Sunday, February 14, 2021

Orders .................... & Cleaning the Back Deck Area

💗 Greetings lovely friends & readers 💗

I came home from Mum's with this sweet china teacup & saucer - a favorite of Mum's but it had a tiny chip in the rim so I offered to make a teacup birdfeeder for Mum from it.

Here I am trying it out in my garden 

 As I have had a steady stream of Orders come in this past week I thought it was high time I made a start ...

Ali requested 2 wheatbags in darker colors - I put a generous handful of lavender in each one to make them smell nice & posted them away to her.

My lovely friend Jane had purchased this gorgeous length of vintage fabric - ? Sanderson.  She asked me to sew it up into a simple bolster style cushion for her & fill with wadding.

I finished off another Christmas Tag using one of Barb's beautiful wooden buttons won in her Giveaway 

I have had to go over to the city twice in the last fortnight for Appointments so I took myself off to Spotlight.  Browsing the aisles this beautiful hessian caught my eye. The lace edging is painted on & I thought it would be perfect for my outdoor table so I bought 3 metres.  It was only $6 per metre & I had a $10 off coupon.

I overlocked each end, then gave my outdoor table a really good scrub & left it to dry in the sunshine. I loved the new table runner & it fit just perfectly.

Now friends I kid you not ......  No Sooner had I put it on the table, stood back to admire it, & Princess Pippi appeared ... sashaying down the runner like a catwalk. I think I lay the runner down, blinked - & she appeared 😉

After her usual investigating, sniffing & giving it approval - she lay down on it & went to sleep for the entire afternoon !!

Whilst buying the runner length I noticed this paw print hessian so I bought a metre of this also as my outdoor cushions were looking rather shabby & falling to bits.  I re-used the existing inners & just made fresh new covers - Blackie tested them out for me for softness & comfort 😉

I also scrubbed down the old dog kennel which I use as a kind of potting bench on my deck. The curtain I had on it had long since gone threadbare so I found this nice floral fabric in my stash & sewed up another curtain.  A new length of oilcloth just finished it off nicely.  Gosh I wish I had taken a "before pic"  -  what a difference!!

Today is Valentine's Day so I would like to wish you all a wonderful Valentine's Day however you choose to spend it.

As I had some banana's going black I made The Mr a banana cake - I am going to leave it uniced as The Mr dislikes icing & I will just sprinkle some icing sugar on it instead.
It smells so delicious straight from the Oven & I am thinking it may not last long once we cut into it - I am off to put the kettle on friends. 

Thank You all So Much for your visits here today,

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead - be kind to yourselves & to each other,

With much love & friendship to you All,

Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0


  1. Gorgeous Christmas tag, love it. The hessian looks lovely. I have to go to Spotlight this week so I think I'll have a look for those. Your runner looks fabulous as do the cushions. Your beautiful kitties always give me a smile. 😊. Yumm banana cake. Happy Valentines Day. Hugs, xx

  2. A very pretty bird feeder from your Mum's teacup!
    I laughed at Princess Pippi and your new table runner. She thinks you made a runway just for her. And maybe she will add paw prints to it one day so it will match the new cushions. :)
    The old dog kennel looks pretty spiffy now.
    I think I can smell that banana cake. Love that stuff. My DH loves bananas too much. I rarely have any go black so I can bake with them--even when I think I have purchased more than he can eat.

  3. I loved the cats getting on your new things right away, like you made these just for me,right?

    1. Yes exactly Kim!!! Miss Pip thinks every single thing around here is done purely for her benefit. We have spoilt her rotten & now we are paying the price !!

  4. I like the bird feeder, although I suspect Mollie would have it down in seconds if I had one. The table runner looks really good :) I am a lazy valentine, I have shop bought chocolate and almond croissants dusted with icing sugar for our breakfast :)

  5. Hi Julie,
    You are a true the hessian runner....and the banana cake looks so yummy. I am sure your mum will have many happy moments watching the birds come to the tea cup feeder. Thanks so much for sharing your ideas, creativity and passions. Stay safe and well. Jo

    1. Thank you so much Jo - I am sure Mum will enjoy the birdfeeder too once the birds start coming to it. I will get her some wild bird seed to pop in it. Hope you have a lovely week Jo. xx

  6. So now Julie l think you have two official
    helpers..are'nt you the lucky one..! :).
    Miss Pippi certainly took to that hessian
    runner..and Blackie did his share to..!xx

    And..l've always loved those birdfeeders..
    Often thought about making a couple, but,
    l don't get a lot of birds in the garden...
    Cats..especially Fudge..He's a naughty boy,
    even catches pigeons..! :(.

    And..the old dog kennel, brings back some
    memories, l two pussy cat in particular,
    if it's the same kennel..!

