Thursday, November 30, 2023

" A Jingle In A Pringle " 🌲

Greetings lovely friends & readers

Yesterday I needed to wrap a fragile ornament for posting, so I found a cardboard tray in my recycling bin to cut up & use around the ornament.

I went to find my packaging tape & upon my return, this is what I found 🐱 ... a certain ginger furry friend curled up in the cardboard tray!     This is especially for you Willie as you commented last week "no furry friends??"
I might add - she slept for over 2 hours there before I was able to cut up the cardboard box.  You surely cannot tell me that is comfy ??!!

Back in early September when I returned from Mum's funeral & crafting was the very last thing on my mind - my dear friend Claire messaged me to ask if I'd like to do "a christmas challenge"?

                 She'd just had this bright idea for us to do "A Jingle in a Pringle".  What might that be I enquired? 😉                                        You take a Pringles tin & make something christmassy that will fit inside it ! 

Hmmmm .... it certainly got my creative mind whirring ... 

I hadn't bought Pringles in years but Yes the local supermarket still sold them.  I purchased a can & Sid happily munched his way through them for me.  Then I painted my can 2 coats Forrest Green chalk paint.

I had a lovely Christmas transfer that I thought would look just right against the Forrest Green colour ... I also glued some ribbon to the top & lower edges.

Although I went back & forth with a few ideas, I came back to my original thought - making Claire the tiny Country Friends Christmas dolls in Wendy Briggs book.  
Wendy is no longer designing but I have lots of her older patterns & books.  It was tricky sewing & turning those teeny tiny doll legs & then painting the boots black ... its been awhile since I've done anything like this.

The Mr would be in the dining-room working on his laptop in the evenings, & I would be in the Lounge.  He would send me phone photos of Little One who would sneak into my sewing room, take the dolls (or doll body parts) off my desk & then play with them ... this went on for several nights despite how well I hid them  😐

I was absolutely delighted how the dolls turned out.  Their names are Joy & Kris Kringle & I managed to make them entirely from fabrics & trims already in my stash.    

You can see from the photo above that they are only the size of a pencil - just under 6 & 1/2 inches in height ... so rather tiny & fiddly.

A closer view of their handpainted boots & Joy has some stitchery on her skirt.

Once they were finished I was looking at them & wondered if perhaps Claire might like to make them into a swag.  So I made a little stuffed heart from homespun fabric ... I didn't stitch them into a swag as they would not have fitted into the Pringles tin but I wrote Claire a note suggesting this when I sent the package down.

You can see how they might look stitched into a swag.

I also had room (only just!) to add in one of the stockings that I showed in last week's post.  I filled it with some choccies, a candy cane & a small ceramic Christmas tree ornament.
Let me tell you dear friends - it was a tight fit getting all those items in that Pringles tin without squashing them up too much!!

I bought a Christmas box at the Variety Store, packaged it all up in red tissue,  then added one of the wooden tags that I made in *this post* last year.  I also added in some Choccies, some Relax tea & a bag of my homemade Citrus Potpourri.  The package only took 2 days to arrive at Claires & she was so thrilled upon opening it.  
The reason I sent it before December is because Claire is taking part in a Christmas Home Tour this weekend ... opening her home all decorated for Christmas, & I thought she might perhaps like to include the swag in her decorating.
I shall be sure & show you my Jingle in a Pringle from Claire when it arrives.

This morning was a baking morning whereby I made Caramel Anzac Slice for my eldest son,  a Weetbix Slice for The Mr, & another loaf of Banana Bread as I had banana's turning brown. 

Image courtesy of @LadySnowAngel on Pinterest

Tomorrow we wave Goodbye to November & welcome in December & the festive season.  It feels like I blinked & November disappeared by.

Thank you dear friends, as always, for your welcome visits here today,

As we approach a busy time of year, please remember to be kind to yourselves & to each other, 

With much love & friendship to you all,

Julie & the 3 furry ones x0x0x0


  1. I was just getting ready to go into town...checked the temp...
    Minus two...opened the back door.."Oh! hello Fudge" Gave
    him his warm saucer of milk..and it started to snow...! :(
    So here l am back indoors...! With a milky coffee this time! :)

    Miss Pippi has the right idea..Bless!x Though l shall need a
    much bigger box...Thankyou Julie..! :)
    And the little one...getting bigger...making Miss Pippi jealous,
    interfering with here crafting...! HeHe! :).

    Always one thing l've like of yours Julie and that is the long thin
    dolls you make, such character and design..there quite lovely...!
    Joy & Kris Kringle are no exception...Lovely..!

