Saturday, November 28, 2020

A Special Santa Sack ............... & My 5 Minutes of Fame (!!)

Greetings dear friends & readers & Happy Saturday to you all !

 My friend & longtime customer Desiree requested me to make a Santa Sack to match the stocking I made for her beautiful daughter last December (see photo below).  You can read about the making of the stocking  in this post * here *

Thankfully I still had quite a bit of fabric left over from making the Stocking.

Though it is not showing in the photo I added 2 large ties in cream vintage crochet lace to the top of the sack.

I like to make my Santa Sacks the same size as a pillowcase - I find this allows plenty of room for packages without being too huge.

I found some cream crochet doilies in my stash to repeat the doiley theme - & I tied some charms to these to match.

I also sewed a length of vintage crochet lace to the top & attached some charms to this.

(The yellowish mark showing in the photo of the back is just the light)

The back is quilted calico & the Santa Sack is fully lined.  Although Desiree has not collected it yet, she has seen photos of it & has kindly given me her permission to feature it on my blog.

The little framer's shop in my local town - Te Awamutu Frames -always has a stand of frame oddments at their shop entrance. They make these up from offcuts of the larger frames & they are only $5 each.  I purchased 4 of them last month - the glass for them is optional but is no extra cost.

I added a bird decal to the right hand one & painted this with my chalk paint - the other one I just scuffed with fine sandpaper

I painted two of them as I had made these little handstitched hexies from some Tilda fabrics & vintage linen offcuts & the frames were just the perfect size to fit them in - these have been gifted to a couple of special friends 💕 (I have no idea why that all just came out in really large print but I am leaving it  - please excuse)

Last Saturday while it poured with rain I stood at my kitchen bench & worked on a candle order. The request was for French Pear & Pumpkin Spice fragrances & the kitchen did indeed smell beautiful.

Thank You all for your kind & encouraging comments regarding my new Oilcloth tablecloth in my last post - I love it so much.

When I put it on the table I did my usual "rave" to The Mr & to the Universe & anyone else who is listening - how those flipping cats are NOT to get on it!!!!  Well dear friends .... you can see how successful I was with that one !!!!!! 😐

Some of you may remember the red cupboard I upcycled in this Post * Here *

It seems my blog post caught the eye of the editor of the Resene online newsletter & she contacted me through Instagram to ask if she might feature it in their latest newsletter

You can read the article about it here in the latest Resene Online Newsletter  (scroll down about half way)

I proudly forwarded it to The Mr's email for him to read telling him it was my "five minutes of fame"   😉  He very delicately pointed out that it was probably more like 30 seconds of fame !!!   

You can sign yourselves up to receive the online newsletter * Here * if you wish - it is free to receive & has some really good tips & advise I find.

Thank You as always dear friends - for your visits here today

                                  Wishing you all a most wonderful weekend,
                                      With much love & friendship to you all,
                                           Julie & the furry ones x0x0x   


  1. The Santa sack looks beautiful. Julie you should know by now cats never listen. I have the same issue here. I tell them not to get on, get in ect but they just do what they want :). How special to be featured in the newsletter for your lovely stand. Hugs,xx

  2. The Santa sack looks lovely Julie..
    Someones expecting a lot of prezzies..! :)
    When l was a boy, l used to have a stocking,
    hung at the end of the bed..l used to have
    sweets, chocolate, colouring books, and always,
    always an orange..year in, year out, do, much
    so, that when l got into my teens, l thought,
    when am l gonna get a stocking with a 'leg' in it..!
    HeHe! (Am l allowed to say that)..! :o).

    And..the red cupboard with ALL the plants, looks
    lovely to..really shows it..! :).
    My frames are mostly pink of course, most of the
    pics/photos around my home are in pink frames...! :).

    Ah! Well you know how the furry ones love to help in
    your adventures Julie..especially Miss Pippi..and you
    did make her your assistant! Bless!xx

    Still dark over here, will make another lemon tea,
    pop back later and follow up and read the links...
    In the meantime..keep the candles well lite..
    Christmas will be here in no time, our months Lockdown
    is lifted on Tuesday, but a 'tier' system has been
    introduced, not to bad for us down south, worse up, we've still got to be very careful..!
    🤶 🎄 🦌 🎁 ⛄ 👼 🎅 🎄 🦌 🎁 ⛄ 👼 🎅 🎄 🦌

  3. How Christmassy and cheery the Santa sack looks, Julie; so much lovely detail to be seen. How gorgeous those little hexies look in those pretty frames; such a fabulous idea. Your kitchen must smell divine. Love all the glass pretties you made the candles in. How fabulous to be showcased in the newsletter and as for your Mr, Julie, he does make me laugh out loud. Why, it is only natural that your red painted cupboard would be showcased for all the world to see and appreciate, as it is lovely.

