Thursday, September 22, 2022

A Snippet Roll ...... πŸ–€ " Things I Love "

Greetings lovely friends & readers

A fresh new length of oilcloth arrived to start the week off - ordered online from * Here *.  I also picked the first vase of freesia's from my garden - I just adore their fragrance πŸ’›

When I placed the Oilcloth on my dining table I just loved it ... I asked The Mr what he thought of it & his reply was 
"it just looks like something you dragged out of Grandma's attic".

Little does he realise that to me ...... this is The Perfect compliment!

It was my dear friend Shirley who first introduced me to " Snippet Rolls " - I had never heard of them before.
  Then I saw them on the lovely Michelle's blog & drooled all over my computer screen when I saw her exquisite work.
  I emailed & asked Michelle about them & she very kindly shared some tips to get me started.  Out of the blue a package arrived from her filled with some bits & bobs from her own collection - how special & wonderful. 
Though I had very little idea of what I was doing, I cut a metre length of linen & began embellishing.  I decided my Roll would be themed on "Things I Love"  πŸ’—
It must be well over a year ago that I first started this - I got as far as Friends & Family ... then kind of ran out of puff with it, tossed it all in a basket & shoved it under the spare bed. 

There were two things that happened to re-inspire me, & help me to complete it.
The first thing was (in July) when my friend Sally gifted me this beautiful book above for my birthday.  I drooled over the pages, took it to Mums with me & read it from cover to cover. Upon my return home I pulled the Snippet Roll basket out again.

 I decided I needed to set up a special table to work on, & not have to clear everything away all the time which was hindering my progress.  I dragged in the drop leaf table that I revamped in * this post * along with a sturdy chair & set up a small corner of my lounge where I had good lighting & it didn't matter if I made a mess (which I did!!) πŸ˜‰
This was a great decision & this mess table stayed like this until I finished my Snippet roll.

And Yes ... in case you were wondering ... I had the usual "help & assistance of the furry variety" 😐

A couple of weeks ago, I put the final stitch in my Snippet Roll ... would you like to see inside it?? 

I started the first section with "Friends & Family" ... you can just see the word family embroidered in pale blue, where the arrow is pointing (bottom right)

My next section in Things I Love was crafting & creativity.  I've forgotten to move my charms to the side before taking a pic, but the heart reads "Love to Sew"  πŸ’•

You can click on the photos to enlarge them if you wish

The next section was my Garden ... once again I've forgotten to arrange the charms nicely.  These are off a broken pair of earings that I had years ago ... a tiny trowel & fork. 

The next section is Home.  I really love my Home & being at Home - it is one of the places I feel safest.  I could hardly do Home without adding Cats now could I??  Remember these are all the things I love.

I happened to find a wooden black cat button in my stash & on further investigation, a pottery ginger cat button.  Miss Pippi is Not impressed with this - she feels she should be Fine Bone China & not just old pottery !!!

My final section was Christmas.  I was going to do Tilda but I think that might take an entire Snippet Roll all on its own.  So I found some lovely Christmas buttons from Theodora Cleave - remember when I won the giveaway in * this post *. I ended it with a piece of treasured Liberty Christmas fabric.  It's all looking like it needs a good iron in my pics, but that is just from rolling it up tightly.  

I backed the entire piece using this lovely cotton print that I had in my stash - I wanted something subtle & pretty.
  I hand stitched this on ... like Michelle does in her work, I didn't want any raw edges that might fray.

And how did I display my Snippet Roll ?  I just unwound a section of it & sat it on my mantle piece so I can look at it & enjoy it as I walk past.  

This gorgeous tag was included in Michelle's parcel & I have this leaning against the wound-up bobbin.
I'm really pleased with my Snippet Roll & would love to make another one sometime. I should add here that apart from Michelle's gifted trims, I just used items entirely from my stash & purchased nothing.  I should also add that my embroidery & applique skills are entirely self taught & probably Not that wonderful to be honest πŸ˜‰

As I type this rain is setting in again ... the furry two are on my sweatshirt, on my bed, curled up together. I can hear Blackie snoring rather loudly. 

Thank you dear friends, for staying with me through this marathon post,

I hope the week is treating you well - remember to be kind to yourselves & to each other,

With much love & friendship to you all,

Love Julie & the furry two x0x0x


  1. Snippet roll is unusual and a lovely way to craft with all the littke things you added like the cats making it special to you.