    Well, best get on, supermarket day..few bits and
    pieces needed, think l'll get a chicken to~day,
    give the old game a rest..!
    Still very cold over here, though the weather
    lady said it would be milder next week, at least
    we've been rain/snow free for a few days..! :).
    ☕ 🍰 ☕ 🍰 ☕ 🍰 ☕ 🍰 ☕ 🍰 ☕ 🍰 ☕ 🍰
    PS..Happy Valentines Day To....

  7. What a pretty teacup and saucer and so nice that you can repurpose it for Mum. Lovely makes for your customers - I love that floral boster fabrc -and you have a very stylish santa there! Your new table runner looks very smart too! Our outdoor table is currently a bird feeding station! but as soon as the weather warms a bit I shall be treating it to some nice new oilcloth. That cake looks delicious! xx

  8. As always a gorgeous meander through your creative home. That hessian fabric is super nice, very textured, as your little Pippi would agree. I really love the dog kennel make over too. These nice touches to functional items can really make the difference can't they? Hope you have had a great Valentine's Day. Jean. x

  9. Teacups in the pretty. You have been up to your usual busy self fashioning so many pretties. Love the new hessian runner. That Pippi has discerning taste, doesn't she. I baked a banana and pineapple cake here today. It is delicious. Have a beautiful week, lovely Julie.

  10. Really loved your hessian runner and lovely paw print cushions. Miss Pippi knows what she is doing. Give her and Blackie a kiss from me. ❤️

  11. That pop of blue on the cup and saucer are really delightful. Your Mum will enjoy it in her yard. Only bird food, no cat food, lol. So the lace on the runner is actually paint? in the photo it looks so realistic and of course Miss Pippi makes the whole table stand out as well accented. And Blackie knows a great cushion when he sees one to walk on. As usual you have been way busy. I enjoy the flowers with the cup feeder, as I expect 10 more inches of snow from tonight thru Tuesday.
    Hope you had a lovely Valentines. Lynn and Precious

  12. Your Mums favourite cup and saucer looks lovely as a bird feeder. Love your new runner. Funny how our furry friends love new fabrics and quilts. Nice baking would be slathered in butter around here lol!

  13. More beautiful transformations Julie, your Mums teacup looks lovely as a bird feeder. The new runner in your outdoor table looks beautiful, typical, of Miss Pippi to come sashaying down the runway and then make herself at home! And Blackie approves of the new cushion covers 😁😁. The Christmas tag is lovely.

  14. always lovely to see what you come up with making all sorts of different things....

  15. aren't cats just so totally chilled out? love the hessian improvements, such simplicity
    you are always so busy, hope everyone was happy with their orders, i thought they were all lovely too!
    awesome upgrades & mending
    not into bird feeders (especially with vintage tea sets!) but bird baths, love them; saw a tea set once that was made into chimes, now that was different & no doubt challenging!
    great post as usual
    thanx for sharing

    1. Thanks so much Selina - Yes I agree re the cats ... this particular ginger one thinks every single thing I do here is entirely for her benefit, amusement & comfort!! xx

  16. Love that runner! Probably can't find similar near me, so I'll have to sew up something similar. Your kennel/potting bench looks adorable as well! Very snowy winter, I'm enjoying seeing the color and flowers on your blog! Dreaming of being able to get outside and spruce up our patio and yard... until then, I guess I could make banana bread! :-)

  17. gorgeous runner Julie, might have to try that for our table, such pretty fabric on your old kennel/potting table, yummy banana cake to. Chris xoxoxo

  18. Haha Pippi and Blackie, I love the runners and cushions too. Banana cake is my fave.

  19. I love the bird feeder. How good does that hessian runner look! So many lovely makes as usual. Have a lovely week Julie. xx

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  21. It seems to me Princess P has pretty good taste! I do like that Hessian table runner it is perfect for that table. I was surprised to read that the lace border is actually painted on as it looks so like the real thing. Definitely nice! I can't get Banana cake out of my mind so I shall have to make one this weekend LOL! stay safe Amanda x

  22. Spotlight is like heaven!! I love the lacework, it looks amazing and the paw fabric so belongs at your place. lol. Our only craft shop in town has closed down, so I have every excuse to go shopping in Spotlight when in the city. The tea cup creation is just too cute and your helpers are the best. xxx

  23. Hello lovely maker! That Sanderson bolster is lovely! Tea cup bird feeders are fun!
    We can always use a new wheat bag. The hot water bottle is my new friend and I keep meaning to sew a nice quilted cover for it. Maybe tomorrow.
    You are precious and good. I am so happy to know you! I made a gluten free cake for some of our grands (a week late because I was fresh out of the hospital on Valentine's Day) and we've been snacking on cake all week. I would have left it with them but they had an ice cream cake to eat. I do love banana cake!
    Sending heaps of love to you!


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