Sunday, November 26, 2023

All Stocking-ed Out (!!!)

Greetings lovely friends & readers

It has been a stocking-making kind of week (or fortnight) & I am currently all stocking-ed out !

 Our beautiful Cherry Blossom tree (Shimidsu-sakura) in full bloom a couple of weeks ago, before the strong winds came.

At the beginning of October my local Patchwork Store Stitchin-stuff put a notice in their online newsletter requesting small christmas stockings to be made to donate to the local Foodbank. I collected the free pattern & instructions & cut out several from my Christmas fabrics.
  I managed to sew up 10 before Covid struck me & my sewing abilities disappeared out the window 😐 

They are fully lined & padded with wadding, & each one measures just under 8 inches.  This one above was one of my favourites fabrics. 
 The store were hoping to reach a target of 300 stockings & when I dropped mine in they were up to 279.  

(Click on the picture to enlarge & read clearly)
So I was delighted to read in my local newspaper this week that they actually reached 350 in the end.  The store fills them with chocolate treats & they go in the Foodbank boxes for families that have younger children.  Next year I will aim to sew up more as I am sure I have 10 already cut out.

These sweet little stockings above are a free pattern from the Twig and Tale website.
I buy offcuts of linen when I see it in the thrift stores & I hand embroidered these before sewing.  I plan to fill them with some ceramic christmas ornaments for a couple of special people.

Last year, after Christmas, I made myself the swag of primitive stockings above.  My dear friend Sandy had shown me a photo on her phone & I made them from memory ... in the softest green & grey striped linen fabrics above.  

My friend Sandy has moved away down to the South Island & I miss her immensely. I decided to make her a set in reds & taupes as I knew she loved these colours.  I posted them away & Sandy was delighted when they arrived as she had just begun her Christmas decorating.

While hunting for some threads I came across this stitchery that I had stitched last Christmas & never ever made up.  It is a very old design from Mogs Designs whom I am sure no longer designs. It is called "tis' the season stocking"

Although I'd done the stitchery I still needed to tea-dye my calico & then make up the stocking, stuff it & fill the top with berries & greenery as well as make the 3 candy canes. I also sewed 7 rusty bells down the length of the stocking. 
 I used to make lots of these & sell in my Craft Cottage & they were always VeRy popular.   🎄

I love this little area of hand-mades hanging on my wall.  The Calico Reindeer I made in * this post * back in 2020.

And Yes - it was time again to sit & wrap 48 little parcels, & fill my Grandsons advent stockings.  This was a good activity to do while resting from Covid & took me 3 days to complete (!!!) I will be delivering these this coming Thursday. 

Just prior to going on the Cruise I cleaned out our fireplace, scrubbed the brick surround & then bought all my houseplants back from the "hospital corner" down the end of my lounge.  I noticed my ladder fern (2nd from left) had roots coming out the bottom so it needed a re-pot.

I found this pot under my house, bought home from Mum's when I cleared out No 44 way back in February.  I thought it was a good size for the fern but needed a paint.  I painted it in Old Linen, the same colour as the other pots, then gave it 2 coats of spray varnish to protect/seal it.  I found an offcut of transfer that I also applied to it.

I am sure that my ladder fern breathed a sigh of relief when I repotted it & it's looking much healthier already.  And Yes dear readers - you can see definate signs of Christmas decorating going on here at Threadbear HQ.

Thank you - as always dear friends, for your visits here today,

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead - remember to be kind to yourselves & to each other,

With much love & friendship to you all,

Julie & the furry three x0x0x 

( a new Header to take us into the festive season)


  1. Given you've been under the weather, you have been busy and all is looking very festive indeed! Your plants look lovely. The little stockings for the food bank are a sweet & generous idea. Your grandsons must love the tradition of the advent calendar/ tree you started. It's spooky when we have both done a blog post at the same time, hours apart but sitting and doing the same thing!

