Tuesday, April 9, 2024

A Week of Birthdays

Greetings lovely friends & readers

Gosh didn't March disappear rather too quickly?!  Here we into another shiny new month already . . . . .

Since Easter it has been a week of birthdays.  First we had Sid's 7th birthday which we were all keen to celebrate after last years sorry episode.

This soccer-mad young boy got new clothes in his favorite players colours, a soccer ball & Sid's Dad built him his very own goal.  He had 4 school friends for a birthday party & then all the family came for a pizza dinner.  It was wonderful.  
I looked after him Tuesday & Wednesday as he was unwell.  Tuesday he seemed most definately sick but Wednesday he was fine & I think the idea of a day crafting with Granny appealed way more than a day at school.  We made plaster-of-paris dinosaur fossils in molds & Sid painted them. 

A couple of days later was Sid's Mummy's birthday.  I bought this beautiful bunch of flowers from a local stall & gave to Nicole along with a gift card, choccies & a gardening magazine. I also made my usual banana bread for them as it seems to be popular in that household.

On the weekend my dear friend Julie celebrated "a special birthday" & I was invited to afternoon tea.  We had a lovely time with drinks, nibbles & the most delicious Chocolate Mud Cake.  (I have cropped the other 4 ladies out of the photo as I don't have their permission to publish)  Read about Julie's gift a little later on in this post.

And then today is my dear Mum's heavenly birthday.  Mum would've been turning 95 today.  I miss her incredibly & I've played her favorite Ed Sheerin songs all day as well as buying 2 pots of pink cyclamen, one of Mums favorites - & potting them in my wall hanger.  
(Mum's birthday is the 8th, I started this post yesterday but had internet issues hence I am a day late publishing)

For 3 days last week we had the Tree Trimming Men here.  We've had a couple of big old trees removed & many pruned.  I currently have 4 piles of mulch to spread on my gardens even though one pile did go to my daughter in laws.  They still have a half day left to finish up. 

There is wood to be cut up for firewood & much cleaning up to be done.   The old walnut tree out the front of our house was pollarded & has let a huge amount of light into our house.  We have to get this done approximately every 4 years as otherwise it grows over to the power lines.  I have been gathering up buckets of fallen walnuts. 
Although the tree trimming men were lovely I found having them here incredibly stressful.  If I felt stressed can you imagine how 3 furry beings felt??!!  The noise from the chain saws & their huge mulcher is very loud & constant.   

I wanted to make 2 soy candles for gifts - the one above was for my friend Julie's birthday, mentioned previously.  
I had earmarked this pretty china trio to make into a candle for Julie.  
When the wax set I was admiring the smooth top on it & thinking "how wonderful" when I realised I had completely forgotten to put a wick in first (!!!)  😲 Seriously friends I could not believe it - that is how stressed I was with the constant noise & tree crashing. 
 Thankfully I managed to slide one of my wood wicks down into it before the wax fully set.  The fragrance is French Pear as I knew Julie loved this.  She was thrilled with her gift & I've yet to share this story with her 😉

When the noise got too much I went down to the Pond to finish some weeding I'd started before Easter.  Little One usually appears when I am working down here as he is fascinated with the goldfish in the pond.  I snapped these pics of him trying his hardest to get to them - I did warn him if he fell in I was not rescuing him but it fell on deaf ears, as most things do with him.

I loved this photo of him sitting under the ferns with the suns ray shining down.

Easter was very quiet in our house as The Mr is in full calving mode & not home much.  I found this board purchased in my large op-shop haul in this recent post..  I gave the flower a light sand, then painted it with 2 coats Vintage White chalk paint before applying some of the leftover transfers from Juno's suitcase in * this post *..  It made a sweet little Easter sign on my outdoor deck table.

Although March was decidedly chilly here I am pleased to say April has warmed up a bit.  I am not quite ready for winter just yet.  I sat out in the sunshine (with Blackie) on Easter Sunday & stripped this native timber stool that I've had for Ever.  It's Rimu & a solid heavy piece.  I often used to stand on it for painting as you can see.  It came up really well & I was so pleased I took the time to clean it up.  A couple of coats of furniture oil was all it needed to finish it off nicely.

