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Cruise-ing, Covid ........ & Orders

Greetings lovely friends & readers

October of last year, while I was lying in a hospital bed recovering from a not-especially-nice surgery, my friend Gail sent me a text ... Would I like to go on a 5-day cruise next year in November?? 

Why ever not ?! I thought.  Of course it was ages away & anything could happen in between times (& in fact, quite alot did happen in between times)

There were a group of 8 ladies going, mostly our craft group ladies plus 2 extra.  Because we shared rooms it kept the cost to a minimum. 

The first rose blooms of the season - Dublin Bay - picked last week

Eventually November rolled around & the day arrived for us to board our ship.  It was a P & O Cruise for those that are familiar with them.  This one was a "Tribute to the King Cruise" so lots of Elvis music & rock-n-roll. I must add here, that the tribute acts were just wonderful & of a really high quality.

Here is everyone getting ready for the Sail Away Party.  I loved being up high on this deck & looking down on the pools, also there was a flying fox going overhead!  After pouring rain all the way up to Auckland the weather came out beautiful.

The was the Atrium where some of the entertainment took place ... I especially loved the Glass Lifts (right).   This was on Level 5 & we were lucky enough to have our rooms on the same level.

Here are all 8 of us together ...  left going around table .. Jan, Sharlaine, myself, Joyce, Maureen, Liz 1, Liz 2 & Gail front right.

This was the route the ship took, leaving Auckland sailing down the Coast to Picton, a full day in Picton, & then returning again.  5 days - quite long enough for me - who couldn't wait to get home to her furry friends again 😉
Where I have put the yellow + is where I live in rural Waikato.

Here is the oldest of the group Maureen, with myself, the youngest.  On the right I had just had my hair done & we were getting ready to go to a Neil Diamond Tribute show (which turned out to be so amazing!!)

On docking in Picton we had already prepaid for a tour up the Queen Charlotte Sounds (see map above).  We were going on the boat below left with a Company called CougarLine Tours

We sailed all the way up the Queen Charlotte Sounds stopping at all the little bays along the way, dropping off boxes of groceries, trampers, sometimes picking up tourists - it was fascinating & the Captain gave a running commentary along the way.  We saw lots of dolphins, some even followed the boat for awhile.  

The stunning crystal clear waters of the Queen Charlotte Sounds.

The furthest point was Furneaux Lodge 2 hours out ... & then we headed back to Picton again.

Once back in Picton we treated ourselves to a delicious Pub Lunch of the freshest Gurnard, straight out of the sea.  There was a market opposite the wharf which we wandered through for awhile & then it was time to catch the shuttle back to the ship.  Another full day at sea & then early on the Tuesday morning we berthed again in Auckland.

Waiting our turn to disembark - you had to vacate your rooms by 8 am so we were up & about early.  It was a wonderful experience & I would certainly cruise again but I would do several things differently next time around. 
My dear friend Sandy summed it up perfectly when she messaged & said "Congratulate yourself Julie on having the Cruise experience - especially since you are such a Home body at heart"  And I unashamedly Am a Homebody. 💗

Unfortunately dear friends, I appear to have come home with a rather unwanted souvenir & I am the only one in the group that has so far succumbed to the virus.  Today is day 8 & although I'm not coughing quite so much, I still feel constantly dreadful.  But I know Covid is a process & I just have to be patient, rest & let it run its course.  It has taken me 3 days to write this post as my concentration skills are rather lacking 😐

A couple of months ago my dear friend Shirley asked me to make her two items she had some photos of.  The first was a HOME wallhanging, quite primitive in style but Shirley didn't want primitive for her home so we adapted it & I painted a wooden coathanger to tie Shirley's hanger on to (the one in her photo was tied to a twiggy tree branch) Shirley's home is muted pinks & greys so these colours were perfect.

The second item Shirley had photographed was a rather dilapidated looking Angel.  As soon as I saw it I knew I had that pattern - thankfully it was an old design from Mums Moment, whom I don't think are designing anymore. The pattern is called Pocket Angel as she has a sweet elasticated pocket on her dress, where the yo-yo flowers are.  I made her up in Tilda fabrics, provided by Shirley & think she turned out delightful.  I used some hand-dyed mohair yarn for her hair.  Her base is weighted with pellets so she sits nice & sturdily.

Her wings are embroidered with the words Love is the stitching that holds hearts together 💕 Shirley was thrilled with both her Orders.

Thank you dear friends for staying with me through this lengthy post,
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend - remember to be kind to yourselves & to each other,
With much love & friendship to you all,
Love Julie & the furry three x0x0x0


  1. Oh Julie, what an unwanted, and nasty, souvenir... after such a wonderful trip .
    Please take your time to heal, I have seen too many folks try to 'push it' and end up with complications and being sick for way longer!! When I have had it, I am thankful for my age, which means I can get the anti-viral meds, and they do really 'short cut' and modify the process.
    Your cruise sounds amazing - I would have loved the Neil Diamond concert, as he was one of my favourite stars. I also love the Sounds - they are amazing with the clarity of water and the coastal scenery.
    Your two commissioned projects look beautiful - love that wee pocket angel!