  4. Congratulations on your five minutes! Lovely santa sack and those little frames are adorable - I may have some odd hexie flowers that could soon find a home! Thank you. xx

  5. Beautiful, I especially love the sack with so many lovely and ladylike features. x

  6. congratulations on your five minutes of fame! I had a couple of paintings shown on the reader page of Landscape and then Landlove magazines a few years back, I know the feeling but it is fleeting! I would love to have some of those candles you make but I guess the cost of transporting them makes it unviable - everything looks lovely and Christmassy at your house :)

    1. Thank You so much for your lovely comment. Gosh that would've been wonderful to have your paintings featured - what a thrill. The candles were part of an Order & the lady collected them yesterday - yes the house smelt divine.

  7. Julie, it is no wonder the photo of your beautiful red cabinet and gorgeous plants made it in the news. Helps with
    lifting spirits and giving ideas to those of us who need patterns to follow. And as a cat mom, we know there is no
    way to prevent a cat from enjoying something new to lay about on. The bees looked just fine under Blackie and your projects. The Christmas stocking is certainly well detailed with some very cute extra ornaments. And the soy candles,
    made from some of the glassware you brought back from your Mum's area? Lynn
    Loved the detailed Christmas stocking, all the little touches make it so personal.

    1. Thanks so much Lynn .... yes I know you know how it is with these furry friends of ours Lynn ... they do exactly as they jolly well please.

  8. lovely post Julie. What a smashing surprise to be contacted by the editor of the newsletter. Who knows what that might lead to? And i must say your candles look wonderful, shame we can't smell them.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  9. Congrats on being featured. I love your style of decorating and embellishments

  10. Everything you make is so detailed I love it!

  11. As always lots of wonderful projects to see. The Santa sack is beautiful and congrats on your article... it's lovely they contacted you and even more lovely you were prepared to share...

  12. Big congratulations on being's a lovely piece! Beautiful matching Santa sack and I am positively drooling over the gorgeous framed hexies.....YUM! I can almost smell those beautiful candles....such a lovely post xxx

  13. Lovely post Julie, love the Santa sack, the recipient is a lucky person. Well done on your 5 minutes, you deserve it!! The plant stand and outdoor furniture look wonderful. There were some great ideas in that newsletter. The hexies look wonderful in their frames, I bet the candles amd the house smell magnificent!! Cats will be cats, they love to be helping you!!

  14. That is the prettiest Santa Sack I've ever seen. You are simply amazing Julie! How neat that you were featured in the newsletter. You should be featured in many more magazines, etc. Oh, I sure understand about the cats getting on the tablecloth and every place else. My husband told me this morning that I let Dumperoo get away with too much. I have a hard time sewing because Dumperoo wants to lay on the sewing table between me and the sewing machine. Drives me crazy. If I put him on the floor, he jumps right back up. Your little framed pieces are everything you make. :)

  15. We did see a Santa sack at Kmart that was as big as a person which is good for a large family gathering. Your home made one is lovely Julie - you are so talented.

  16. Fame at last!!! Congratulations I wouldn't be surprised if they call on you again as you have so made many wonderful and creative things!! All the same I must admit the red table and flowers arrangement are extra special. Cats and their choice of place; I used to have to make sure I never left the ironing unattended other wise William Shakespeare (aka Willie) would lay over the freshly ironed shirts! tch!! That Christmas stocking takes my breath away...its fabulous!! keep well Amanda x

  17. I love your post. Love the red table. Congrats!!!!!

  18. Gorgeous Santa sack Julie, about time you got recognized for your many talents, always love your painting up cycles, those frames are super cute to. Chris xoxoxo

  19. You deserve your own magazine, Julie. You could fill it with all the gorgeousness that transpires from your nimble fingers. Well done. I love the look of your candles. Bet they smell great.xx

  20. Dear Julie, I hope you get a book made of your blog entries, I would be the first in the queue to buy one. You are so inspiring and talented. Hugs to you. That photo at the bottom of this entry melted my heart, adorable.xxoo


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