurassic Park photos, well they tell the story of a fun day for all.

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment Lynn. You are so kind to say that about my back section. It doesn't always look like this - somedays you would think you were in a wilderness!!!! I find the geraniums do very well over here but I must remember this year to bring them in under the Eaves as last year one of them got very frost burnt.

  7. You are so crafty... all of your projects are lovely. I really like the bunting. The Dinosaur park looks like great fun. I have a couple of grandsons who would love it!

    1. Thanks so much Debi - yes you are right - the Dinosaur Park was alot of fun & well worth the money to get in.

  8. The dinosaur visit looked like a fun day, nice to have the interactive things too. Your garden looks wonderful Julie, the hanging baskets are beautiful, love the bright red. The bunting you made is very cute and I can also understand the potpouri selling out it looks so good. The towels are wonderful too and the heart from Joy is lovely. Another wonderful post Julie.

  9. Your potpourri looks lovely all packaged Julie, what a wonderful time you all had a the dinosaur discovery, my three would of loved that as kids. You have a beautiful home Julie, love your sewing room with the heart you received from Joy. Hope you have a great week. Chris xoxoxo

  10. The kitchen towels look lovely and understated in their "not bright" colors. :)
    An adorable bunting! And that is a lovely heart you were gifted.
    Your back-door approach to your home looks so inviting, and the geraniums are so cheery. Do you repot them each year, or just add supplements to the soil? I have one in a hanging basket that a dear friend gave me last Spring before she died. I've been keeping it in my solarium over the winter, but I have wondered how to keep it nourished in the same pot over time.
    Looks like such a fun place to take Sid's family.

  11. I love the things you make and I think I can get a whiff of that lovely pot pourri over here.... the kitchen towels are so useful done like that....looks like a great day out for Sid...

  12. I see your makes are in great demand Julie. Now why doesn't that surprise me LOL! They really are all gorgeous! The back of your house looks lovely. I do like to see hanging baskets of geraniums they are such a splash of colour. Must be a delight to sit out there and relax and let the world go by! I wonder though if you get the time to do that! Looks like plenty of fun for all with the dinosaurs. keep well Amanda x

  13. What a delightful video.iwould so like some potpourri bags. How can I contact you ?

  14. Love the pictures of the dinosaur day. I would have enjoyed that myself. Your flowers are beautiful and so are all of your makes. Enjoy seeing all you have been up to from week to week. Beverly in North Carolina, USA

    1. Hello Beverly...Sorry to but in..'s a Blog from your part of the
      world, North Carolina..that yoy may like,
      l've been following Henny for a very long
      time now..
      Take a peek...


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