  2. Your trip looks like great fun especially your day out up Queen Charlotte Sound, how interesting. So such a shame that you came back with that nasty! I do hope that your recovery continues well and that you are soon back to normal. I love the Angel. I am not usually a fan of dolls but she is just gorgeous. xx

  3. What a wonderful trip with all of your friends , what fun .
    Oh no not Covid , I hope you get better soon , I have a problem with long covid , my voice is so husky and sometimes brain fog . I had Covid in 2019 before the injections , so it was a very bad for me , but I still keep fighting back
    Love all your beautiful work , you always amaze me .
    Have fun hugs June.

  4. Julie..This is absolutely amazing...amazing...!
    What a lovely, lovely trip to go on, all the photos on the
    ship/boat..are really great..Wow! :).
    I've always said..there's only one place left in the world,
    l'd love to go to..and that's New Zealand...any program
    that comes up on the TV, l always watch it, especially
    the wild life...It's all such a beautiful place...!

    Oh! Were you sure the Elvis tribute acts...were ALL
    tribute acts...Elvis may well have been there...HeHe!
    Well, he has been seen all over the never
    know..! :).

    Sorry to hear of the Covid..Goodness! Now! Garlic...
    That's the thing to keep Covid away, l took it, ate it,
    all through Covid, all my friends and neighbours had
    ME! No! Never came near me..mind you neither did
    anyone else...HeHe! :O)

    Great post Julie...well they ALL are..bit special this one,
    l'm gonna sent it off to my daughter, go make a lemon
    tea, honey and lemon..pop back for a more in depth read..!
    ♫♪•*¨*•.¸🔥💛🔥¸.•*¨*•♪♫ ♫♪•*¨*•.¸🔥💛🔥¸.•*¨*•♪♫

  5. How horrible to be ill after such a lovely trip. Just be patient and let it take its course and enjoy the longer, sunnier days.

  6. It sounds like you had a great time on your trip. Not so good to bring back the dreaded covid, but I'm pleased to hear you are recovering. Your stitching projects are always a joy to see.
    Have a peaceful week and take care
    Best wishes

  7. What a fun trip with friends! But what a souvenir to bring home. Sorry to hear how it is hanging on so long. Did you have covid also a couple years ago? I have not had the fun of it and hope never to. Your pictures are fantastic to see. You would never get me on a ship, lol. I figure the crowd would be overwhelming. Great food for you too. I love the doll you have made. I hope the kitties were all 3 glad to see their mum home. I am sure this bug is keeping you from Lego day at the library with Sid. And not seeing Alec either. Get well very soon so you can feel up to norm. Lynn and Precious xx

  8. Such a fun trip. I struggle being around lots of folk so I don't think i would like a cruise. But being away with a group of girlfriends sounds fab. Sorry you picked up Covid, I hope you are soon on the mend.

  9. I am glad you had fun on your cruise, but sorry that you brought home an unwelcome guest. That is what I worried about as well when we did our cruise in September. Mind you from the looks of your cruise, the ship you were on was enormous. Ours was a tiny thing in comparison.

    God bless.

  10. Your cruise sounded so lovely. Sorry about your unwanted souvenir. Your sign & angel are gorgeous.

  11. It looks like you had a great time Julie, thank goodness you didn't have covid while on the cruise, I'm a home body to. I love the angel, and wall hanging, hope the cats survived with out you for 5 days:-) Wishing you a speedy full recovery.

  12. Wow what a lovely experience for you and with your friends, but I'm sorry you got covid. I hope its really on its way and you feel a lot better.

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet kind comment Chris. xx

  13. The cruise looks lovely - especially that little river ride - pity about bringing back some unwanted germs.... rest well... love from another home body...

  14. The trip looks great, I am sure it was a much needed break. Shame about the Covid, but hope you are recovering well.

  15. So glad your cruise was fun. Didn't realise that there was a Neil Diamond tribute, I would have loved that. What such bad luck coming home to get covid. The rotten sod. It can just bugger off, sick of hearing of it rearing it's head again.Take care of yourself, it does take the "stuffing" out of you, lets hope it hasn't got a long tail.As you know that is what did John's health no good.I love my wall hanging and my dear angel doll , call her missy LouLou.Take care .Hugs

  16. Hi Julie, I hope you are recovering well after having covid. Your trip looked like so much fun and what a great way to visit another part of New Zealand, the photos looked amazing. Take care xx

  17. aliyah has left a new comment on your post "Cruise-ing, Covid ........ & Orders":

    Thanks for sharing.
    Wishing you a happy new month.

  18. What a wonderful trip with all of your friends!
    Hope you are recovering well..

  19. Oh no, Julie! I'm so sorry you are sick but I'm super glad that you had fun on your cruise! I have been on a ferry riding out of Auckland and I loved it! I think that smaller boat ride would be so great! I'm a homebody, too. I bet the kitties were pleased to see you! xo

  20. Good to hear you had a great time on the cruise Julie, sorry to hear you came home with a souvenir!! I hope you are better now. If not take time to recover well. Beautiful home hanger and angel.

  21. Don't know how I missed this post! Wondered about your cruising when you mentioned it on recent post so I tracked back! Interesting to see the server on your cruise masked up. Still treasure the Xmas Angel you sent me. She's on display all year round! Sorry again about that dratted virus. Take care


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