Sunday, May 2, 2021

Hanging Hearts, Book Bundles & Thrifting Finds (Catch Up # 3)

Greetings lovely friends & readers 

Miss Pippi frets alot when I go away to Mum's & is always contrary for a few days upon my return.  She decided to take up residence in my pretty Tilda-lined Suitcase even tho' she barely fits anymore.  She is sitting on my spools of lace here so you Cannot tell me this is comfortable 😉

Immediately after Easter our little Craft Group had another get-together & I taught the ladies to make these hanging hearts.
There is a wonderful tutorial right * Here * from Craft With Fee on her YouTube Channel.

They are a fun & simple project & easily achievable in a few hours.  The ladies really enjoyed making them & were delighted with their finished hearts.

I chose to make mine in pretty Tilda fabrics & embellished with some wooden buttons from Theodora Cleave
I tucked a garden Gift Card into it & added a handmade Soy Candle as mine is to be gifted to my sister-in-law.

I wanted an autumnal themed centrepiece for my coffee table but had nothing suitable so I decided to make something myself.
I took another 3 hardcover books, glued them together & painted them with chalk paint.  Then I went to The Graphics Fairy website & typed in Autumnal Images. I found this gorgeous maple leaf one so printed it off onto photocopy paper & modpodged it onto my books. (these images are all free)
Wait until it's completely dry before you cut through the gaps in the book spines or it will tear.

This old wooden scroll was in my junk drawer treasure box so I typed out "Autumn" & then glued this onto my books with the scroll over the top - I painted the scroll first.  I then wiped the books over with some distressing ink but coffee grinds work just as well if you don't have any ink.  Whilst looking for autumn leaves in the garden I found the sweetest little birds nest fallen from a tree. (the eggs are faux)

I pressed some leaves under heavy books - this only took 4 days - & then I did an arrangement on the top of my books using a selection of the leaves & the birdsnest.

We are having quite a mild autumn here & I am so enjoying all the colours of the leaves that are falling now. 

Here is my book bundle displayed on the coffee table - I am so pleased with it 💗

I have had the opportunity to frequent the Thrift Stores lately (Op Shops we call them) & have found some real treasure.
This sweet little cup above left was only 50c & matches my egg cup perfectly.  The dish on the right was $6 - both at Stratford Hospice

The wooden candlestick was such a bargain - only $9 & it stands 50 cms high.  The hearts were $2 & $4 - I plan to paint the larger one.

This china gravy boat was $4 at Salvation Army - it made a perfect candle holder last week when I made another batch of Soy Candles.

But I have to say - my favourite find Ever would have to be this sectional mirror - purchased from Habitat for Humanity for $40. It was hidden under about an inch of dust & when I gently cleaned it all off I fell in love with it.

I have sat it on The Mr's chest of drawers & it makes me so happy when I walk into the bedroom & see it.
The lady told me she had only put it in the Shop about half an hour before I purchased it.  It is Very heavy & I am sure - Very old.


Some of the detailing up closer. 

Well dear friends - thank you for staying with me through another lengthy post.  I am sure I am all caught up now. 😊
Thank You - as always - for your visits here today.

I hope you all have a wonderful week ahead.

With much love & friendship to you all,

Julie & the furry ones x0x0x0x


  1. What a treasure trove! Such gorgeous opshop finds, I love the plate with the handles, I don't think I've ever seen one like that? Oh your funny cat, she just can't help herself. I think the old teddy with the newspaper hat is are always busy making something amazing.

  2. I absolutely love your Autumnal coffee table display, I think it is best thing you have every made - I love things found in nature and the birds nest makes it so special. The mirror you found is beautiful too - understated beauty not to be messed with so perfect for a man's dresser. Hope all is well with your mum.

  3. I find I haven't missed the charity (op) shops at all since they've been closed but you have such an eye for detail,Julie and everything you find is beautiful. The mirror speaks for itself. I absolutely adore your autumnal vignette, so clever what you did with the books. Have a great week Julie and hope your Mum has been keeping better. xxx

  4. Every single time I visit your blog I am amazed at the creativity that resides in your brain. The little heart pockets are so sweet, and what a clever gift card holder! And what you created for your autumn display leaves me in dismay.
    What lovely finds from the op shops. I know you will be creating wonderful things with them down the road.