  2. So sorry you had COVID, Julie. I hope you're making a good recovery. I saw some tartan Xmas stockings in a shop yesterday and it gave me an idea 💡 Thanks for the link to the pattern. As usual all your makes are wonderful. I don't know how you manage it time-wise! Am off to give my niece some crochet lessons today that she asked me for. Monday's my only day next week for 'me' time! I'm supposed to be retired! Keep recovering Julie. xxx

  3. Oh my goodness Julie - to have made 10 stockings even before covid struck was a great effort!! And yes, it does take some 'getting over!! Be kind to yourself and continue to rest and refresh yourself.
    Loving those wee embroidered stockings - I will have to keep an eye our for suitable fabrics when I am working. I do a day a week in one of the local Op Shops. Thanks for the link to the pattern.
    You certainly transformed that pot - you have given both it and the fern a new lease on life!

  4. Oh! My! Goodness! I was quite devastated....No furry ones..! :(
    Not even at the top of the post..! Gone..! :) Bless..!xxx

    HeHe! Well l've had my moan...! Christmas things look lovely
    Julie...And what a good idea using the Christmas stockings, in
    the food bank parcels...!
    l do like stockings..especially with a leg in it...HeHe! (am l allowed
    to say that)... I'll mention it to Phylis, she the lady who's in charge
    of the food bank here where l l contribute quite a lot myself.

    Oh! And l do love that seat under the blossom tree...Yes! l think l
    could spend some time under that..with a glass of vino calapso
    of course...! HeHe!
    AND..Three furry friends...And talking of furry friends..tummy rubs,
    strokes and XXX's for each of them...Bless! :O).
    ⛄ 🔥 🎄 🎁 🧦 🔔 🎄🧑‍🎄🎅🎁 ⛄ 🔥 🎄 🎁 🧦 🔔 🎄🧑‍🎄🎅

  5. Fabulous stockings of all types and what wonderful Advent trees for two very lucky boys! I am sure the food bank recipients will be delighted too - what a lovely idea. I hope you are feeling better now.
    Take care and have a good week
    Best wishes

  6. Well yes, what a lot of stockings! Lovely idea of your local shop and the kids will love them. They did really well to get to 350. I do love your linen stockings, so pretty and the stocking swag is a great idea. Do hope you are all recovered now. xx

  7. Hope you are feeling much better,
    Wow the work you turn out is mind blowing , you have so much talent .
    I love coming over to your blog , to see all the wonderful hand crafts you do.
    Love the blossom tree , we are just starting to get frost .

  8. That's a lot of stockings, but they are very cute.

  9. The little stockings are delightful and such a lovely thing to think of. As ever, your imagination and ingenuity astound me as well as you energy while recovering from Covid. I do hope you're feeling much better now. x

  10. All of the stockings are so pretty! Your decorating looks lovely and really gets me thinking about Christmas. I'm recovering from our Thanksgiving with our oldest son and his family, haven't thought much about Christmas yet. Have a blessed week, glad you seem to be recovering from covid. Happy stitching!

  11. How sweet and thoughtful for the Food Bank to think of these stockings for children. The amount of time spent sewing 350 is incredible from everyone. And your Advent Calendar for the boys. I know they always enjoy this daily treat. Here it is feeling like Christmas even with an extra week in November, due to early Thanksgiving. The cold. The bird baths were frozen solid yesterday and had thick ice today. Tuesday it is to be 25 F for a high in the day! Hope you are feeling much better and the Mr. has recovered just a bit. The flowering tree is a delight to see as we are now totally bare. And your arrangement of indoor pots minus a blazing fire!

  12. Even ill, you sure accomplished a great deal. I really love those Advent Calendars for the grandchildren. Yeah on the store reaching the number of stockings (in fact exceeding it) they wanted.

    God bless.

  13. Gorgeous stockings. The ones you made for the shop are very cute. Love the advent stockings. Hope you are feeling better now.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. That is heaps of stockings to deal with - how gorgeous do they all look as different projects... you are so clever with your ideas... hope you are feeling stronger every day....

  16. Lovely, all those stockings, well done, they are beautiful, love them. The advent trees are fantastic Julie.

  17. So many wonderful stockings, you have been busy Julie! That is a huge job filling the boys advent stockings each year. Love the plant pot transformation.


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