I took the enamel candlestick that I paid $1 for in my thrift haul, dug the old wax out of it, then put it through the dishwasher.  It came up beautifully so I tied a lace bow to the handle & added a simple taper candle.  I'm enjoying it on my nightstand. 

Thank you for staying through this long rambly post dear readers,

Wishing you an enjoyable week ahead - remember to be kind to yourselves & to each other,

With much love & friendship to you all,


  1. A lovely busy post Julie. Lots to celebrate and memories to ponder. Lovely to have all that mulch. The candlestick looks great in it's new home. xx

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Julie...I've written a comment twice...it published, then
      disappeared, both times, maybe at your end, if not, l'll
      try again later....Thanks..!

  3. WILLIE...! =(^..^)= has left a new comment on your post "A Week of Birthdays ":

    First off then...A very Happy Burfday to one and all....
    HeHe! Lost count along the way somewhere..! :).
    And Sid..Happy Burfday...Argentina and a Messi fan,
    well done you...I love my football to..Big Liverpool
    supporter, and support Italy of course...!

    Love the pond Julie..First time l've seen it, l think.....
    On the first of April, l've live in my home for 46yrs,
    one of the first things l did was build a pond, at the
    top of the garden, l only kept goldfish, and shubunkin,
    l kept loosing them to pussy~cats, l did'nt mind to
    much as they were cheap to buy...
    Pond is still there, bit over grown, no fish, just a bit
    of wild life, frogs, toads, newts....

    Lovely lot of Mulch to...Do wonders on the garden, and
    always makes the gardens look so nice to...keeping the
    weeds away...
    The grass out back needs cutting, but l'm unable to open
    the shed door, to get my Flymo out, l dare'nt try, as l'll never
    close it again, still, it's being replaced next Monday...Jack,
    next door said l could borrow his if need be...! :).

    And, just like yesterday, it's blowing a gale out there...after
    the rains, it's been the winds, not to bad down here in the
    South, but up towards the Midlands and North, it's really
    bad...! :( We all blame it on Global Warming..don't we....! :O).

    Well, best get on..I'm in two minds on whether to go to the
    Supermarket or not, see if the wind eases up later...
    Little bit of sunshine just peeping through...Nice...! :O).
    🐟 🐟 🐟 🐟 🐟 🐟 🐟🐟 🐟 🐟 🐟 🐟 🐟 🐟🐟

    Posted by WILLIE...! =(^..^)= to My Threadbear Life at Apr 9, 2024, 7:19 PM

  4. I'm so glad Sid had a lovely birthday after last year's worries.
    Your pond is so lovely and it's good to see all the goldfish enjoying life. Little One is quite a substantial boy now, isn't he? So beautiful.

  5. Julie, I should think you're all birthday-ed out. How wonderful Sid had a terrific birthday this year. Those soccer goals are terrific and doesn't he look like quite the soccer player in his new soccer clothes. More beautiful paint transformations and I must say I love that enamel candlestick. Such a great find.

  6. Well, you certainly were not kidding about tree cutters being there! That is a lovely and huge walnut tree. I have 4 native black walnut trees and they are probably only 30 years old, so not that big. I have 4 saplings that I have protected from the deer with fencing, and all 4 of these are thanks to squirrels planting nuts in my flower pots and flower bed! Nice to see Sid had a great birthday party this year. And warm and sunny enough to be outside to play soccer! You have a loving rememberance of your mother. And Little One better learn that winter is not a good time to go swimming. Hope he does not get trapped under the ice, lol. We had the total eclipse and I was able to enjoy it from the safety of my home. It is understandable that millions of people who could take the day off and travel thru the mid section of our country to see it. Here and else where along the path schools were closed so all could enjoy at home. Lynn and Precious

