Sunday, May 23, 2021

A Garland, A Rabbit, A Birthday ......... & A Dillybag

Greetings lovely friends & readers πŸ’—

Another busy week has zipped on by in the blink of an eye.

At the Tilda Trunk Show show my friend Claire purchased some fat quarters of this sweet Tilda Angel fabric - we knew there was a free pattern on the website to make the garland.  Claire very kindly shared some of her fabrics with me before going home, so I made up my angels this week & plaited some Perle' thread to string them across my mirror.

It's rather tricky to take mirror pics - you have to toss the mess out of sight before you click πŸ˜‰

I made 17 angels altogether but decided to use one for a keyring as The Mr had broken mine earlier this week.

Here is the pattern above & * Here * is the link to the free pattern - you need to scroll 3/4's of the way down the page.

While culling some pattern books recently I came across the book above & flicked through it.
I fell in love with the little Primitive Rabbit & knew I wanted to make it up as I had some of the exact same wool fabric in my stash.

He came together quite quickly & I also found enough orange wool scraps to make the carrots for his packback.  I have weighted the base of him with some Granite to help him stand up better.  He looks cute tucked in with my autumnal bits.

While I was stuffing him on the Tuesday I had Sid here  ...  our conversation went like this.  Me holding up carrot (first pic) "Sid what does this look like?"  His reply - "a carrot Granny".  Good boy!!! πŸ‘ 
Me holding up rabbit (2nd pic) "And what does this look like?" His reply"Granny that's a whale"(!!!!) A Whale ????πŸ˜•

My eldest Grandson Alec turned 6 last weekend & this year he was able to have a party & invite his school friends - both boys & girls. It was wonderful. Last year we were just coming out of Lockdown & gathering numbers were limited to 10.

Alec's Mummy made the tastiest chocolate cake & he got to help decorate it ... I'm sure the party guests had a wonderful sugar overload. 
                  I especially love this photo of my eldest son (Alec's Dad) taken with Sid, his nephew.

Thank You all for your sweet kind comments on my last post regarding Claire's swap gifts. I was surprised to receive a package in the mail this week along with a note to say that this was part of her "D" gift.  Claire had made me the most beautiful Dilly Bag from patchwork Tilda hexagons - she had not quite finished it when she came up to stay but was able to complete it when she got home again.

We are already planning our next swap though we both might need to catch our breaths for awhile.

There have been Tradesmen here for 2 days this past week ... after 20 years of one tatty old Spotlight in my kitchen I now have beautiful new pendant lights which I adore. However, now that I can see clearly I see I needed to perhaps clean a bit more thoroughly in my kitchen πŸ˜‰

We also had our native timber benchtops sanded & oiled & I have spent this weekend giving them another 3 coats & am finally able to put my clutter bits & bobs back on my benches.  

Miss Pippi was rather traumatised this week having Tradies here two days in a row & is today tucked up with Blackie on my bed, which so far I have been unable to make & it's now 4.30 pm in the afternoon !!

Thank You dear friends, for your visits here today,
I hope the coming week is good to you all - remember to be kind to yourselves & to each other,
With much love & friendship to you All,
Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0


  1. Love the angel garland Julie and also your mirror. Did you paint it that colour? I'm going through a green phase at mo!Love the pic of Uncle and Nephew.Happy Birthday to Alec.I love your pendant lights, tres chic!Your whole kitchen is divine!xxx

  2. What a fun post with lots of goodies , love the Angels .
    Enjoy your week.

  3. HaHa! Sid made me laugh...A whale?
    Actually if you turn it on it's side,
    it looks a bit like a whale! :).
    And another birthday..and look at
    that cake, it's amazing...did Mum
    use a chain saw to cut it..! :).

    And..what a lovely living/front
    room of yours Julie..really nice,
    it looks really lived in and very
    homely, very much like mine!

    Dilly bag..? Nope! Never heard of
    one before, don't think we have
    them over here, not called that
    anyway..have to give it a Google!

    And Miss Pippi and Blackie are
    catching up with a bit of shut eye,
    HeHe! Another photo for my Miss
    Pippi and Blackie folder..Bless!xx

    We've had a week of wind, rain and
    gales..though forecast it's gonna
    get better, calmer to~day and the
    sun is out..Got myself about 30
    mussels yesterday, so that's to~days
    lunch sorted, Fudge will be round
    to help out, he likes mussels, white
    wine and all..! HeHe! :o).
    😼 🐾🐾😼 🐾🐾😼 🐾🐾

  4. I think by 4:30 you can just give up and know that Miss Pip and Blackie have the bed all warmed up for you later. If it's
    cooler that will be a welcome job they are doing, lol. I just crocheted 3 orange carrots with green tops, now I may have
    to make a rabbit/pack for them. Nice that children can have a fun party again over there. The governor of our state says
    June 2 stores no longer have to post that masks are required. I'll still wear mine as covid is not gone here. As always I have enjoyed a visit to your blog. Lynn and Precious XX

    1. Thank You Lynn - Yes my friend I certainly DID give up on making the bed & left them to it. I think you should definately make a rabbit with a backpack for your carrots to go into 😊.

