Thursday, March 4, 2021

Welcome to March ❤

Greetings lovely friends & readers & Welcome to March πŸ’—

March is officially the first month of Autumn here in New Zealand & I must admit I am enjoying that little nip in the air after our hot dry summer.

 I picked a straggly vase of roses as we were forecast rain this week but it hasn't amounted to much & the ground is still very dry.

I had the most delightful surprise package arrive all the way from Australia last week from Sue of                 Kiwikids blog

Everything was packaged just So Beautifully !!
 I had admired some beautiful upcycled silver spoons that Sue had featured on her Instagram page - so when the lady that creates them put more up for sale, Sue chose two & sent over to me as a gift.

As you all know - I just LoVe πŸ’šanything that is giving new life to something old ... I poked them in a plant that sits on my bench top so I can look at & enjoy them whenever I am at the sink.   Thank You SO much Sue for your thoughtfulness.

Also a wee Thank You gift last week from a young Moto Cross rider - I mended her torn Moto X pants & she gave me this beautiful pink begonia as a Thank You. I have planted it in an old metal bucket & it seems quite happy there.

(Click on the pic to enlarge to see the sorry state this was in)

When Sue came to visit back in January she tossed me this vintage wooden drawer set that she had thrifted at some stage, but decided she no longer wanted.  It was heavy solid wood & the drawers were lined with very stained fabric so I imagine it had been used as Jewellery or Makeup drawers at some stage.

I scrubbed it & then gave it two coats of cream chalk paint in the colour Vintage White. I ended up having to give it a 3rd coat as some of the original stain bled through my paint.

When I was happy with my coverage, I found some remnants of transfers that I had cut in to & added a few to take the plain-ness away from the drawers.

I removed the old fabric that was glued in the drawers & used a scraper to remove excess glue.  Then I covered some cardboard with wadding & fabric & re-lined the drawers.  After painting they did not slide in & out so easily so I ran an old candle along the bottom edges of them & this made a huge improvement.

The wee drawer set fits perfectly on the end of my sewing bench & I look forward to filling it with some sewing notions.

I follow the blog A Spoonful of Sugar  & saw this sweet Easter pattern featured at the weekend.  It is now so simple to just click "purchase" & it's instantly uploaded to your inbox - no longer waiting weeks for patterns to arrive in the post.

I first made a pink version - it is so handy when you have a large scrap bin of offcuts to go through & I was able to find a nice selection of pink fabrics to make it up.  I enjoyed it so much that the next morning I enlarged the pattern on my copier & made up a blue version.

This is more of a placemat size & Yes I went through my scrap bin again but also tossed in some offcuts of Tilda fabrics.  

I am really happy with my coasters & it has made me feel like pulling out my Easter decorations now that we are into March & Easter is only about a month away. 
(I should note here that I am supposed to be working on a large Candle Order but am waiting on an Order of Soy Wax to arrive & as Auckland is once again in Level 3 Lockdown - the postage is taking forever to get anywhere.)  

Many of you comment or email me when I do a post that doesn't feature my two furry friends so I thought I would show you where they both are today as I sit typing this post. 

  Miss Pippi is on the spare bed where she is "warming" a piece of chenille I pulled out this morning to make a rabbit from,  & Fat Black is tucked away in the back of my Sewing Wardrobe where he has been sleeping since Tuesday when Sid pulled the buckets of toys out to play with - No we are not able to put them away as yet πŸ˜‰ (but we live in hope)

Thank You dear readers for your ever-welcome visits here today,

I hope the week is going well & treating you all kindly,

With much love & friendship to You All,

Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0x


  1. Everything you make is so cute. I would love to take the time to create and have fun, but that time will come someday!

    1. Thanks Kim - I am supposed to be working on Orders but my candle wax has not arrived due to the senders being in Level 3 Lockdown. So for now I get to "play".

  2. Your bunny coasters are delightful - I like things with a purpose and these fit the bill - they would be just perfect for a child to put their beaker on for a grown up to rest their mug on even! You did a brilliant job with that box - 3 coats of paint takes some patience! Autumn is my favourite Season and I imagine what it's like in your part of the World while we slide into Spring... didn't know you were in another lockdown - UK news seems to mainly focus on the EU, hope you can get your art supplies in for your commissions. I haven't forgotten about the candle making - we are in lockdown but as things open up I will be able to look around for pretty teacups and then will get some wax and oils and give it a go... something to look forward to in the coming months :) Betty x

  3. Just had a quick visit to town, picked up my
    prescription, and had an eye test..all o,k,
    Still got two eyes..! :).

    Second lemon tea on the go..And what a lovely
    job you've done to the little draws Julie..!
    Are they BIG enough for the furry ones! Bless! :).
    Still..they'll always find some place to settle!

    And..the two silver spoons are nice, hope you've
    put them the right way up, do you think they'll
    grow like that, you may get lots of tea spoons!
    You never know..what ever you do..don't stir..! :o).