  7. Sid looks very happy with his new goal. Who wouldn't rather have a day crafting with Granny rather than going to school?! I hope he is recovered now. The tree people have been very busy and I hope it is all finished now so that you can get a bit of peace. Little One is having a great time by the pond and Blackie looked extremely chilled out. I love the wooden stool.
    Have a lovely week
    Best wishes

  8. So fun just love your posts and doings.

    1. Thanks so much Kim ... that is so kind of you to say. xx

  9. Sid looks like he had a great birthday ans very happy couple of days crafting with Granny. Your post looks amazing, that will keep Little One busy for ages! Beautiful crafting Julie. My sign in for Google won't work at present so I am anonymous today 😁 Sue xx

  10. A lovely newsy post and Happy Birthday to all concerned! Wow Sid had grown up so much...so good that he enjoys crafting with you. I can imagine the tree people's noise would have driven you batty - but well worth it to have a good tidy up and you will enjoy the extra light come winter time.

  11. I'd be surprised if you weren't batty after all that noise. Love the photo of little one in the ferns. Love the sign & the candle holder looks very lovely.

  12. A belated Happy Birthday to all, wow Sid 7 already, so he loves Lionel Messi, he's a good player. Love your welcome sign Julie, and don't we all make silly mistakes like that, lucky you were able to get a wick in there quick, hope the weather stays warm for you before Winter comes.

  13. Jackie has left a new comment on your post "A Week of Birthdays ":

    You have been busy Julie. I really like the soy candle. Glad you got to celebrate so many birthdays.

    God bless.

  14. Another great post , wishing Happy Birthday to all.
    Yes these days and weeks are rushing by far to fast .
    Thanks for the lovely post hugs June.

  15. The candles are a lovely gift. You sure keep yourself busy Julie.

  16. lots of things happening..... march did go too fast....

  17. Don't know where you find the time Julie. You're an inspiration. Farmers here seriously impacted by the weather. My sons farm is 14 days behind with potato planting. Some fields are like lakes! Hoping for better weather very soon.xx

  18. Happy Happy birthday to all your special people. All the milestones are difficult days. So glad you celebrated your Mum in a special way. Glad Sid is recovered. Love your almost wickless teacup candle...beautiful. I am waiting for tree guts at the moment. The weather has been holding my job up. Wish it was done. Such a sweet pic of little kitty there. And your makeovers are beautiful xx

  19. How lovely to celebrate all those birthdays Julie .. .including your dear Mums. Thank you for sharing this fun filled post with us. Sarah in USA xx

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet kind comment Sarah. xx

  20. Blog hopped and found you and have enjoyed reading it, and lovely pics too.

    1. Thanks so much Chris ... for taking the time to leave me your lovely comment. xx

  21. A belated Happy Heavenly Birthday to your Mum. The candle set you made for Julie is lovely. Those wooden wicks are amazing. I'm pretty sure my candles you sent me are French pear. It is divine! Haha! I still haven't lit my candles as I don't want them to go away! The fragrance makes my sewing room smell lovely. xx

  22. A full and interesting month for you Julie. Your grandsons are growing up quick. Little One sure has made you 'home' x The candles without wicks is something I would do for sure!

  23. Dear Julie, love your make overs, they look wonderful. Love the candle you made, French Pear is a beautiful perfume.I think Little One is loving living in his new digs. Happy belated birthday wishes to Sid and to your Mum. John had his heavenly birthday just after Easter as well. The flowers are so lovely. I'm still cutting stems with good dahlia flowers on and the roses seem to have been revived with the rain and bit of warmth. I seem to be able to get a little vase full of flowers quite well at the moment.

  24. Hi Julie, the little bunny sign is delightful. Your soy candles must smell wonderful. I am reading Nancy Birtwhistle's home cleaning book and have switched to home made products such as bathroom cleaner, fabric condiitioner. The first thing I noticed is everything smells nice but also that my hands are no longer dry and my nails are growing! I have seen online a chalk paint that doesn't require waxing after and think I will be doing my drawers with it when the weather is warm enough to paint outside. Spring is here and bluebells are out. Bettyx


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