  5. I don't know how you make so many things so fast! your mirror shot shows a house full of creativity, colour and comfort! I have the same problem - a kitchen with bad lighting and have to put my glasses on to clean now - my son pointed out the other day that the coloured paint was actually wearing off our mugs (about 10 years old!) - I felt, well, tragic! lol,how could they be so old and not be replaced, how could I not have seen how worn they were? well when my glasses went on it was very apparent - great excuse for some beautiful new mugs from Denby Potteries though :)

  6. Really love your new lights and the beach is beautiful. Too good to use. What a party. If 10 was the limit last year I hate to think how many were there this year. How time flies. ❤️

  7. I do love a Dilly bag - and a hexie or two! Great cake. xx

  8. I love, love the new lights. You talent always amazes me. I am a little jealous.

    1. Thank You Kim ... I really love my new lights too. After 20 years of peering at the food, I can now see what I am cooking πŸ˜‰

  9. Love your angel garland... it is sweet fabric... well all of tilda is sweet fabric???? lovely bunny whale and carrots.... children are so honest aren't they???? that is a lovely uncle nephew picture..... Oh I do like your lights in the kitchen, and it is good to have good light there.... and the benches look wonderful.....

  10. I love the photo with the reflection 'through'' the mirror. Your lights are fabulous kinda industrial looking...I like them! The bench top looks all set for some cooking frenzy very slick. I'm please your grandson got to have a better birthday celebration.

  11. Lovely post Julie, your angels are cute. So good the birthday boy got to have the party he wanted. Lovely photo with your son and nephew. Great new lights Julie, I am sure your kitchen is always perfectly clean. The bench looks amazing. Ah Miss Pippi, more strangers to deal with πŸ˜„, both fur babies seem to be coping now though.

  12. Lovely angel garland!!
    That is too funny about Sid and the "whale". :)
    Claire made you a beautiful Dill Bag--look at all the carefully cut designs in the hexagons!
    Oh, I'll bet it is such a wonderful change to have those pendant lights! And I love the native wood benchtops--gorgeous!!
    If you could just train Blackie and Miss Pippi to make the bed when they are finished. LOL

  13. That carrot looks almost real.

  14. Gorgeous garland Julie, and rabbit to, your kitchen looks spotless to me, beautiful lights, I love your kitchen, especially those wall tiles. Oh poor miss pippi, it must be so hard on herπŸ˜‚ Hope Alec enjoyed his birthday, lovely pic of your son with his nephew. Have a great week Julie. Chris xoxo

  15. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  16. Children have a fabulous perspective of things. I thoroughly enjoyed that conversation you had with Sid. I think Sid was right if you lie the rabbit down the outline is a bit like a whale seen from the seashore. It is all about imagination as well and kiddies have loads of that! That chocolate birthday cake looks scrumptious. I bet they dived into that! I do like your kitchen lights not at all fussy but very elegant. That is a very nice bit of wood making up your kitchen top. It is very striking! Oh! those angels how wonderful! Take care Amanda x

  17. Love the rabbit and the carrots!
    It makes me wonder If I would be able to create something similar!

  18. Hi Julie, what a lovely post! I have been collecting some Tilda fabric and have one of the books for my someday project. Angel garland is so pretty. How wonderful the kids could get together...not so here yet. A wonderful cake decorated by an almost 6 year old is just the best. I just love your countertops and I think so much of what you show is beautiful. Yes, isn't it funny what the camera shows that our eye doesn't see. I'm always having to do retakes because of bits of clutter.

  19. The angel garland looks lovely on the mirror. I love the rabbit and especially his carrots! Your kitchen bench looks wonderful and the farm style sink. I would love to have your kitchen Julie! xx

  20. Ooh.....I really, really, need that kitchen sink of yours!! Oh....and those new pendants etc etc. =) I smiled at the little sins that appear in the mirror of one's photo shoot. There is always that one little thing that suddenly appears in the photograph. LOVE your angel garland, Julie. Why, I think I might need to fashion one. Happy Birthday to your Alec. How fabulous he was able to celebrate his sixth birthday in style.

  21. I love the angel garland and the rabbit.
    I must do some craft again, but I am busy to have all my windows changed at the moment and work in the garden. Thank you for your visit.

  22. Dear Julie, I lost my comment. I hope it doesn’t come up twice. Autumn is my favourite season. When the leaves change colour and the sun is mellow. Oh how I loved it. When my late husband was coming home from work my darling cat Moggy would come with me to a little boxed area. I would sit on an old wooden pew and Moggy would lie on our wooden table. I would stroke her her tummy then a car would come down the drive. We both jumped up to greet our darling. Such wonderful memories. My darling husband died 10 months ago aged 80. I have not been out of the house since then as I lost the use of my feet and balance. I recently ordered some flowering indoor plants so now I have a garden inside. Your videos bring me great joy. ❤️


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