    Well, best get on..list of things to do..washing
    out on the line third day running, been a bit chilly
    but dry, and a little sunshine!
    (((Hugs))) and XXX's for the furry ones, when they wake!
    🌱 🌽 🌿 πŸ… πŸ† πŸ‡ 🍈 πŸ‰ 🌱 🌽 🌿 πŸ… πŸ† πŸ‡ 🍈 πŸ‰

  4. What fun getting a fun gift in the mail. Cute spoons with the engraving on them. I am amazed by the
    ingenious ideas you crafty folks come up with! I'm at a loss to even finish a kit project. And the
    beautiful and thoughtful way to say thanks for the sewing up the rip on pants. Good girl was she.
    You know I always enjoy a cat photo, so hello Miss Pip and Blackie from Precious and myself.
    I did get my first dose of covid vaccine yesterday, and no side effects, who knows if it will really
    help, but you have to try what you can. Thanks Julie, I find your photos so uplifting in the winter
    especially, and I hope you don't go into cold weather too quickly. Lynn XXXX

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Lynn. Yes the spoons are just delightful & I am so thrilled with them. I am so pleased you didn't have any side effects from the vaccine Lynn - they are just starting to roll it out over here now.

  5. The penny has dropped and I finally understand ... you have a magic wand, haven't you? All those lovely makeovers that you do including the drawer set you have shown us here, you must have used a smattering of magic on them to make them look so wonderful! Sweet photos of your fur babes! keep well Amanda x

  6. Hello darling Julie! Oh the furry friends are so cute and cuddly! Tim is napping in front of the space heater right now. He must know it's going to snow.
    YOU are a wizard and turning old things into new things! I love those bunny coasters. I have a new Tilda jelly roll. I'm trying to decide what to do with it.
    Take care, sweet friend!

  7. Those spoons are just so gorgeous! Love the way you have treated that little chest of drawers and the bunny coasters are brilliant. xx

  8. Hello Julie, so love your posts of what you are doing. Your transformations are just wonderful.
    Cute rabbit mats too. Great to use up some fabric scraps. Hope the weather changes for you.
    We in North Queensland, are in cyclone season. All the best to you and the meowsπŸ’• Angela

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment Angela. Gosh I hope you are okay regarding the cyclone's Angela - I have some family in Brisbane but they are more inland so fairly safe. Will pass on your kind message to the furry ones. xx😊

  9. your blog is always such a pretty and happy place to visit..... great little spoons... its a clever idea. I have quite a few begonia's in the fernery... they seem to flower almost all the time. Great effort with the little drawers.. new life and sewing notions is the perfect use... and I love your little Bunny coasters...

  10. Lovely to see your spoons planted! The begonia is lovely. You have done a magical job with that drawer set Julie and those bunnies are so cute. Lovely to see the furry ones have found their places for the day, or several days!

  11. Those drawers are just beautiful Julie. Love your little bunnies too. I just heard on the radio there was an earthquake over there. I'm not exactly sure where you are and the quake was but hopefully you are safe. Take care. xxx

  12. Well, aren't you the lucky gal being inundated with some pretty gifts. Why, I couldn't think of anyone more deserving than you❣ Those drawers are fabulous you have magically done the 'Julie' thing, with. LOVE the vase of roses you have saved from the heat of your garden. It is still floraciously beautiful here.....we have had a lot of rain. Oh my, those bunnies are the sweetest things. Why you have caused me to think about Easter and all things pretty. I too, heard that there was an earthquake on the North Island....hope all is well with you❣

  13. The spoons are a beautiful, clever idea!
    Wow--that is a gorgeous begonia.
    Love what you were able to come up with to breath new life into those drawers. Perfect!
    Those bunny coasters are SO cute.
    And the cats are too funny--one stealing your supplies and the other stealing storage space. What well-behaved kitties. :)

  14. What a cheerful blog. The pastels made me think of Spring. Your roses are so lovely. I especially liked the little drawers. Chalk paint always looks lovely although I have not seen it in reality. I used to enjoy painting things when I was younger and more able but I am sure they didn’t have it available then. I also wanted to paint a gold word on a glass panel I had made. It was quite small with beveled edges. I wanted to copy something I saw in an Italian book. The paint shop said I couldn’t paint on glass. I think now I was misled. Now I get pleasure watching what you do Julie.πŸ₯°

  15. You come across some great things to paint Julie, looks lovely as always, and the patchwork bunnys are adorable. Cute spoons Sue sent you, sorry I'm a bit behind on your blog posts, will catch up now Chris xoxoxo

  16. Dear Julie, I have just found your blog which is so lively and inspirational. I have just retired and am looking forward to developing some skills. I saw your teazel hedgehogs. Brilliant. I am looking for a pattern and wonder if you can help. Many years ago I was given a teazel nurse and would like to make some for charity. Kindest regards Angela

    1. Hello Angela - thanks for your lovely comment. I can't reply to you personally as you are coming through as a no-reply blogger. I have a pattern which I will link to in my next blog post which I am posting in the next couple of days - I hope this is helpful to you - I have been asked for a teasel pattern a couple of times recently & am happy to help. Julie xx

  17. hello
    i am here from Betty's place ,i found your blog mesmerizing !!!!

    everything you touch it transforms into brand new enchanting version wow you are wonderful and really skilled !


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