    And Yes! First of December tomorrow, will pop round later and
    do all the calendars..all 14 of them..10 pussy~cat ones, and 4
    Now! A quick peek through the Paddington Bear curtains, and it's
    still snowing...Move over Miss Pippi...HeHe! Bless!xxx
    🎅 🎄 🦌 🎁 ⛄ 👼 🤶 🎄 🦌 🎁 ⛄ 👼 🎅 🎄 🦌 🎁

  2. Oh Julie, those little dolls are just gorgeous! They are going to make a gorgeous swag. xx

  3. I would never have guessed so much loveliness could be packed into a Pringles tube. I love Joy's pantaloons. Cats sit and sleep n the most ridiculous boxes. Ours have taken to sleeping on/in cardboard and paper which is supposed to be for lighting the fire. Naturally, they cannot be disturbed!

  4. Wow! Your creativity and ingenuity is amazing! I love the Jingle in a Pringle idea and I am sure Claire will be delighted - who wouldn't?! It's lovely to see Little One and Miss Pippi. It amazes me how they think squeezing into any size of box will be a lovely bed! Have you seen the book by Lynley Dodd, 'My cat likes to sleep in boxes'? She's so right! (In my previous incarnation, working with 4-5 year olds, this book was one of their favourites!)
    Best wishes

  5. Your friend will have a great time opening the Pringles canister! What cute dolls and Lil Boy did a good job of showing off how small they really are. And Miss Pip showing off her fancy feast box. We now know she has not starved. All the baked goods, oh I would love a slice of each flavor. I do only oatmeal cookies and chocolate/banana cupcakes any more. We don't eat a lot of sweets because I say so, lol. Fun to see you are keeping the fingers going with the projects. I put up the tree yesterday while it was -8 C here and snowing lightly. It is warming up today to above freezing and another weekly rain of an inch predicted for tomorrow before the temps drop again. January weather the end of November is disqusting to me. Lynn and Precious XX

  6. What a project. You are quite the accomplished doll maker. So small. And as if the dolls were not enough “jingle”you added more. I do so enjoy your posts. You have such a serene quality about you it always makes the day brighter. Thank you. Dotti in Connecticut

    1. Thank you so much Dotti ... for taking the time to leave me your sweet kind comment. I always used to make dolls & they were really my first love as far as sewing went. But I haven't made any in quite awhile now. Enjoy your day Dotti & thank you again xx

  7. Another post - what a treat! I so much look forward to your posts and check most days. Thanks for sharing peeks into your life, especially cats and crafting. Melanie

    1. Thank you so much Melanie - for leaving me that sweet kind comment. I am going to try really hard to post more often next year as I won't have to be away off down to my Mums like in previous years. xx

  8. The dolls are just gorgeous. They will make a lovely swag. Lovely to see the fur babies.

  9. Ah Miss Pippi, as you say how can she be comfortable?? Your dolls are beautiful Julie and the Jingle in a Pringle a wonderful idea. This whole year just seems to have flown by so quickly! Little One is sneaky isn't he!! Maybe he needs his own Julie made toys??

  10. kiwimeskreations has left a new comment on your post "" A Jingle In A Pringle " 🌲 ":

    Oh Julie, what a perfect pair of dolls Joy and Kris Kringle are - your sewing is inspiring!!
    As for your Miss Pippi in the box - my Tinker used to sleep in a box by my computer desk as a kitten - but he outgrew the box well before he outgrew the habit :).
    Little One certainly is an handsome cat - I do hope the three of them are settling together better - our two are gradually becoming friends, although they still have their 'play fights', but not as frequently and not as intense!! Thankfully, as it means less fur on the floor!
    I do hope you are fully recovered from covid.

  11. Oh my you did so well with that challenge, those little dolls are just amazing ..... cats are funny, our cat is not keen on boxes but he does like to lie on the jigsaw when we do one.... never up on the table other times!
    looking forward to seeing what you get in return in the pringle box...

  12. The little dolls are so very cute. As is the furry baby sleeping in the box.

    God bless.

  13. The little dolls are sweet. The fancy feast box is the perfect size xxx

  14. Your chum will be super pleased when she receives her Jingle in a Pringle, such sweet and thoughtful contents.

  15. Hi Julie, love the little rustic christmas dolls. Everything looks wonderfull Christmassy. I have just returned from a beach holiday to find our whole street lit up with more fairy lights then ever before - I think there must have been a big black friday deal on lights whilst I was away! Betty


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