  5. It's a very good week to have a great week. =) Oh wow!! That mirror is amazing!! Who would've thunk you would find such a treasure in a thrift shop. Such a find, Julie. Love the newspaper hat on the sweet bear! The ladies fashioned lovely hearts and I am rather taken with the gravy boat candle. It has been lovely and mild here, too. Wish oh wish this weather could go on forever. As always, so much beautiful creativity to be found at your lovely place, Julie.

  6. Amazing! What you do with those books Julie..
    I don't read books of course, just a few on
    the old bookcase, so, l might have a go at
    that..HeHe! Famous last words! :).

    Must come onto the Sectional
    that is a bit special, that is really nice,
    dare l say it..outstanding, and Teddy with
    the paper hat, sets it off a treat! Lovely! :).

    I think you may be over working Miss Pippi
    Julie..HeHe! Bless!x
    I think she's a perfect fit, well, little
    hanging over the edge, but soon tuck that in!

    We're up and running over here, lot more shops
    open, especially the charity shops, though,
    still can't sit inside for coffee until the
    17th May..It's all positive at least, as long
    as people still follow the rules..! :).

    Another lemon tea, then off up to Lidl the
    supermarket, not a lot required, tomorrow is
    a Bank Holiday, rain, wind, gales and thunder nothing new there then..! :O).
    🐔 🐤 🐤 🐤 🐔 🐤 🐤 🐤 🐔 🐤 🐤 🐤 🐔

  7. Oh my, that mirror is so beautiful, it must have seen a lot in it's day. The gift hearts are really pretty and are prefect little add ons with many presents. x

  8. You found some really great treasures! I love the mirror. You are so creative, I love your autumn display.

  9. What a delightful blog to look at especially at 4am and I can’t sleep. Miss Pippi is so gorgeous. If they can’t speak they can certainly let their feelings known. It made me miss my cat hugely. That mirror is sooo special. I wonder if it is French. The bow on the tops look like some French photo frames. What a find. I am green with envy. Your blog was such a treat as I am sadly not at all well. Thank heaven for iPads....and you. ❤️❤️❤️

  10. Oh, to be in the right place at the right time to find such a mirror. Now I will wonder on the bride who was lucky enought to have that on her vanity 100 years ago. I just love seeing Miss Pippi tightly ensconced in the too small case. How funny she is. I'm told Precious pines for me when I leave the house, which is only for a few hours to shop or bike. Funny our cats. Nice soy candle you've made. And your crafting group always has lovely projects. Frost here Sat morn, but warm today, Sunday. I think the forecast is good, as our end frost date is actually May 15. Lynn and Precious XX

    1. Thank you so much dear Lynn. I just love my mirror & cannot believe I came across it & was able to purchase it. Yes our cats are funny but I guess its good that they prefer our company - imagine if it was the other way around & they preferred it when we weren't here ... that would be tricky 😉 Have a lovely week Lynn & Precious xx ❤

  11. What a hive of activity. I love the autumn display - we don't get very much of the colours round here so it is fun to see it..... great mirror... very pretty and looks perfect in your home..... those pretty hearts are a great idea for a group to make...

  12. Ah Miss Pippi, letting you know your absence was noted and not appreciated. Lovely makes with your craft group, the heart and candle made a lovely present. Your autumn display is beautiful Julie, you have such great ideas. So many wonderful op shop finds, the mirror is amazing and that little paper hatted teddy is cute.

  13. The hearts are gorgeous - I must have a go at those. I do like your book stacks and you certainly found some bargains in what we call charity shops! xx

  14. I will start with the mirror Julie because it is impressive!! I think you have hit jack pot with this buy it indeed looks to be vintage. You have found the perfect place for it! The books are totally original what a wonderful make. I have sent the link to the hearts to my daughter she has taken over my sewing machine as is learning to machine sew. keep well Amanda x

  15. I love reading your blogs and finding out everything you have been up to. Miss Pippi has turned her back on you had found one of your favorite things because she is mad at you for leaving her. I have four cats and one of them is always mad about something or other. That mirror is beautiful and so are the books. I certainly enjoy everything you craft and think up to do.

    1. Thank You so much Beverly - that is so kind of you to say that. Yes I agree Miss Pippi is a funny wee thing - she misses me when I go away & then sulks when I return 😉 .... I am loving my mirror & cannot believe I came across it & was able to purchase it. I think I hesitated for about 30 seconds. Have a wonderful week Beverly. xx

  16. what a fabulous mirror Julie, that looks lovely, you had some great finds. I bet Miss Pippi is glad to have you home Julie.

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