    1. Showing as Anon but its me, betty the wood fairy!

  2. I used to follow Tilly Rose back in the days when I first started blogging. She's a lovely English lady. I don't think she blogs anymore but she has a FB page and she does Instagram too. I love your Christmas section but in the main, all of it is beautiful. I might try and find that book at my local library. Have a good weekend,

  3. Your incredible Snippet Roll is so detailed! It reminds me of a friend I had years ago, who did Crazy Quilt. She gave me a one foot square wall hanging that has embroidery, ribbon embroidery, bits and pieces and lots of bead work. You both spent so much time and effort creating these. Of course Miss Pip needed to be represented by bone china, however isn't it fortunate you had a button for Blackie and her, and she helped. Well, our weather here decided that as the first day of Fall that summer is over in a big way. It was 83 F, 27 C yesterday and today it will be 62 F, 16 C and tonight 40 F, 4 C. And the wind is howling this morn to make the temp feel even worse. I guess in the scheme of things, I should not be too upset a deer stepped up on the patio 2 days ago and ate off completely, a 1/2 bushel basket size pink impatient the humming birds were still sipping from. The hummers will be gone by tonight I expect and the flowers will frost soon. I now have 4 more Monarch caterpillars inside and I guess they will fly next week when the temps will be this cold. Precious and I just so enjoy seeing your handy craft and will store this idea for something to try later this winter. Lynn and Precious xx

    1. Thanks so much Lynn & Precious. I shall tell my Mr about the deer coming up & eating off the pink impatient ... shows they must be hungry this time of year? The only deer we have nearby us are behind great big tall deer fences. I would think I was dreaming if I looked outside & saw one grazing on my lawn. Just amazing. I hope it doesn't get too cold too quickly for you over there. xx

  4. What a lovely idea and such detail. I am always inspired by what you do.

    1. Thank you so much Kim ... this was a long time in the making but I'm so pleased its now finished. xx

  5. Oh Julie, that snippet roll is beautiful. I really wish you wouldn't keep giving me ideas, theres not enough hours in the day as it is and I would so like to make one. I might have to start collecting bits and pieces for the day when I could sit and make a start.

    1. Thanks so much Pam ... I quite agree - there are just not enough hours in the day for us creative souls. xx

  6. Your snippet roll is beautiful.

  7. Sorry to comment again but the comment above was posted anonymous for some reason.

  8. Hi Julie,
    Sorry I've been missing in action for a while. I have a lot of blog catching up to do...

    I LOVE your snippet roll, looks so delicate and beautiful.


  9. That is beautiful Julie! Absolutely gorgeous. I too am inspired by Michelle's beautiful roll and have one on my to do list. Such a lovely small project. xx

  10. Julie, I love your snippet roll!!! I have her first book, but haven’t seen this one…must remedy that. I’ve been planning to make a hand embroidered roll for years. My friend Rosie’s husband even made me a large wood turned spool for it. I’m inspired now!

  11. Oh I love your snippet role Julie, I made a small one for a friend a few years ago, but not as nice as yours, mine was around an old cotton reel, which I had a few of, might try making another now after seeing your lovely one.

  12. Hi Julie. I love your snippet roll. What a lovely way to display some of your treasures and so lovely that Michelle shared some of hers with you too. Well done. Cheers, Janette

    1. Thank You so much for your sweet kind comment Janette. Yes it was extra special of Michelle to do that. xx

  13. Hello Julie.....oh wow! Your snippet roll is gorgeous and I love how your roll is dedicated to things you love....makes it extra special! Of course your kitty babies had to feature lol! Love your Christmas finish also......I have fancied doing a Christmas one too! So glad to be a small part of your snippet roll. You have inspired me to go check out that yummy book....hugs from across the ditch xxx

  14. Such an inventive way to use up those snippets. I love it.

    God bless.

  15. I love you snippet roll Julie, it’s beautiful and a real treasure. It’s perfect. How lovely of Michelle to send you such gorgeous brocante. Dear Blackie and miss pippi.πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸŒΈ

  16. How sweet your snippet roll is Julie. I hope you don't think me morbid, but this would be the perfect thing to take with you one day.

  17. Your snippet roll is beautiful Julie, lovely to have help from Michelle. Wonderful to showcase things you love, perfect buttons for Blackie and Miss Pippi, you have the perfect place to enjoy it every day.


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